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A wave engulfs the statue of Neptune on Melenara Beach, Gran Canaria

A wave engulfs the statue of Neptune on Melenara Beach, Gran Canaria

This seems like exactly the photo the artist of the sculpture would have been sculpting for.

That coat of sea foam looks as regal as can be.

Statue without the waves on a regular day.

So thats easily a 13-15ft wave?

Farming in the desert

Farming in the desert

How to fuck up a country forever in just one generation

It's fascinating the impact Saudi irrigation has had on the country, its economy, culture and politics. And a case study of what will happen when the oil also runs out.

Great pics though THAT'S where CDs come from!

I Just don't understand why they would use that precious water to raise crops in an arid desert! Did they not know how much more water they would need to use compared to farming elsewhere? Were there scientists telling the princes that this was a bad idea?


Behold, a CVS receipt in the wild

wait wasn't this on the front page like all day?

EDIT why yes, yes it was

Yep. OP is a dirty, dirty whore.

That's way too short to be a CVS receipt.

Yes! 20% off shitty soap!

This is what a 24mm f/14 macro lens looks like

This is what a 24mm f/14 macro lens looks like

Aside from pictures of my dick, what's its use?

What is this, a lens for ants?

It lets you take close-up pictures from relatively far away, so you don't scare the subject, e.g. an insect.

I was really hoping this would include an actual picture taken.

When you lie on your resume, but still get the job.

When you lie on your resume, but still get the job.

This isn't /sub/interestingasfuck this is /sub/facebookmemes

You joke, but that pupster is fucking special ops. He once killed a red panda with a pencil.

A fuuuhken peencil.

Blackbeard rework incoming

Don't you know? Sausage dogs have low profiles and are perfect for infiltrating enemy lines.

The best kind of customer service

WTF? This is not "interesting as fuck" .


Welcome to the sub

"Come play with us."

Force the Dark Side - xpost /sub/EmpireDidNothingWrong

Anybody else hoping he would have tilted it up?

THB I was kinda worried about the wooden floor.

and burning shit indoors.

The time alone to do this is impressive and the fact that it came out that precise is unfathomable to me.

Bloodybelly comb jelly

Fun fact time! So these guys are members of the phylum Ctenophora. Pronounced "ten-AH-forah". Despite appearances, they are not related to "true jellyfish" (Cniderians, "nye-DEER-ians") at all. Unlike jellyfish, comb jellies have a through-gut (they have a mouth and anus).

They are predatory carnivores and sometimes eat each other.

That beautiful shimmering is NOT bioflorescence, but actually iridescence from multitudes of microscopic cilia that are fused together in neat little rows that look like combs. This is where they get their name from - Cteno = "comb".

They are the largest animal that is propelled by cilia (though they also use hydraulic pressure).

They are by far one of the most beautiful and exotic animals you will never learn about in school unless you are a zoology major.

Source: I have taught invertebrate zoology.

Looks like a Journey album cover.

This looks like something not to be fucked with

Thanks for the lesson. Incredibly cool!

Don't fk with eagles

Don't fk with eagles
Here's the full video


Much higher quality

You can see the heron had tried several time before so the Eagle knew it was coming.

You get to see the end (the Heron gets away and the Eagle takes a victory lap)

better version

A where you don't have to /sub/killthecameraman!

Warning: Loud Oh Jesus!

Got your nose!

I would love to see how this ended. Probably the eagle let go, and continued eating. Or maybe it just destroyed that other bird and had an even better meal.

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