I'm banned from /sub/Writingprompts now

I'm banned from /r/Writingprompts now

For two months. I was banned last week but I was trying to explain my side of the story to the mods and hoped to get unbanned.

Pretty upset about it to the point where even my boss noticed and asked me what was wrong. I couldn't exactly explain to him that it's because I will no longer be able to post on the site where I waste all of my time at work.

I don't even feel comfortable explaining why because I think the moderators there will find some fault with whatever I say and extend the ban. (Edit: I was going to refrain from trying to explain the cause, but that seems to just be causing more confusion.) In general terms that I think they would agree with, the mods thought that I was being unfair and hypocritical in how I criticized some aspects of the subreddit that I dislike and that because I have a sizeable number of readers here that my words would carry more weight than criticism from the average user. I'd also ask that you don't harass them or anything, because that will just make it worse.

In case that last sentence was not clear enough, please do not message the mods about me or on my behalf or anything like that.

So... not really sure what to do. I guess I'll keep writing and posting here for you all. I will also probably put more emphasis on Patreon; I just started a new story about a psychic Orc detective that I was excited about. So I guess that's something for all of you Patrons to look forward to.

I just thought you all deserved the reason behind why I may not be posting frequently anymore. Sorry to disappoint.

The response to this has really blown me away. I never expected that it would be this big. I have made a new post to discuss what steps I'll take moving forward to ensure that you all still ....

You know what really annoys me? Consistently high quality contributors to a sub. Ban them all, I say.

that's a bit of a disappointment. Your submissions were always fascinating to read. Not just because of your skill with words but also because you weren't afraid to take a slightly different slant on things. If I'm allowed to ask, without betraying confidences or getting into too much personal information, what happened?

So the most popular writers in the sub don't get to publicly criticise the mods there because their fans might take their side and agitate for those changes? So they banned you because they were, what, afraid of your power? Because your legions of fans, who are of course all absolute bogan Juggalo t_D hooligans, might brigade the sub?

Edit: Apparently that mod's never heard of the Streisand Effect.

I agree, let's ban /u/Shitty_watercolour from AskReddit.

On a non-sarcastic note, I'm sorry Luna. I haven't been on Writing Prompts in a while, but when I was a regular reader I always scanned for your posts.

I won't be able to write anything else for most of October

I won't be able to write anything else for most of October

Because I am getting married! I normally don't talk about my personal life very much, but I'm too excited to hold it in! Plus, you'd probably notice me being absent for a few weeks and might wonder what happened.

I'll be very busy with last minute planning and preparation, and then I am going to be on my honeymoon with no internet connection. So no writing for at least a few weeks. Sorry!!

If you're really itching for some more of my writing, then you can always pick up a copy of Prompt Me, a collection of stories as well as some new continuations! And if you already have it, you should leave a review when you've finished it!

So that's it. Hopefully you're not too disappointed, and hopefully you'll still be subscribed here when I return!



[WP] Cause of death appears to you as floating text over people's heads with no time indication. You start noticing a trend.

I stop noticing the causes after a while. They were boring. Lots of heart disease and various types of cancer. I was in college; those things were years and years down the road. Every once and a while, I'd see things like "suicide" or "automobile crash." Though sad and preventable, I had no real way of knowing when it would happen or why. So there was nothing I could do about it.

But some deaths were preventable, or changed based on new events in the world. On my way to class, I saw a young lady walking nearby with a cause that could be easily prevented: "Drug Overdose." I'm normally not one to reach out to strangers, but I figured I had to get involved. This was definitely a college-age cause of death. I ran across the quad and asked her out. She was shocked, but smiled shyly and accepted. Her name was Sarah, and her sign changed after about a month of us dating. Now, it says "dementia;" I still check every morning when I wake up. It's sad, but I take comfort in knowing we'll live a long life together.

After a few years, I learned to just tune the signs out. I had so much on my mind now. Work, baby on the way, mortgage, student loans... far too much for me to be worrying about how other people might die. Sure, I got involved when I could, but that wasn't very often. And who am I to thwart fate?

