How to light a hard-to-reach candle

How to light a hard-to-reach candle

Or just turn the fucking thing upside down and put the fire under it (fire goes UP) and that works really well.

1 stick of spaghetti = a spaghetto

OR just buy a long reach lighter.

Check out Mr Moneybags over here with spaghetti to burn.

Clean your keyboard with used post-it notes.

Clean your keyboard with used post-it notes.

I usually just flip the keyboard upside down but that doesn't always get everything.

What about a big can? Would that work too?

Thats my hand! It's so weird seeing my post on reddit again after 5 years. Still have the same keyboard!

Use a little can of compressed air

Mount an iPad or tablet with some Command Hooks for an easy TV or night clock in college. Just slide it out for use!

Mount an iPad or tablet with some Command Hooks for an easy TV or night clock in college. Just slide it out for use!

Reminds me of Michael Scott's plasma tv



And if you have bunk beds

And if you have

Check this out Jim, if you need to make more room, it folds right into the wall.

A little something I learned in a pinch.

A little something I learned in a pinch.

I HATE these microtransactions everywhere

Too bad the thickness of a coin is fixed so it's essentially like picking out the right sized wrench.

If only someone made a type of wrench that was adjustable . . .

But only up to 7. Or else you risk explosions.

A useful kitchen tip

A useful kitchen tip

How can you thaw your pudding if you don't flatten your meat?

Edit: All in all, it's just another food you can't thaw

As a butcher I have to say this, it's a good idea if you plan on using it quickly. A bad idea for long term because you've increased the surface area for freezer burn

You suck air out of your bag of raw meat?

My method for storing meat is to let the butcher do it. Every time I show up he has a bunch of stuff thawed out and ready to go - it's almost like he knows why I'm there...

Your Welcome

Your Welcome

Lifehack: Knowing the difference between your and you're can be learned by testing whether the sentence sounds correct with "you are," or not.

Good luck out there OP.

The difference between:

Knowing your shit


Knowing you're shit

My welcome?

Half of these will destroy surfaces or need clarification:

Clothes: make sure the clothing is colorfast. Most of the time this will cause the stain to bleed out and be larger creating a feathering effect. If you do this on cotton it will never come out. Remove using voda and constantly redilute in water. (wash, soak, wash, soak)

Walls: the finish on the walls is key. Raw wood or wallpaper will just get gross with toothpaste or hairspray. Use vodka or highest proof clear alcohol you can find. Rubbing alcohol is usually too low.

Wood-use vodka/everclear

Carpet-use white vinegar but you're probably SOL. If your carpet is white you can use peroxide to a much greater effect. Peroxide deteriorates with age so make sure it's new for the greatest effect.

Furniture-good lord do not just arbitrarily use milk. What is the furniture made of? Plastic? Use a white vinyl eraser. Cloth? Use a furniture cleanser with no smell. Light cloth? Go for the peroxide. Wood? Use the white vinyl eraser if it is varnished or sealed. Raw wood just use vodka or rubbing alcohol. MILK WILL DO NOTHING. IT is not the right polarity to act as a solvent for sharpie ink.

White board-use a dry erase. Works every time. Do not use an eraser it will ruin the finish of the board and make dry erase harder to come off in the future.

Ceramic or glass-Depends on the ceramic. Porous ceramic you need to use peroxide and heavily dilute each time. Same with marble. Glass you can just scrub or erase off easily unless fogged. If fogged: mist with warm vinegar until it runs and mist in between with warm water. The vinegar is a weak acid and with dilution in between you may not damage the fog.

Nine different sandwiches in one. Genius.

Nine different sandwiches in one. Genius.

TIL: LifeHacks needs to dial back on the weed

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Ok phew was thinking mayo


How to fit two bowls in the microwave

How to fit two bowls in the microwave

I'd be waiting to hear a shudder and the bowl falling over...

Aren't you only supposed to microwave like 1 item/dish at a time though?

It's not a rule where you can't, it's just not as effective to microwave two things at once. Things of different molecular densities/moisture content will heat up differently. One will be hotter than the other. One might still be cool/cold while the other is piping hot.

Source: have used microwave

I had a bowl fall over in the microwave that was standing on its own once, so yeah I don't foresee this ending well.

Doggy Life Hack!

Doggy Life Hack!

Our boy was recently neutered. He was having a hard time adjusting to his cone of shame in terms of navigating the apartment. We were originally going to buy a Kong version of a soft cone, but realized it was the same thing as our travel pillows. Works just as well and only a fraction of the cost! Could save your dog some sanity and you some money!

Edit: I've read plenty of comments with people telling me that this is a bad idea and that our dog is going to end up getting the pillow off and chew/lick his wounds. We understand that this is a great possibility and we're only allowing him to wear this while we're home with him and paying close attention to him.

This is just to give him a break from the hard cone that the vet has given us. He doesn't run into the walls and get hung up on furniture in the pillow and can actually lay down and not wake himself from the sound of the plastic cone scraping at the floor.

I know this isn't an ideal situation for a lot of dogs, but it works for ours. He been well behaved and can't reach his wound. It may work for you pup, but please read the comments from other people on this post and make the call by yourself depending on how your dog acts.

I fail to see how a travel pillow prevents said dog from chewing or licking stitches on his lower body.

Edit: Since you all want to question me. I trained SAR dogs for over a decade. This prevents nothing. This also can be easily removed by any dog that feels like it. Maybe OP's dog is a good doggo, but it's not a lifehack in the least.

He's likely just pretending till they go to bed

Or just keep the dog safe from picking at the wound and have it deal wth the cone for a week.......I don't mean to be harsh but an infection is quite serious and risking it over a minor inconvenience seems completely ridiculous to me

Some people know some do not but all elderly should know.

Some people know some do not but all elderly should know.

What is happening with that title?

Commas, it needs commas.

I've not seen these caps before, but most American pharmacists will provide caps that are not child-proof if you ask.


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