How to find a lost dog

How to find a lost dog

i went running and a dog started following me. some deer distracted it for awhile, but then 15 minutes later, there it was following me again

this went on for 2 miles

i got on a main road and cars slowed down honked and stared at me like i was a total asshole (they thought it was my dog off leash)

i finally went back to it, noticed it was quite friendly, got it firmly by the collar, then ran hunched over for a mile and a half out of my way to the police department where i dropped it off at the front desk

it loped along happily by my side the whole way

it had just straight up adopted me


Lots of times animals escape their backyard....and then are lost. So, put a bowl of water and a toy in the area they escaped the backyard from? - I think this is a decent idea, just don't know how practical it is for urban pups.

And if it's a velociraptor, leave a goat or calf tied to the fence and make a small cut on the thigh, they can smell the blood from really far away and will probably find their way back

This worked for us: Dog lost for 1 week. Scared. Not really approachable. Spotted 20miles away. We collected feces from our other dog and liquefied and then fashioned a poo-cannon and drove our car while squirting some liquid goodness all the way back home using some roads that that pretty much gave us a straight line without too much traffic and obstacles. Honest to god, she showed up at our doorstep in the middle of the nite. It's ok if you don't believe it because we can't really believe it either.

An easy way to remove permanent marker from whiteboards and other surfaces.

Does this also work with horizontal lines?

Oh hell no

There's a better way.

Find the person who did it and drag their face against the board to clean it. It will act as a reminder to anyone watching not to put permanent marker on the whiteboard.

plain rubbing alcohol also works

When your home has no AC

this must look terrifying to Koreans

I do this by tucking in my top sheet and putting a box fan on the other end. It makes a neat little tent where you can eat carrot sticks and watch hardcore pornography.

Hey man, fan death is a real thing. Just look at what happened to John Lennon.

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.


Drawing in two-point perspective using a rubber band

Ok that's a really neat way to do it

I'm doing it like this since the last time it was posted.

Not sure how this helps if he can move the elastic left and right.

No, it works, what you're thinking about is axonometric / isometric projection. In perspective, you use one or two vanishing points (wich, in this case, are the points where the string is attached) and you draw every lines toward those points. edit : corrected "escape points" to "vanishing points" as suggested by /u/spottyPotty

Poster hack with toilet roll card.

Poster hack with toilet roll card.

Why not just roll up all 3 posters together and then put all the empty cardboard tubes on so none of the posters' ends get snagged and bent?

When writing an email, leave the addressee space blank. Fill it out at the end.

When writing an email, leave the addressee space blank. Fill it out at the end.

In case of accidentally sending the email before having finished it, it won't be sent.

Additionally, if you are attaching a file, do this first and then type your email..

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