A+ alpha male right here ladies

A+ alpha male right here ladies

This seems pretty fake.

He's such an alpha that my penis just crawled back inside itself.

Wait? He thinks being a mod on theredpill is a selling point?

I hope this is a troll.

To make a vagina for him to fuck right?

Found on /sub/calvinandhobbes

Found on /r/calvinandhobbes

The difference is he's a grown man wearing a suit, not a 16 year old in a trench coat...

Calvin's dad was a patent attorney in 1985, not an "unemployed equestria enthusiast" from now.

And he takes it off when he goes inside, neckbeards fucking glue it to their heads

Also this comic is about 30 years old

Neckbeards irl

Neckbeards irl

I feel like there were other options available to him at the time.

Sometimes I genuinely have nothing to say but "what the fuck." No clever comment or anything. Just fuck.

What the fuck.

We don't know his situation so let's not pass judgement.

I'm pretty comfortable judging someone for jacking off in a coffee cup to get someone to notice them.


Chad has it so fucking easy

Chad has it so fucking easy

Pfft, while Chad gets extra funds, I'll be studying the blade...

When I was a kid I thought the baddest guy on the planet was a dude named Doctor Congo. All the time I'd see headlines like "DR. Congo invades provinces" or "DR. Congo funds militia".

While Chad spends his extra allowance money at Vinyard Vines, I'll be mastering the block chain.

I wish we had real life super-villains who pulled off crazy schemes.

Truly a masterpiece for the ages

Truly a masterpiece for the ages

This seems pretty tongue-in-cheek to me. Does it still count if it's self-deprecation?

Seriously guys, posts from /sub/animemes are just humor/satire. Y'all need to learn to take a joke

Edit: this post violates rule 4. Why has this not been removed mods?

yes, absolutely

like, most of the posts here are

I actually thought it was pretty funny. Be even funnier if it came true.

Has this been posted?

Has this been posted?

No but I almost wish you didn't.

Hold up does that pillow have jizz printed on it? And is her fucking eye stick shut? This is why god has abandoned us, people.

Believe it or not that guy has a youtube channel called Melonpan or something like that, and he obviously does this things for satire purposes

Most of these pillows will have a "normal" side, and then the reverse will be a lewd side

"I'm starting a new Facebook challenge"

"I'm starting a new Facebook challenge"

teleports behind frying pan

Nothing personnel, pig

This is a great example of someone seeing an outfit on a thin Japanese man and thinking they can pull it off as a fat white man.

its not the weaboo on the outside that counts, its the weaboo on the inside that really matters.

I don't think most people consider it necessary to wear a fucking sword and scabbard to cook bacon but you do you, I guess.

Neckbeard Journalism

Neckbeard Journalism

Wow! Interesting, I never knew I enjoyed getting harassed by men on the street. Thanks men!

You probably just needed a man to explain it to you.

The article Interviewed men in Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan, not the United States

You're probably right! Silly me using my brain. Well I have to go back to cleaning and cooking.

Facebook Neckbeardisim

Facebook Neckbeardisim

Jesus Christ. Why would you disrespect yourself with this hoodie?

There's only so much respect to go around, and they're saving it for all the fine ladies out there 😎

These types of jackets always make me cringe. It's like they are trying too hard.

It's the tone that always gets me, it's like it's simultaneously trying to wow me with "video games are cool! Aren't I cool for liking them?!" and condensendingly throwing a bunch of terms at me, as if to say "noobs like you couldn't understand these things", and even that screams "ask me about this shirt!!1"

"Don't piss me off because life is like a Role Playing Game (a.k.a. RPG) and you look like fighting you could give me enough Experience Points (a.k.a. XP) to push me up to a higher level of overall experience, with several boosts in various areas such as attack and speed (a.k.a Leveling Up)"

Put that whole goddamn thing on a sweater- That's how that shit reads to me.

Just your ordinary garden variety neckbeard

Just your ordinary garden variety neckbeard

Gotta love how dislikes on YouTube do nothing.

It ensures that the YouTube comments section is a sea of unrelenting positivity!

Imma keep pressing tho

Are you necksplaining right now

Try one of these subthreads