Build a fire like a pro

Build a fire like a pro

What does this have to do with net neutrality?

Wouldn't all that wood catch fire?

Not if you soak the logs in wood

What does this have to do with net neutrality?

We are doing back to smoke signals fam

If you’re over the word count for an essay, hyphenate random words together and change the hyphen font colour to white.

If you’re over the word count for an essay, hyphenate random words together and change the hyphen font colour to white.

I always write my essays the night before submission, eliminating the possibilities of going over the word limit.

I've literally never had a problem of being over the word count

Lifehacks for professors: Prevent your students from gaming your font, page, word count, page count, and other formatting requirements by accepting only .txt file types.

The real lifehack

How to eat 300 gourmet meals for free

How to eat 300 gourmet meals for free

It's completely reasonable to think someone would have caught on sooner. Missing it for so long makes much more sense when you consider online automation, the large pool of employees handling the rescheduling should he do it by phone, and the fact that most of them make under $10/hr and simply do not get paid enough to give a fuck. The world becomes an easier place to navigate when you realize that, aside from family and your closest friends, basically nobody is paying attention to you ever, at all, any time (maybe the IRS). We're all the stars of our own stories, and the rest of the world consists of supporting players and bit parts. To an airline service associate, the chronic reschedule guy is one of those bit parts at best.

Edit: First off, thank you for the gold, that was nice to wake up to. I hope you achieve all your goals and die happy, kind redditor. Second, the first time I heard this story, it wasn't a Chinese airline, and to be honest I completely missed that fact when writing this, so everything I said was written with a US airline in mind. Still, I've learned some fascinating (if depressing) things about China from many of you in this thread, so thank you for that!

That’s... actually genius. Did nobody get suspicious after like a week?

And a bit liberating.

Not if it’s a high fare class ticket. Many first class tickets are fully refundable.

Here is a clever idea to prevent your dachshund from escaping from the fences.Let your dog wearing a wooden spoon!

Here is a clever idea to prevent your dachshund from escaping from the fences.Let your dog wearin...

This seems risky if the dog breaks or rearranges the orientation of the spoon it will be free and if you've ever seen a dog super excited about a squirrel either of these scenarios are possible

Pro tip: use an oar instead.

Lifehacks...jokes...what's the difference.

You mean let your dog wearing a wooden oar?

Never Miss a High-Five Again!

Never Miss a High-Five Again!

That guy looks pissed. He is definitely going for a painful high five if possible.

What works for me is too look at their hand and hit it with my hand.

Haha, what kind of loser misses a high five?

Hint: it’s me.

Based on the explosion between their hands that shits gonna sting.

How to unscrew a bolt without the correct wrench

If you have perfect condition threads, screwed into wood, then yes this works great....

This would only work with screws you can loosen with your fingers.

Just go buy a fucking wrench. Geez. You know you're going to need one in the future anyway.

Yeah hopefully the bolt you are trying this on isn't mounted flush with the material. You know...Like every bolt....

How to make sure the laptop charger doesn't slip out

How to make sure the laptop charger doesn't slip out

This is how I can guarantee that when my two year old trips on the power cord the entire laptop comes crashing down. 😂

Magsafe port is one of the reasons why I bought last year's macbook instead of the new one. Can't believe they removed that feature!

Apple has gone to shit since Jobs died.

That's more of an /sub/diwhy kinda thing.

Laundry symbols demystified

Laundry symbols demystified
nice try. this code was cracked long ago.

nice try.

do not dry

Keep wet at all times. Jump into a river if you have to

Just use 30 hot

I'm dead

My God. I've been wearing the wrong clothes while driving deluxe bumper cars

How to exterminate bed bugs / get rid of bed bug bites?

How to exterminate bed bugs / get rid of bed bug bites?

hopefully this is the right sub to post on. I live in a complex, and since Friday night i've gotten the worst bed bug bites ever. Both my feet, and left calf are covered in bites. i've woken up (this morning included) at 3:30 every morning due to the intense itching, and nothing seems to be working. I've changed my sheets, washed them and my duvet covers in high heat, vacuumed my mattress, sheets as well as the area surrounded by bed, nothing. they're getting progressively worse, and i'm becoming extremely paranoid as if i can feel them crawling on me. what have you guys done to get rid of bed bugs and the bites? what remedies have you guys used that works besides hydrocortisone?

EDIT: i didn't know bird mites existed, but these are more likely bird mite bites than bed bugs. Bed bugs attacked mainly the face, neck, arms and hands while as i've stated these bites are clusters on both my feet and left calf. On the couch right now, very paranoid and itchy.

EDIT 2: woke up on my couch with no new bites, so good news is that the bugs or whatever is living in my room hasn't spread knock on wood. As of right now, i threw all my bed cloth into a hot wash and will be drying it high heat. Spraying down EVERYTHING (top of mattress topper, underneath, top of mattress and underneath as well as the carpet surrounding it. clothes as well and bug bites drying them out) with rubbing alcohol 70%. Will be calling my complex customer service for an exterminator.

photos of my bites: as you can probably assume, all dots are the bites. bed bugs? bird mites? both?

As someone who was once plagued with these fuckers, the best thing to use is rubbing alcohol. Use the 70%? I think strength and put it straight into a spray bottle and hose your bed. Don't saturate it, just ensure coverage. Pay special attention to seams, edges and recesses. Alcohol kills them on contact and doesn't leave a chemical residue, it dries pretty clean. This is NOT a solution, it is offensive action. It will kill any bug it touches, but will not kill eggs. You need a professional pest control company to come out and spray. As far as your bedding? Dryer on high heat for an hour or so will kill them, and your mattress and box spring can be sealed in plastic (these should be available at like walmart or something) and zippered shut.

Edit: On a side note, as you live in an apartment complex, this ultimately should fall upon your landlord to take care of. Other than your bedding, they should be responsible for having a pest control company out to spray the apartment. If they refuse/can't, I would recommend buying a 1 gallon sprayer and purchasing some Bifen I/T and mixing it 2oz to the Gallon and spraying your apartment. I use this stuff everywhere, it is toddler safe and pet safe once it dries, and keeps creepy crawlies dead for a damn long time. And at 18 bucks a pint, you can make enough to keep your place sprayed for years.

just looked them up, and they're DEFINITELY bird mites. didn't even know the little fuckers existed up until now. do i get rid of them the same way i would with bed bugs?

Crazily enough, bed bugs can live up to a year with no food and water. Sometimes longer. And WE claim to be the most advanced species...

Are you sure they're bed bugs? Unless you find their remains, you may be dealing with a type of mite. Google bird mites. Good luck.

Virus Prevention!

Virus Prevention!


you can also infuse your laptop with lemons....lots of vitamin C

Looks like that’s where OP got it from since it’s at the top of the hot page rn and it was posted 19h ago. In other words.


And vampires!

Oh wait, I guess you need to put garlic in the USB port too

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