BTS' J-Hope to release mixtape on March 2nd

BTS' J-Hope to release mixtape on March 2nd
BTS' J-Hope to release mixtape on March 2nd

so this is the day i die


Ok. Ok. This is cool. We got this.

In other BTS mixtape news Suga's AgustD was put on iTunes a couple of days ago and it's currently #1 in like 20 countries, #3 in the US. A two-year old mixtape, released for free, with zero promotion. Like, people are spending $7 on something two years old they can listen to for free.

If that's anything to go by the Hixtape wave may be pretty huge...

Oh, I agree! Isn't it really annoying to see fans getting excited about an idol's first solo effort?

NCT U (Ten & Taeyong) - Baby Don’t Stop (Image Teasers #1)

NCT U (Ten & Taeyong) - Baby Don’t Stop (Image Teasers #1)
YES this is yet another lineup for NCT U YES NCT U’s rotational YES Ten is alive YES Ten is a god I mean look at this guy

I’m so so so so so sososososo excited for this duet oh my god. these teasers kinda remind me of Taemin’s teasers for MOVE (amazing, phenomenal, spectacular), which I loooove

NCT U fans: We want U back!


NCT U Fans: yes

NCT U fans: We want U back!


NCT U Fans:

a duet by nct's best dancers, this song better have the coolest choreo of all time

Omg, that last pic. I was not prepared.

Edit: the styling in the last pic actually reminds me of MOVE era Taemin

TWICE -「Brand New Girl」

TWICE -「Brand New Girl」

I love Twice but I would not be a fan of theirs if this was the type of music and styling of mv they consistently had. Definitely much prefer their Korean releases.

Awww this was so cute and laid back! I'm putting this in the same lane as "Merry & Happy", those MVs that are gifts to the fans and will definelty either make us happy or sad in the long run, reminiscent none the less.

I actually hope we get more MVs like this for B Sides in the future.


BNG MV, Maknae line/School Meal Club currently literally ruining their image by messing with each other's make-up (truly the visuals of this generation) on Vlive or Jihyo having a video call with GFriend's Yerin in a separate Vlive? lol I can't choose which one to watch ahhh too many things happening simultaneously!!!

Edit after watching the MV:


Sanayeon snaking each other

Jihyo messaging Mina hearts and Mina calling Jihyo baby... Mihyo rise!!

This MV is a shipping gold mine, they literally sat the top ships beside each other

Momo rap, Tzuyu's li- li- ling, Mina rap, dubchaeng rap & Spanish A+

Seriously Momo's line distribution in this song is fantastic!!

their duality never ceases to amaze me

JIhyo kissing Sana + Sana :O reaction

I can't believe Jeongyeon's actually the one trying to kiss Sana now and Sana pulling back wow

Bottomline: Quality fanservice

the choreography for BNG that they performed in their showcase tour if anyone's interested

Ok, Sana literally jumping into bed with Nayeon?

At this point JYP is just actively enabling her addiction....

Doni and Coni will be leaving their MC positions on "Weekly Idol" after 7 years

Doni and Coni will be leaving their MC positions on "Weekly Idol" after 7 years
Doni and Coni will be leaving their MC positions on "Weekly Idol" after 7 years

when the seven-year curse even hits your fave show </3

damn i didn't expect this to happen, it's unthinkable for me

Most depressing disbandment of 2018 :'(

Who will spoonfeed variety skills to the current generation of idols now??


What is weekly idol without doni coni...I've never even fathomed the possibility of this happening...but its actually happening...




Wow. Seungyeon dance solo into Yeeun rap.

That shouldn't be legal.

wow that styling im in

clc as a mature girl crush group is so much better than the cutesy stuff they put out, and on top of that it also plays so hard into yeeun's rapping style

Song is a absolute banger.

Good mix between I Like It and Hobgoblin.

Sorn is legit so pretty it hurts.

Yeeun is a pretty underrated rapper, wish her rap break was longer

JBJ in talks to extend their contract until December 2018

JBJ in talks to extend their contract until December 2018

Please let this workout! Please! They are doing so well, they have really good momentum at the moment, 1 or 2 more promotion cycles would be amazing!

Makes sense that everyone seems to be on board for an extension. Sanngyun’s officially out of ToppDogg and Taehyun probably is cool with an extension since Hotshot would still be missing members due to WO and The Unit if JBJ had ended in April as initially scheduled.

Hope things work out and Taedong finally gets his shot to make JBJ complete.

Yesss! And I know it’s probably hopeless at this point but I’d still love to see Taedong squeeze in there pleasepleaseplease :’(

Yesssss, and hopefully their next few comebacks slay the charts and they extend until like 2025

Red Velvet - 봐 (Look)

Red Velvet - 봐 (Look)

Dance practice for non title track.

Did someone hacked SM database?

(What's next? Automatic? or You Better Know? or All Right?)

I'd sacrifice some pizza guys for that

RV 1st dance practice - Feb 2017

2nd dance practice - Feb 2018

I'm noticing a trend here... Can't wait for the 3rd one in 2019.

"Maybe if we put the camera 70ft away, Joy won't look that tall" -sm camera dude

Seulgi the god of dance has come down and blessed us on this day

TWICE - Brand New Girl (MV Teaser Image)

TWICE - Brand New Girl (MV Teaser Image)

Before the overworking Twice's talks, BNG is a b-side to Candy Pop. It was already used as a bgm for a CF. The MV was also used as a intermission for Twice's showcase tour so they have a breather and time to change clothes. Full Song CF Leaked MV

It's not a comeback. Brand New Girl is the B-Side released together with Candy Pop. The MV was already revealed to those that went to their showcase tour


i really didn't expect a comeback so soon wtf

What Twice does in their downtime...

Copied from my reply below:

To those who think Twice wants to rest, you guys should watch their VLives lol, it's wild. While they were in Japan for their showcase tour, Momo and Sana did a 4-hour vlive from 11 pm to 2am eating, covering and dancing to other groups' songs while Onces kept insisting they should rest and sleep. Momo told the story of how she ate 7 bowls of rice earlier and how they had already slept a lot. Here's a snippet of Samo being crackheads idek and screaming random English lyrics at the top of their lungs.

Nayeon and Chaeyoung did one till 1 am completely removing their make-up (I really love that they did this btw; it's just so... intimately honest?). Snippet of Nachaeng losing faith in their visuals lol. They also kept saying that they want to try part time jobs lol. They had at least 30 vlives in the span of a week during their Japan tour cause they had so much free time and had nothing to do compared to their Korean schedule. And these are just some of the more recent examples of Twice having literally no chill.

Bonus: The class, the elegance, the beauty.

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