From r/indianpeoplefacebook

From r/indianpeoplefacebook

Bitch lasagne.

hullo from india botiful grill 😪😓 u are mmm 😧😉 yes i ask that u uhhhhh 💦💦 open boob 😩 and show pussy 😲😲 ok yes rape u next week


As an indian myself i think i have an idea of where it comes from.

First thing of course is bad spelling. due to our country lacking any good education system many of us are not fluent in english. Of course with every generation that is lowering.

India always had a lower opinion of women, something women still suffer from right now, and therefore the men are more upfront about their sexual advances.

There is also the problem of xenophobia here , We have a exaggerated sense of our greatness and even though that diminishes with time , due to our old sexist conservative culture and the corrupted politicians being conservative , A steady stream of propaganda flows through media every second. continuous movies about how "great" our contry , racist jokes about us beating the western people for our independence. Therefore an arrogance is created , an arrogance about our culture being the top.

Now take a culture filled with sexism , a culture that even a 100 or so years ago would burn women alive if their husbands died , mix in xenophobia and arrogance with lack of widespread education due to poverty and corruption and finally add Horrible spelling you have this.

The people of course saw this , made it into a joke about how indians are creepy and now it's just a circlejerk meme.

A beardless neckbeard sighting

A beardless neckbeard sighting

Repost, also the guy that took this actually showed up, was a pretty cool dude.

The kid had a pretty great sense of humor, said he sent this to a friend for shits and giggles.

Edit: Here's the original post https://www.reddit.com/sub/justneckbeardthings/comments/810k0i/my_friends_are_now_sending_me_neck....

And shout out to u/gamerwheelchair for the AMA he gave us here https://www.reddit.com/sub/justneckbeardthings/comments/8158ca/ask_the_guess_whats_under_the_clou....

Obesity, and sadness?


Friend sent me this today...

Friend sent me this today...

One of my waifus

woah this guy has more than one waifu ?? that's crazy. I didn't even know you could do that !!

Mormon neckbeard

More than one waifu ruins your laifu.

This is his F I N A L ? !

Thanks. I didn't need to sleep tonight.

Thanks. I didn't need to sleep tonight.

Dear.... god...

I'd rather let the human race go extinct thank you

It's the scariest thing I've seen ever

He’ll teleport behind M’lady

I’m deleting Tinder

I’m deleting Tinder

At least he’s polite about it.

And she didn't even answer. Rude.

“I’m a nice guy now please let me feast on your feces”

"Eat shit and die"

"Sounds good, how about this Friday at 8?"

"I don't even get why girls won't talk to me, they're so shallow"

"I don't even get why girls won't talk to me, they're so shallow"

"It's not the beard on the outside that counts, it's the beard on the inside." - Action Hank

Ahh yes, here we see the typical mating call of the neckbeard, displayed in all of its glory

"I don't understand why girls never choose me. I'm a nice guy and would treat them like a queen".

Man, first time I saw that shirt I thought someone had to be dared into wearing that shit. But now... Ten years later, here we are.

Gotta go watch The Big Lebowski now.

Gotta go watch The Big Lebowski now.

That's just like, your opinion, man.


I don't know what that is and I don't intend to learn how deep the Clickhole goes. It smells off, you know?

Brilliant, Misunderstood Young Males

Splendid! Now I know how to call a neckbeard without hurting his feelings.

Uli doesn’t care about anything, he’s a nihilist



the thumbnail had me thinking this was one of those colour blind tests and I had like neckbeard vision.

Garbage Pizza but for Neckeards

Also looks like Nobody from the Early Jim Henson Cartoon

the only thing that is garbage is my doctor. went for my annual check up today. as usual it ended with a testicular exam, and as usual, he refused to touch my tiny smelly nuts with his gloved hands and instead used two of those popsicle sticks


Tears will be shat

Tears will be shat

This has never been posted here before

Thought I was on /sub/dankmemes or /sub/funny and was totally going to downvote until I saw what sub it was

Remember that there is a difference between being sad and being angry at rejection

That scarely relates to a current situation im in. Wtf

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