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Pure happiness

Ah, the ol' eyebrow trick, haven't seen that in a while :)

She’s so cute!!! Made my freakin day :)

The little clap! So cute!

There're always three different kinds of people in the bar!

"Oh don't mind ol' Salty over there, he's just passed out. Looks like he done himself again too."

Winter Wonderland

Relationship goals

I can almost hear the old timey musical this is from.

From Mikec904 on imgur.

Is this the dance from Anastasia?

Using red dot for good.

Doggo does a jump

Happy pet happy people happy life

Laser at the end of the tunnel...

This is what people do in the suburbs when they get bored.

Raccoon and doggo go for a swim

The dog was like "the fuck where is he"

That raccoon had that planned the whole time!

So, did he pick him up or tell him to fook off?

Dad came straight from work to Bring Dads To Dance Night

That’s really cute but that’s not how you should do a grand plié

Meanwhile when I go straight from work to anything people complain because I smell like cowshit.

That's pretty GAY




I’m a cattlehauler, so yeah.... they’re not wrong, lol

I bet this guy had a good day! Lol

I lost it when he did the little running thing. I love it.

I park my bike in my garage, but sometimes I am lazy and don't want to lift the heavy garage door as soon as I get home. Recently I found the bike still out at about 9:00pm. I opened the garage and hopped on it to push it into the garage as I was pushing I made "vroom vrrom" sounds as I twisted the throttle.

I then realized I was an adult and I could actually take the thing out for a ride instead of going "vroom" but sometimes it is fun to be a kid.


We have some of the worse traffic here in Hawaii. When I'm stuck in the same area as this dude, all you can do is bake in the hot sun. I don't do tippy taps, but I swerve back and forth in my lane when I don't see any cops. You find ways to pass the time when going 5 mph on a freeway.

Ronda Rousey backstage after making her WWE debut.

I love how much Trips cares about the talent.

this is so adorable.

This guy knows all about the backstage happenings in WWE!

While Vince will be like "I'm not impressed".

An acquaintance accidentally mailed a wedding invite to a wrong address, got a kind reply.

An acquaintance accidentally mailed a wedding invite to a wrong address, got a kind reply.

Who else thinks they should send an intentional invitation to them now?

I think

Are those lightsabres in the corner?

wow, that’s so sweet! did they send back money with the note, I suppose? what a kind gesture.

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