Truly an electrifying thought.

The epitome of this sub.

The epitome of this sub.

Of course that's his profile picture. Either that or a black and white photo of an old famous guitarist. Too perfect.

He does know he can still listen to this music in this generation, right?

No! Anyone who was born after Pink Floyd broke up cannot listen to any Pink Floyd much less enjoy its timeless quality.

Or either an anime character or something Minecraft related.

My family is a gold mine

My family is a gold mine

Why do I get the feeling that the people who post this shit are the same idiots who throw money on a counter at a cashier and treat servers/bartenders like complete garbage.

Lol but they raised us xdddd

Literally everyone I know uses please and thank you, usually way more often than older people

If these are the parents of millenials then they do realize that they are those who forgot, correct?

Lewronggeneration and cringe have combined

Lewronggeneration and cringe have combined

What cracks me up about this is the women who are most likely to dress and style themselves like it's the 1950s are outspoken feminists.

Not like the people that post these things are getting women anyway..

Women should be a certain way!

Tbh 2017 woman looks more my type. So thanks feminism for allowing people to be themselves :).

Safety is for queers!

Safety is for queers!

If anyone you know who is a parent posts this, ask them when was the last time they let their kids ride their bikes without protective gear on.

Then tell them they're a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

Rolled into an ambulance, to be precise. Or a morgue.

In the 2010's we roll smart

Bonus points if they have ever bleated about fucking tide pods.

God, no one studies botany in their free time like they used to :(

God, no one studies botany in their free time like they used to :(

Or more about how brands are explicitly designed to be easy to identify while nature, being nature and all, doesn't really care if this species or that species recognizes this leaf or that leaf.

maple, elderberry, fir, oak, aspen, elm? i can’t name most of those brands, though.

just kidding. but what’s that crocodile one?

edit: the top middle is walnut or butternut, i believe.

Why is it always the Joker?

We live in a society.

A truly unique 14 year old

A truly unique 14 year old

“They twerk... I romantically woo my sister.”

His profile pic makes it worse


His profile pic makes it worse explains it

Having a family is counter culture apparently

Having a family is counter culture apparently

Thanks for reminding me that I live on the same planet as people who think traditionalists are an opressed minority.

When people mock 'millenials' for allegedly not working hard enough, but complain when they want to focus on their job/career instead of raising a family.

Damned if you do dammed if you don't.

"Go to college or you'll be broke you're whole life."

Goes to college and is still broke due to paying off loans

For thousands of years governments, religious institutions and society at large have forced their traditionalist beliefs on western civilization, shaming, ostracizing and even killing those who deviate from their specific view on what a family should be like.

None of this has stopped, but over the last few decades some writers wanted to make movies and tv shows to represent different family structures. In many places, gay people can now marry. That's it. That's the oppression traditionalists face: having to be aware that different people exist.

Fuck's sake, and they tell us that we're the sensitive snowflakes

Some sanity

Some sanity

He was born in le right generation


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