Lego Battle Ship.

Lego Battle Ship.

Looks like IJN Yamato? Guess Brickmania's USS Missouri is going to have a rival.

That looks like an astronomical amount of pieces

Last time I checked the yamato design hadn't changed Edit: Capitalization

Well, the design didn't, but the USN did make field modifications to her at sea

Found at the bottom of the "Sale" sign at the Lego store

Found at the bottom of the "Sale" sign at the Lego store

I love their creativity

That is so awesome, Lego employees seem to always have fun at their job

damn, one brick short of rescue.

Just celebrated my first year of sobriety! It's been a struggle but I feel great. Family surprised me with the set I've always wanted! (sorry for the box pic)

Just celebrated my first year of sobriety! It's been a struggle but I feel great. Family surprised me with the set I've always wanted! (sorry for the box pic)

Wow! I'm surprised this post got so much attention! Actually in a way, it's not so surprising, this is one of the most supportive communities I've ever been a part of.

I can honestly say that this community has been a huge factor in my recovery. Everyone is so positive and kind here. Whenever I have a rough day, this is my 'go-to' place to distract me.

Coming out of my dark ages and getting back into this hobby has reignited a passion I was lacking for so many years. Yes, this is another addiction, but a much healthier alternative than what I was doing.

Just being sober isn't something I would brag about because it's not a lifestyle everyone needs to choose. But for me personally, I let my addiction take over my life and ruin a lot of opportunities I had and it sucked the life out of me. Some people can control it, but I couldn't.

Lego is much a much more constructive addiction and it helps me calm my mind and keep me active and I enjoy the many aspects of this hobby.

So I just want to thank you all for showing your support, it means so much to me. And thank you for making this a safe positive place for myself and everyone else to come and feel welcomed.

You're all so awesome!

Edit: This is REALLY blowing up. I am reading every comment and trying to reply to everybody, because seriously every comment has made a difference.

I honestly wasn't looking for karma and I probably should have somehow put this in the title but I want to let all of you know how much THIS COMMUNITY has helped me. I've already stated above, but I can't say it enough, this is one of the most positive supportive places around.

I know there will always be haters and doubters but out of all the hundreds of comments I've only seen a few negative people in the bunch thinking this was a way to "gain karma" and I really couldn't care less about karma points... Thank you to those who were sticking up for me down there.

More than anything I was really excited to share that I got a cool set that I've always wanted and figured I would state the circumstances that led to me getting said set and to thank everyone here for making /sub/lego a safe place to come to, especially when I'm feeling stressed.

Keep up the positivity and I can't begin to explain how good all of these comments have made me feel. Thank you all again!

Edit #2

I'm astonished how far this has gone. And someone gave me gold now? Thank you so much, I really didn't deserve that, but it's super nice of you!

I never meant for this to look like a pity post, I mean there are so many people out there who have had it a lot worse than me. But I'm really happy to see some fellow addicts commenting as well, people with more time than me and it's very inspirational.

I guess I'll share a little background. I had been using drugs and alcohol in excess since I was about 17. I'm almost 30 now. I don't think in all those years I put together a full year of sobriety. And if somehow I did, it certainly wasn't on purpose. This time was different and I really wanted to change my life because my addictions were controlling me. I ruined a lot of relationships and opportunities.

So for me, yes I guess this is a big thing, and my family is really proud of me and apparently most of you are showing tons of love and support.

Although It's very overwhelming that literally like 500+ people have stopped in just to say congrats and it's just mind blowing but it's also very flattering that complete strangers could give two shits about me and my well being. My wife was reading through all the comments and she's like "jeez, these people really seem to care", and yes, yes I think they do!

I also want to make it clear that I am in no way saying drugs or alcohol are a negative thing, I think they can have many positives when used, especially in moderation. Unfortunately I could never find that balance. I was all or nothing and it was hindering me.

Once again I'm trying to read and reply to everyone and I'm sorry if I sound like a robot with my "thank you so much" and "it means a lot" but it's genuine. I mean it and I just feel like I can't say it enough.

Hopefully anyone else struggling with a similar issue can find that "one thing" that keeps them sane and gets them through the hard times. I found that in everything that is Lego. And having a community that shares my interest just makes it even more enjoyable.

Props to /sub/lego once again, I'm feeling the love big time 😀

Awesome Achievement M8, well done :)

Lego is much a much more constructive addiction

I see what you did there.

Hey I like box pics! No problem here.


I made this Dodge Challenger using binoculars as headlights

I made this Dodge Challenger using binoculars as headlights

I didn't know how to do this car, and I had the wird idea of using binoculars. It worked really well I think.

Instructions here:

List of bricks:

Stranger Things Upside Down

Stranger Things Upside Down
Stranger Things Upside Down

Nope no Kragle. I used hinge parts and side studs to make them look like a messy pile.

Spaceship of fifteen kilograms Lego...

Spaceship of fifteen kilograms Lego...

This looks like my worst nightmare in instructions: build one part across multiple pages in the book, get to the end, "x2".

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