Machines really are here to take over the world

Don't worry these are scientifically incapable of evil since the creator gave them blue LED eyes instead of red.


You fool!

Obviously it has RGB LED eyes. How else is a super villain supposed to turn them against humanity in an attempt at world domination?

You got to walk.... alot.before you can Fly

Gringotts Zippo

I was curious, so I did some digging.

I did find a similar one(made by the same guy) for sale on a forum, but the asking price was $300. So that might give you a rough idea of price. Very cool. Not sure about $300 cool though.

All that mechanism doesn't even light it?

I was ready for the mechanisms to lock it shut but it doesn’t do that either : /

Not for something I would lose day 2

Spray paint spirograph

He just makes nice borders. Someone else will come and spray a dickbutt in the middle.

And he just left the middle blank?!

Ugh it's the center of your art!

Fill it in with something!

King Revok y'all

This would look pretty cool near the Oculus rift headquarters. Or the area of Facebook dedicated to that.



Imagine a packed theatre and someone accidentally hits the "close chairs" button

Very expensive seating.

And you wonder why college tuition keeps going up. Gotta pay for all these lecture halls somehow.

Transparent Lock vs. Electric Lockpick

This is cool, but is wonder about the usefulness of the tool. I have one of those transparent locks and your granny could pick it first try in about 30 seconds. This doesn't strike me as an excellent test of the gizmo

Most standard padlocks are as bad as those clear locks you just can't see in. When you get to better locks it would become less useful.

Pretty much every new lock that I have bought is a lot more difficult than any clear training lock.

Bosnianbill is a great resource (youtube)if you want to learn about lockpicking. His site locklab has a free course. And it's a hell of a fun hobby.

Not the usual style of this sub, but apropos - taking apart a running Jeep in 60 seconds

It's easier when nothing is actually bolted in.

I'd like to see them take it over some pot holes at 45 mph with nothing bolted on.

Pretty good by Jeep standards.

quite interesting, but i'm wondering how "battle ready" this jeep was to begin with. apparently no tools of any sort are required to take it apart, surely it would fall apart due to vibrations driving over bumps and such, no?

Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand? (Boston Dynamics)

Dude why are you teaching them how to fucking escape!

Clever girl.

Also, creepy AF.

reminds me of that Black Mirror "metalhead" episode.

You spent so much time thinking if you could you never wondered if you should!

Gear-driven drawing machine

Wow. Frame rate can't keep up

The ink just draws itself

It's a timelapse, so frames are missing

Is that what's going on? I was scratching my head for a bit wondering how this was occurring.

Space X simultaneous booster landing

We are going to Mars.

We are friggin' going to Mars.

I'm alive and we are going to Mars.

That was awesome! The cameras cut out on the middl section. Did it land successfully too?

I like that there’s a Tesla roadster that is going to orbit the sun/mars for the next million years now. I sincerely hope humanity forgets about it and then rediscovers it someday.

I'm sure some day, someone will go collect it and sell it for a crap load of money at auction.

Ecentric variable gear train allows constant input speed and variable output speeds

Ecentric variable gear train allows constant input speed and variable output speeds

Not many in this day and age of automation; you could easily do this with a variable frequency drive. Back in the day before electronics, perhaps you would use this to speed up or slow down an assembly line, so assembly persons could do their task at a slow speed in front of them, and then the product would move at a faster speed between stations.

What are possible applications?

Thanks for the good content.

This is the type of stuff I like to see on this sub.

It's more variable in the sense that the output speed is sinusoidal.

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