Awesome office table moc.

Awesome office table moc.

Pretty sure the creator of this MOC posted this already.

Yeah, it's a powerpig. Available for purchase as a custom set.

I think the word you're looking for is desk

I think you've been whooshed.

Lego Colors

Lego Colors

there are just so ever slight differences between many of them

red from the drawer 'red' from the sunroom floor

I'm in the process of doing something similar.

EDIT: Collecting all of the colors from 99-04 is difficult because there are just so ever slight differences between many of them.

Bricklink only has 64 listed. You've got even more than that

Is it possible Bricklink only lists the colors currently in production, and OP has colors that aren't being produced anymore?

All the way from Panama!

All the way from Panama!

I was going to jokingly say "what is it, a model of the canal"? and, damn, it is.


Edit: Reddit gold? Thank you kind stranger!

Available only in Panama. Production run said to be just 40,000.

It's strange that they include a completely out of proportion minifig with this. He's like a giant compared to the canal.


Wanted to share my Fallout minifigure

Wanted to share my Fallout minifigure

Looks really nice. Where did you get the shoulder armor and syringe? Are they custom?

Thanks. They are both from The shoulder armor is called Gladiator Pauldron.

I have a few Halo Megabloks sets that I bought out of curiosity. Those are quarantined from the rest of my bricks. My Brickarms minifig parts are mixed in with my other minifig accessories.

They're good enough to pass.

Micro Thanos top

Happy 4/20

Happy 4/20

Dude? What if life built like...brick by brick?

Far out man.

You could move a mountain if you did it brick by brick.

White hat workstation

White hat workstation

This is absolutely fantastic, great job

Oh thank god. I have first MOC jitters and that made my day :D

I've made thousands of Minifigs in my time, but MOCs have always been some mysterious art to me.

Okay, so I normally make custom minifigures. This is my first attempt at something a little different (I'm not much of a builder). Still got a fair few printed elements to make...

Things to spot: Raspberry Pi, Hak5 pineapple and rubber ducky, obligatory LEGO mug.

Things to add: Print on front of speakers, print on coke can, laptop with stickers on it, some kind of funny element ("Hacking for Dummies" book, or cat videos on one screen, etc)

Sorry, 'my own creations' - models you've created yourself.

Got this sweet map to hang in my Lego room!

Got this sweet map to hang in my Lego room!


Question- is it just the angle of the pic, or is that shelf really that crooked?

Ha, while my shelf hanging skills may not be the best, I can assure you it's mostly straight, and the angle is making it look way off. I did use a level!

I'm thinking gravity is just stronger on the left side of the shelf. You know how that goes.

I was going to re-create the entire map enlarged in my editing program, but found a pretty nice one online already when searching for a template. Just enlarged it a bit more and printed it a local FedEx shop. Total cost, about $1!

Found the map image at this site here.

All three Arkham's combined into one facility. Achievement unlocked.

All three Arkham's combined into one facility. Achievement unlocked.

That's insane.

ha is funny because they asylum...

Can we get set numbers? I can't remember what the third one was

Maybe a... black gate?

I added some lights to my Helicarrier

Woah I've only ever seen still pictures of this set so didn't realise the engine propellers spin! Looks awesome, especially with your added lighting!

Yeah, it's a pretty cool set. It has a crank on the back you can manually rotate to spin the propellers, but it's also designed so that you can easily add a motor to it. Thanks!

I also added sounds, which you obviously can't hear in the gif. I explain how I set it all up on the source video: (time-stamped to skip all the boring intro bits).

nobody evey mentioned that. Shit, I may have to pick it up now.

Just finished my first 3000+ piece set! :-D (10221)

Just finished my first 3000+ piece set! :-D (10221)

The second set I bought out of my dark ages... and one of the few I'm keeping (have to get rid of many, new house and no room for 100 SW sets).

Mine is in a bag right now, after having had a bath and waiting to be rebuilt :)

The period of my life where I stopped building lego... so basically, in my case, 15 to 35 years old.

So I did lego when I was really young, like, before highschool maybe. I just kind of "rediscovered" the hobby while looking for things to decorate my living room. I started with grabbing the 2 UCS ships currently out (TF && Slave 1) then kind of went buy crazy on Bricklink. I still have the UCS B-Wing, JSF, ISD, and X-Wing waiting to be put together. Trying hard to not impulse buy a NIB Falcon, what with the news of a possible reprint <.< .

The "dark ages" you say? Is that in reference to a particular set of years? Kind of new to this lego game. xD

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