I can't even see the photo on the right because my eyes only work at 30fps. Insanity.

kinda funny

Shit, I'd buy it. It's probably like $4.

This is honestly pretty funny

This lad is absolutely mental...

This lad is absolutely mental...

Any use of the word whom in an underhanded funny sort of way instantaneously cracks me up. I have no idea why.

It's not really the same when you can tell the person is only kidding on.

Correct grammar that sounds out of place for comedic effect is the best.

"This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put." - Winston Churchill

whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies's'y'es are you to say such a thing?

Calm down lad, they'll run you over...

Calm down lad, they'll run you over...

Bunch of old people just want to hang out over a common hobby but being a dick is funny right?

Good luck reminiscing with some of the few left from your generation who share your passion, losers!

Fuck those old rich guys who probably saved money for years to buy their dream car when they retired.

This is exactly the kind of shitty attitude that I hate so much, but see around all the time. You get people fucking with your nice car because they think you are a rich person showing off. People like me save and save to buy their dream car and assholes want to fuck with it because they think "well you if can afford such a nice car, you can afford to fix these scratches!"

No! I baby this car. It spends its time in the garage under a cover any time I am not driving it. I detail it every other sunday. I carefully budget maintenance for it and drive it on fun roads and sometimes to work. But fuck me for wanting to grab something from the store on the way home or take it to a meetup with like-minded people, right?


Watch out guys, we got a savage on the loose

Watch out guys, we got a savage on the loose

Conscientiously organising one's life well in advance: pretty much the definition of a savage.

God I hate the word savage.

Damn, only two days after the release of The Emoji Movie, in theaters July 28th.

What is best in life?

To crush your homework, see the exam aced before you, and hear the lecturing of your teachers.

I would've shit my pants

I would've shit my pants

I left the confines of my room for a few minutes to go to the bathroom today. AMA

I would too if there was a giant woman staring just outside my porch.

Who hurt you?

I think it takes more than 24 hours for you to say you "lived" somewhere.

This needs to be stopped!

This needs to be stopped!

I actually had a mini anxiety attack looking at this, JESUS.

It'll be stopped when someone kicks his hand


Just because he is wearing those shoes does not definitely mean he is Jesus.



I remember this guy. He had a pretty successful Youtube channel, then was caught faking a video and his career was over. He later resurfaced on Facebook with these shitty ass memes.

Haha remember when faking shit would end you career? I'm looking at you prank channels


Unilad gaming more like MADLAD GAMING

How cool can you get?

How cool can you get?

Tragic: The Gathering

Edit: 1st Gold! Thank you kind stranger etc.

They should be suspended for suspicious activity

Wearing your hat at the table? What are we, savages?

There is actually a whole girl at the table!!

Someone STOP him!

Someone STOP him!

Isn't that the kid from those cringe videos in 2008 where he's screaming lyrics in his room and his dad yells at him. His room was lit up with blue lights or something. If I can find the video I'll link it.

Here you go. I got a bit distracted.


OP is the real madlad for having autoplay turned on!

HE DID WHA?!???!

HE DID WHA?!???!

I bet at that moment the cashier hated his life

Jokes on you, he hated it already

I work with kids and witnessed a somewhat big debate the other day over left and right twix. I'm pretty sure the goal of this marketing was to make 12-year olds react exactly like this. They think it's fascinating.

That is sort of funny, though

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