My boss entered my office with a new client folder and dumped it on my desk, on top of the 10 other folders requiring my attention. "Howard is out sick today," he informed me, "so you need to take this one." I rolled my eyes and looked up, ready to argue. But instead of the usual "heart attack" floating over his head, he had a new one. Bright green, like how I picture radioactive sludge. And it said "Plague."

I was too distracted to argue. I'd never seen a "plague" sign before. I stood up from my cubicle and glanced around the office at my coworkers. 7 of them had changed to "plague" as well. When had this happened?? As I watched, a secretary's red "suicide" sign changed to "plague" as well.

I hopped online looking for any news about some new disease or anything. Nothing. I searched for outbreaks and 'mystery' illnesses and any other search term I could think of. Nothing. Maybe it was a long way off. Maybe I had plenty of time.

I left early that day. I couldn't be in the office. As I walked to the subway station, I began to notice more and more green. And more and more people were changing by the minute. From the looks of it, the plague would already be killing about half of New York, and that number was growing. Nearby, someone coughed, with that disgusting hacking sound of fluid-filled lungs. I scrambled across the street in utter terror and ran the rest of the way home.

Sarah was working at her desk when I arrived. Thank god; her sign was unchanged. She wouldn't be infected, at least not yet. She rubbed her tummy with a smile as I entered. "I felt him kick today," she said, practically bursting with the news. I was too distracted to react; she was crestfallen. "We need to get out of town," I said, trying to hide the panic in my voice. Her face let me know that I was failing miserably. "What is it?" she asked. I had already made my way to the bedroom and started throwing things in suitcases. I didn't have time to argue.

We made our way down to the street to get a cab. I was lugging two enormous suitcases, and dragging Sarah behind me. She was confused and scared, but had agreed to come along. At least for now. Outside, the street was a sea of bright green. I heard more and more coughing.

We finally got into a cab. The driver had a bright green 'Plague' sign over his head. "Where to?" he asked. "JFK," I said. Well, 'shouted' would be more of an apt description.

As we drove, the thick haze of green changed suddenly to a bright purple that I'd never seen before. Almost every green sign was now gone; the few that remained were probably going to be the first outbreak victims. The purple letters spelled out "Nuclear explosion."

House Ambaret

House Ambaret

[EU] For generations, Hogwarts students have been divided into four houses. As you sit beneath the Sorting Hat, you become the first student chosen for a mysterious fifth house.

"My word," the Hat said. "What a peculiar mind. I certainly do love a challenge! Let's see what we have to work with here. Smart, certainly. But you're not the Ravenclaw type. They care only for books and spells, not creativity and ingenuity. Hufflepuff is a possibility; you seem like a fine fellow. But there's a vein of courage and pride that that dear Helga would not have approved of. No, no: that's Gryffindor's expertise."

My eyes lit up as he said Gryffindor, and the front row of the Great Hall tensed up as if expecting the announcement to come soon. Everyone wanted to be in Gryffindor; that was the house of Harry and Hermoine and Ron!

"They'd certainly love to have you, I'm sure. But I don't think it would be the right fit. You seem to be more cautious and calculating than some of those headstrong lugs. Slytherin, perhaps? I think not; I don't sense the manipulative ambition in you. You have pride, but not arrogance. You have desire, but not greed. My my, a strange specimen indeed."

Headmaster Chang was beginning to get impatient; she glanced at the gold pocketwatch in her hand and smiled reassuringly at me.

The deliberation continued for half an hour. A cluster of teachers had gathered in a corner, whispering in hushed tones and occasionally glancing back at the stage. I could tell that they were trying to guess if something was wrong with me.

Maybe there's no place for me, I thought, panicking just a bit. Maybe they'll send me home and tell me to try Durmstrang instead.

Just as Headmaster Chang stood from the table and made her way onto the stage, the hat cried out. Everyone in the room perked up; I think some people had assumed it fell asleep on my head or something.

"AHAH!" it shouted with a cackle that echoed through the enormous hall. "I've got it!"

Headmaster Chang retreated a bit.

"AMBARET!" the hat announced.

The hall was silent; the other students weren't sure if they should clap or not. He hadn't said one of the houses. Headmaster Chang, however seemed to know what that meant. She let out a tiny whisper: "Oh my..."

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