She wanted to be a WHAT???

She wanted to be a WHAT???

How is this a madlads post, a child picked an outfit ... you must have some deep seated issues if you’re trying to rip on a child . Lmfao weirdo

the mom is acting like the kid is a mad lad

That donut has a hot mom

I hope the coffee is not hot.

This is an automatic message generated by the most advanced Hivemind AI in existence.

Someone stop this madman hes a complete rebel

Someone stop this madman hes a complete rebel

“Write you message” - whoever designed that sign deserves a purple nurple and swirlie combo

The mean face really drives the point forward

Such a fart knocker.

well actually you can

Get it I'm repeating what you said but it's high pitched cause you're gay.

Explanation bullying :)

there is no stopping this prankster

there is no stopping this prankster

thank god I don't live in California or Delhi

Absolutely polite. Arrest this madlad.

You will be contacted by the Tagpro police department.


The most mad thing about this picture is how many notifications you got!! Close out some mang

They've actually gone and done it!

They've actually gone and done it!

This doesn't fit here. This sub is about sarcastically calling someone a crazy person for doing something innocuous. What Catalonia just did is actually crazy.

Truly mad Men


amarite amigos?

Esos hombres son locos!




RIP Jane Dough

Good god man are you trying to kill her?!?!

Is that whole wheat or rye

Ninja Brian is out of control

Ninja Brian is out of control

That's not Ninja Brian, that's acclaimed physicist Brian Wecht.

He has a PhD you know

Someone call the cool patrol!!!

Yep, in theoretical physics i believe

2 COLAS??!!?? 😵

2 COLAS??!!?? 😵

Wtf is happening with that frog? I need to know

Coca-Cola to calm down!? Somebody call the mental asylum because this madlad is literally insane!

it's a mouth frog now


He MAILED what??

He MAILED what??

Impossible. She had another container in her fridge. That's the ONLY way

They're CGI mangos and she's an actress. NO WAY this is real.

This just reminded me, supposedly you can mail a coconut without actually packaging it. You just put a stamp on it and write the address and they'll mail it.

mail_irl will mail anything

Lmao us gamers right?

Lmao us gamers right?

A filthy looking set up that.. dude probably reeks a bo

Bernie Sanders is right there and you're playing video games?!

Because just 1 emoji can't express my existential dread 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Why is 1 emoji never enough?

Both sides?!?! Calm down Tom!!!

Both sides?!?! Calm down Tom!!!

That's actually pretty smart, the 2 buttered sides cancel each other out when you accidentally drop it and it should land safely on the crust.

Yup. It's simple physics. Murphy's toast law.

Or it remains suspended above the floor, spinning forever. We've found a solution to global energy problems, folks.

Fucking nutter is the type to add milk to the tea BEFORE the water.

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