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The greatest philosophical minds of our time.

Obviously Donkey Neutron. The smarts of Jimmy with the brawn of Donkey Kong would destroy those fragile limbs and average mind of Shrek Wazowski

Nietzsche is dead.

Me too thanks

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me irl

Thinly vieled upvote meme

No, it is a bear meme

i believe in you

No, this is a bear meme.

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me irl

He's got my vote

Oh hell no, the last thing we need is a Youtuber as president.

epic n awesome

It's either that or Zuckerberg



I came here to laugh, not to cry! ;(

This is the first green text to hit me in the feels.

I came here to lead, not to read.

Oh... I miss being a kid and having mommy to take care of me too, thanks...

me irl

me irl

Is this a Rick and Morty spin-off?

Do you notice how her shadow kinda looks like a fat guy in a high chair (like from Wall-E) looking down at his own erection?

Miss Fowl... this one is DIFFERENT! This version is a _____.

-spooky boi

-singing video haiku

-piece of artwork

-dat boi spinoff

Take your pick!

What is this a crossover episode

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me irl

Hello friend.

Just writing to you all in order to wish you a very happy Wednesday.

Kind Regards,

Your dudes

Ribbick Ribbick

Nice Frog!

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me irl

You know, if they ever make Portal 3, Valve should make the main characters dogs. It'd add just one more thing to the confusion.


Bamboozled once again

Who is a L O N G N E C K boy, yes you.



Haha! This is the best one yet :)

please upvote me

Last wednesdays was better honestly

I remember how to spell wednesday by thinking of wed, nes, and day seperately. It, is, wed, nes, day, my, dudes.

me irl

me irl


Image Transcription:

Image 1: [Elderly couple smiling. Man has an over exaggerated open mouthed smile]

A man who had a stroke in 2004 permanently lost the ability to feel sad

Image 2: [Same man at a funeral, man has same exaggerated open mouthed smile, surrounded by sad and crying people.]

Image 3: [Zoomed in shot of smiling man's face]

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Same little dude, same


hahaha same oh wait this is not a meme


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