In the car? That's not a place one eats grapefruits!

I'm literally so desperate for human attention I'll blow anything out of proportion to seem interesting.

Cause why not 😂😂😂

I know. What next, a fucking mango? Where does it end??

How about a peach on a train or should I just check myself into the insane asylum right now?




I don't think this counts as "Madlad" Because it's actually disrupting something and he could get hurt.

"Madlad" Things are people doing safe things and acting like they're mad for doing so.

Idk where u get off. we only post the most mentally-unstable felonies with the highest degree of terror.

Florida man gets charged for being obnoxious

Madlad lives life dangerously

Madlad lives life dangerously

What if his mom sees?

Madlad don't give a fuck...

This one actually scares me

But do they like facials?


Someone contain them!

Someone contain them!

They are contained, OP. In a shower.

those guys are gonna have premarital sex with those bitches

Sir, do you know why you are being contained?

This has to be a theater crowd.. or a choir crowd..

He's insane! [X-post from r/teenagers]

He's insane! [X-post from r/teenagers]

This is actually pretty off the wall

I think it's on the counter.

This is actually fucking insane

you must be pretty stupid to do this, it's milk,spoon,cereal,bowl 😤👌💯

LL Cool J does a cheeky meme!

LL Cool J does a cheeky meme!

I had always suspected LL Cool J to be a big time gangster and this confirms it!

Just when you thought things settled down in the rap world after the East Cost/ West Coast beef, you have guys like LL doing things like this.

It is obvious he is letting us know that he is not to be played with or doubted. EVER.

He does what he wants, when he wants and I say let him because getting in his way could be dangerous!!

Cash me ousside #HowBowDah Just joking have you guys seen the video.

LL Mad Lad J

Lad Lad Mad Lad Jad

Insanely mad! She stayed on Blackops for "One More Round"

Insanely mad! She stayed on Blackops for "One More Round"

I genuinely thought "oh GenericDreadHead, I bet you can resub to /sub/madlads today, things have surely calmed down and there wont be so many unsafe and lunatic actions happening there anymore". Boy how I was wrong. I got chills reading this. No sleep for me tonight knowing people like as loose out there -_-

Anyone with a "bed time" shouldn't be playing black ops in the first place. The madness!!!

Seeing the increased effort people make to post a comment here is for me definetly half of the fun already. Best one ive seen thus far

I'm 20 and enforce a 10pm bed time against my self.


found it

I'm 99% sure this is a reference to an old vine with a British (? I think? Can't remember) kid. I could hear the kid saying it as I read it.

Edit- . He was Australian!

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