Meirl meirl

Me irl

Me irl

I feel like in the case of meirl posters it's way more than 7x more likely.

You stole my post.

Shame on you.

as /u/xSPYXEx pointed out, you should have waited 1 more month, at that point it would have become part of the meme public domain.

I know you're probably joking, but for anyone who is actually feeling this way, just refer to Nike's slogan

That's exactly what I was just thinking. Laughed to myself, "7x? More like 100,000x"

Me irl

Me irl

Oooh a new meme

His hand is meirl

K, now I've seen every meme.

Relevant username



Oh wow, you found pictures of my Childhood toy.

I thought it said "Atomic Retard". Huh. Automatic retard made me an automatic retard. Go figure.

"When a hot girl talks to me"


"When a hot girl talks to the person behind me and I think she's talking to me"






How does it feel being a megastar?

I checked OP's post history, he once got 25k upvotes from a post.

I think we've been bamboozled.

> 240 upvotes now

No chance op will ever reply to a peon like yourself

This mofo's only been here a month and already has 121k karma.

He don't need no upvotes from me.

Especially because I've already seen this image before.

me irl

me irl
Ken M has done this joke before

Ken M has done this joke before

Truly he is a God among us.

It's amazing how compressed an image can get after being reposted for three days straight.

Original thread

I've been told that spring has the highest rate of suicide. Because in the winter people are very depressed, but don't have enough energy to do anything about it. Then spring comes and they get that little boost of confidence to kill themselves.

That sounds awful typing it out.

me irl

me irl

Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt


I love that show. The comedy style is just perfect for me.

I deliver Chinese only part time, doing it full time would be a dream come true.



Pfft that's nothing. Call me when you get free guacamole


I dont need drugs, I get HIGH ON DEALS

This is great



Actually relatable content for once

This happened to me on a bus once. Just the two of us left. I got up and smiled and said "I'll move just to give you some space". It's what I would want.

This happens so often to me and its so uncomfortable. If I stand up, will I be rude? Will the other person think I dont like sitting next to them because they smell or something? If I stay, will the be annoyed by me?

Only one solution exists: get off at the next stop, then catch the next train.



Its been so many years since I've seen a demotivational in the wild.

What kind of garbage title is that, OP?

Endangered memes can sometimes make it back from the brink of extinction.


me irl

me irl

I like the black science man and man who says church is big dumb haha

me too thanks

Raising awareness is most definitely "doing something". Someone has to inspire the young people to want to pursue this stuff.

Looks like an eye... Imagine if every eye had its own universe inside it.

I can be so deep sometimes haha

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