Siren Of The Sea

Siren Of The Sea

I actually wouldn't mind this if it didn't have that rainbow on it. Maybe give it a nice wooden handle

Surprised to see the tail used as a forward handstop, that's actually a good design feature. Too bad everything else about this is hideous!

the flipper tab is actually a flipper i love this knife

It’s sharp outta the box and has a nice weight to it. I bought it as a kind of joke but it’s actually decent. I wanted something to pull out of the pocket that people would go, “what the f***”?

Gf got me this as sort of a joke knowing I like knives, thought it might belong here.

Gf got me this as sort of a joke knowing I like knives, thought it might belong here.

LMAO I own that knife. Its actually surprisingly sharp! The spring wears out after a while though.

This is a knife you see in a teenagers knife collection

I was trying it out earlier, it definitely is sharp, I was fairly surprised to find out. Has some satisfying flipping action too.

Well, I am a teenager (19), and I do have a small knife collection, but other than this new addition, it consists mainly of Kershaw, Spyderco, Buck, and Opinel.



What’s the serration on the front of the blade for, cutting twigs?

United Cutlery gets all the hate but easily half of the hate is deserved by Master Cutlery AKA M-Tech.

M-Tech = Mallninja-Tech

Found this beauty on instagram this morning

Found this beauty on instagram this morning

Looks like a gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII. Except that this is a redneck version of it.

Better call Squall.

Is this supposed to shoot at itself?

Bloodborne 2 looks fucking lit.



United Cutlery is now producing a double bladed tactical ninja katana sword in high-quality heat treated 440 stainless steel.


Dew-el of the Vapes


birga kin vs hardeON

birga kin vs hardeON

It’s KFC and McDonald’s. Feel shame for your shameful attempt OP.

Rhonda McDonald.

Think it’s supposed to be Sephiroth from Final Fantasy

Is that genderbent Ronald McDonald

Mall Ninja Armory

Mall Ninja Armory

Seems like the weeb temple.

This is fucking cursed

To be fair, I love poking around in those stores.

Oh yeah, one of these opened in my mall too. If I was still the 15 year old cringelord that I used to be, I’d have been stoked. Now, as a 21 year old cringelord, I prefer stuff that isn’t cheap Chinese garbage

Time to pop a cap in some libtards

Time to pop a cap in some libtards

"Make America Great Again" engraved on a German-made gun. Genius.

They should have put finger grooves in the front of the grip and engraved "Grab her by the pussy!" in between the ridges.

I really want this just as a stupid object. I don't like Trump or guns but this is hilarious.

45 per state....

2,250 of them....

I have no words

*Teleports behind formation* "Sorry Gunny, nothing personal."

*Teleports behind formation* "Sorry Gunny, nothing personal."

Perfect for Jarheads going to Okinawa.

I was playing Dishonored 1 just a few minutes ago and just got to the part you get a sword that looks really similar to this. What a coincidence

Gotta be honest.... If the price is right, and it's actually built to kbar quality, I'd totally pick this up.. better than another Chinese ninto stamp...

$30 is a massive red flag for me

The most practical tactical AR-15 aftermarket accessory.

The most practical tactical AR-15 aftermarket accessory.

This is America, not Geneva

If a triangular bayonet will leave an unhealable triangular wound, then a cyclone bayonet will leave a spiral staircase of a wound that all of the blood droplets will quickly try to walk down, where they’ll trip and begin tumbling out of the body at record speeds.

Doesn't thus violate the Geneva convention?

Reposting from the last time one of these goofy knives was posted...

Does the spiral cut of the blade make wounds from this knife impossible to stitch up? Is it banned by the Hague/Geneva convention?

Okay, let's take a step back... Spiral wound? No, when pushing this knife in, it would actually cut out a circle in a spiraling motion. Know what ELSE cuts out circles in a spiraling motion?


This knife is no deadlier than shooting someone with a bullet, and its popularity and price is based SOLELY on the claims that it's impossible to fix the wounds from this knife, and the fact that idiots believe it. They never mention that it would be EXTREMELY hard to stick something with it. They never mention it's made of fucking 440 steel, and they DEFINITELY don't mention that it has no purpose other than stabbing things. It's bulky, and you can't even open a letter with it. Hell, even my CRKT cheeseknife will open a letter. A good long knife will do more damage, quicker, and easier.

Let's look at functionality:

Slashing? Nope. You'd glance it off of something at worst, and get a tiny cut on something at best, glancing off is more likely.

Stabbing? If you're okay with implying a ton of force to stab, and remove, this knife, sure, it would probably work.

Cutting? Forget it. You'd have better luck with a butter knife. Carrying? Bulky, purpose better served by a flat bladed knife, only useful in the remote chance that you might have to stab someone with it? Useless.

Is it banned by the Hague or Geneva convention for use in war? Not that I can find. The story is that Hague or Geneva (Depending on who you ask) banned "Triangular blades" for use in war for being too gruesome. That's strange, considering no one really used anything spiral shaped (because it's a useless design), and the ice-pick style bayonets, that were/are very widely used in countries such as Russia (For punching through thick coats easier) basically mimic what this knife would do. And the Ice-pick is STILL less useful and effective than a blade type bayonet. If by "Triangle blades" they mean blades that are thick, and triangular, like trench knives, they were NOT meant to cause more bleeding or damage than a standard knife, but to punch through (similarly to the icepick bayonet) helmets and, GASP, thick coats. They were made more triangular because that was the best way to reinforce the blade to prevent breakage.

Do they cause you to bleed more than a standard knife? Yes. Duh. That's what happens when you increase the surface area of an object designed to penetrate. You get a bigger wound channel, and thus, get more bleeding. Big deal. You could get the same thing by taking a single bladed knife, with an inch thick blade to someone. Much like a .308 wound causes you to bleed more than a .22LR wound.

Is it impossible to sew up? On a grand scale of things, it's harder to sew up than a plain stab wound. Why? because it's... A BIGGER stab wound! Surprise! Don't forget though, surgeons have stitched up people who were impaled on fucking rebar. Surgeons stitch up people who take 7.62x39 rounds to the chest. Surgeons stitch up people who have FLOWN OUT OF THEIR WINDSHIELDS and done a cheese-grater impression act with the asphault after being impaled in the stomach and face, in multiple places, with broken glass. Do you really think that this spiral blade, which has never been employed in actual attack situations, is "Impossible" to stitch up? Do you think the one good stab you're likely to get with this before getting it stuck and having your attacker beat your ass, is any harder to fix than 10 slices and stabs from a Spyderco Endura? Nope. If anything, it'd make it easier.

So, if they ARE banned by hague, which I can't find any proof that they are, then it's for "It's scary looking" reasons, rather than actual reasoning.

It's sold for 800$ a piece, and does nothing any better than a Kabar for 80$, and is made of far worse steel.

Don't buy shit like this, you'd be better off buying a gun, loading it with hollowpoints, and feeding the last 400$ to holsters, ammo, and other actually useful knives. Or hell, sharpen a nice wide, long ice pick, and use that. It will do the SAME THING.

Rating system: 1-5 stars.

Price: 800$ Steel: 440 Utility: * Value for price: * Over-all score: * Purpose: Mall ninja bullshit

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