Cut a leg off of a delivery pizza topper thingy to create a smartphone stand

Cut a leg off of a delivery pizza topper thingy to create a smartphone stand

I now have an excuse to order another pizza!

That actually looks like it could solve a problem, be cheaper and easier than buying one, and use something convenient that many people have access to. It's not even dangerous. I feel like I'm in a different sub.

If pizza doesn't come with topper you can just order another pizza and then the next one might come with the topper. Keep ordering pizza until it comes with the topper so you can make your phone stand.

Might as well make smartphone stands for all your friends and family!

It's all about the air

It's all about the air

If I remember correctly, Mythbusters "busted" this one. It was a while ago, but I think they concluded having the windows down was the better option. Maybe someone who remembers the episode better can fill in the blanks.

EDIT: Here's the sauce:

You Karma mining ⛏ son bitch

I think it's incorrect, but the idea is that the decrease in aerodynamics caused by windows down at speeds above 40mph, will use more energy than would be used by the AC.


Rotating the carton before you pour = less splash

Or just don't pour it like a maniac

Or, you know, just pour slowly.

This looks like something out of an infomercial

40 Life hack in a single image

40 Life hack in a single image

This is more like a meme for eye hurting juice.

CPR to the beat of Staying Alive by the Bee Geez? Got it! “First I was afraid, I was petrified...”

These are SO BAD!

Who can just pick a parking spot?! I'll be happy to find a parking spot ANYWHERE!

Itchy mosquito bites? Just put some chemicals on them!

Instead, put some rubbing alcohol, it will also stop the itching, disinfect the area and you won't look dumb.

How about instead of using deodorant at night, just take a fucking shower!

How about instead of filming a concert using your phone, just don't. Enjoy the concert, don't bother the people behind you. NOBODY in the history of phones has ever watched the concert they've filmed.

The 1980 youtube thing, doesn't work. And even if it did, how is it a lifehack?

Fuck this shit.

I got as far as the advertisement for a website as a 'lifehack' and stopped.

Use a balloon as a seal

Perfect for when you've run out of cling wrap, but luckily you have balloons laying around

And now everything tastes like latex.

I definitely thought it was gonna be the open side of the balloon

Your mom doesn’t mind.

How to air dry house slippers

How to air dry house slippers

Well, they needed washing.

See, I was wearing the slippers and stepped in a lump of baked potato and skidded across the kitchen, so the first draft was "How to turn your kitchen into a DIY skating rink" but then the adult in me prevailed.

Not the part that throws away bunny slippers, though.

This is clever but also oddly specific. Do people regularly wash their house slippers?

They're slippers.

I drew the angry eyebrows on myself.

I don't know if they were meant to be knockoffs, but I grabbed them for $1.50 at an import store.

Well that's a silly place for a potato.

Cute candy fridge, guys.

Change the the filter?

I have one of those fridges in my house and the water runs really slowly. I'm talking 3:30 min to fill up a damn cup. Does anyone else have this issue?

Yeah holy shit change the filter, it's probably years overdue.

Or it has had a spell cast on it. I had that happen once.

Want a Big Mac for less?

Want a Big Mac for less?

Since when is there bacon on a big Mac

Yeah this is better than a Big Mac.

Eating at McDonald's is the opposite of hacking life.

Just get a McDouble with no ketchup/mustard and add Big Mac sauce/lettuce. I do this all the time.

The secret is out

The secret is out

What if they reply with a " I don't know, where?" Which most people do every time. Then you're fucked

My friend, we need to open a restaurant called " I don't know, where? ".

Why is this always advertised as a female thing? My female friends and I will decide within three sentences, my male friends are useless as fuck.

Point proven.

How to wrap a basketball or other odd shaped gifts

... just get a bag.

Also I can’t remember the last time I saw a new basketball that wasn’t in some kind of box.

I tried this last year. Unless you have some of that expensive, thick wrapping paper, don't try it. I used the cheap stuff and it just wasn't good enough to hold up to the weight of a basketball.

what if it's a homemade basketball

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