Mom hiding in the pantry.

video with audio

Mom of quad toddler girls iirc. The is adorable!

*updated link

Lost it when the daughter is just on the ground going "Hey. Hey. Hey"

I have twin toddler boys, I can't imagine four. She deserves that treat.

Hockey player says hello to opposing fan.

Aw look at the little chuckle he did at the end. What a sweetheart :')

Walrus becomes embarrassed when receiving a cake made of fish for its birthday

Walrus becomes embarrassed when receiving a cake made of fish for its birthday

I was told this was a place for smiles, not skepticism

He just knows the other Walruses are going to be soooooo jealous!

My favorite part is how happy the carer looks for the walrus.

Is this actually what's going on in this picture? The walrus is embarrassed?

This girl has the sweetest reaction to her mother’s prank.

Awwwww what a sweet kid! Even at the end she wants to share! This was way more enjoyable to watch than the kind where the kids freak out. What a lovely little one.

I hate these "pranks" even if this one is sweeter than milk and honey

I didn't know emotionally manipulating your kid to cry on camera was considered a prank these days.

It’s all in the upbringing of the child. The mother and father seem sweet and it’s no surprise the kid also turns out like them.

Tis the season!

Tis the season!

The hero we have...

What a great man. worth two in the bush.

I'll take Pics with Unexpected Context for $200, Alex.

Beautiful first date.

This has been posted a million times. She rejected him.

“I knew from the second we started talking that he was a genuinely nice guy ― just not my type,” Eve told HuffPost. “He had such a positive reaction to a stranger exposing her biggest fear to him. He reacted how every boy should.”

To be fair she does look prettier without the wig.

Just let me believe dammit

This may be weird, but when I look at girls that I think are pretty, I think "yeah, but is she so pretty that she'd be pretty if she was bald?" Seriously. This girl is pretty.

McDonald's employee help a disabled man eat his ice cream.

McDonald's employee help a disabled man eat his ice cream.
McDonald's employee help a disabled man eat his ice cream.

I'd love to find volunteer work like that again.

I volunteered at a mentally and physically impaired home for a while when i was in my teens.

It was one of the best experiences in my life. Once they light up, they radiate pure love.

It really humbled me and taught me to appreciate what i have for as long as i have it.

Tell those you love you, you love em everyday, because you might not find another day.

You want some water leakage?

The home i volunteered at had a young man, he was back then my age today. About 25, i was 17 at the time.

He had severe MS and could not for the life of him communicate, except for via a computer, but he never used it.

As soon as i got there i bonded with him, might as well name him, his name was Jon.

Sweetest dude i knew.

And you can tell when someone just lost that spark of life in them, Jon had that, his family basically abandoned him there, they paid for his stay and all, but never in the 3 years that i was there, did they visit him, or did i meet them.

One of the nurses told me he loved power rangers, mind you, he's a grown man, but he had an affinity for it, it reminded him of his childhood.

So i bought him a DVD boxset of every season, but, being a gigantic power rangers fan, he already had every season, it didnt matter anyway because since then, everytime i visited him, we would binge watch it. And every now and again, Jon cracked a smile.

We communicated later on via said computer, he started using it again, so that got easier and we became close friends.

When i was around 19 years of age i had to leave, i needed to focus on my studies, but before i left, one of the caretakers had told me Jon got me a goodbye present, it was a paper mache helmet of the original US blue ranger.

He was the red ranger. He made that helmet, damn near on his own, with the help of said caretaker of course.

It meant so much to me, but i lost it a year ago. And 2 years after i left, Jon succumbed to his MS.

like i said, tell the people you love, that you actually love them, you might not have a chance tomorrow.

Edit: Thank you u/Crohnsta for the gold.

And for anyone else thinking of gilding me, let me stop you right there. $3.00 might not seem like much, but it does for others. If you are in a giving mood.

Please donate to these charities.

And sooo many more.

I hope i have inspired some of you to volunteer, it's good for your soul, and you can help a kid out that just needs some love. We aren't long for this world, our legacies define us, let your legacy be one of love

Please donate and volunteer, don't just upvote.

Looks like I see a McDonald's logo on her shirt sleeve

Little girl hugs her big brother every day after school

I gotta call my sister.

Those little pink boots! This is the cutest. I hope they always stay this close. I love how he smiles when he sees her coming. I can’t handle it!

I can't even handle how he makes sure to get her out of the bus's way. What a good brother!

Good job guy. You survived 8 days at school.

Kid gets accepted to his first choice university

Dad's like "Hell yeah, let's go right now!"

Picks him up and runs off

So damn cute!

I love how legitimately happy the other people are. They didn't get into college that day, they just watched their friend or family member get it. And they're truly, legitimately excited and happy for him. Humans feeling joy for other humans. Beautiful.

I don’t even know the guy but I’m so proud of him

This is how my family reacted when my brother got drafted to play in MLB. Now they all look at him like an ATM.

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