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Unscrewing a bolt without the correct wrench

TIP: Use the correct wrench to break it loose first, so this will actually work.

Yeah, my luck that contraption would slip off as soon as I put some torque on it.

You spelled joinery wrong

Screw this post.

KFC's Twitter account follows 11 accounts: all 5 Spice Girls and 6 people named "Herb"... or, "11 Herbs and Spices"

KFC's Twitter account follows 11 accounts: all 5 Spice Girls and 6 people named "Herb"... or, "11 Herbs and Spices"

So...there are 5 spices and 6 herbs in the Colonel's secret recipe? I'll be in the kitchen, thanks for asking.

There are only 3, salt, pepper, and MSG.

Colonel's secret recipe: Chicken, Grease, Salt

Don't remember the last time I've seen something posted so often on so many different subreddits so quickly. And it's just about who a fast food twitter account follows.

What kind of sorcery is this?

a little thing called video editing

With that quality you don't even need twins. Or the same gender.

Or possibly two sets of twins

This drill im using .. Hair for comparison

This drill im using .. Hair for comparison

There's an urban legend about some precision drill bit maker sending his smallest bit to a competitor to show off his company's latest achievement. The competitor sends it back with an even smaller hole drilled through the shank of the drill bit.

Related Snopes article.

Edit: removed a duplicate word word.

What is this? Dentistry for ants?

Really interesting link.

Yet, as mentioned earlier, this story didn’t begin as a drilled wire tale meant to help give voice to feelings of anxiety about an opponent one country was squaring off against even if that’s the use it was eventually put to. The story appears in Pliny’s Natural History as an anecdote involving the two renowned artists circa 300 B.C.,Apelles and Protogenes. Not finding Protogenes at home, Apelles drew a thin, perfect line across a canvas as his way of informing the absent painter who had called. Upon seeing it, Protogenes drew a still finer line in a different color immediately on top of the one left by Apelles. Apelles then ended all dispute by drawing yet a third fine line (in yet another color) between the two lines already on the canvas.

You know a story is universal when it goes all the way back to Pliny the Elder.

So... you could basically poke that into a human hair hole like nothing?

EDIT: the "hair hole" is apparently called a follicle.

this stair design

this stair design

Impractical and unsafe. And the stairs between the first and second landings don’t match the lower stairs design. Where’s the handrail to grab onto when I slip on the curved ends and twist my ankle.

These should be fun drunk at 3am.

Also ugly AF

.... gets posted here atleast once a month

Chair for Two

Neither of them looks comfortable.

He also gives the impression you need protective gloves to operate it.

I can’t say for certain, but this really feels like a demonstration of general precision in woodworking, and not like a product designed for actual use, that’s just the feeling I’m gettin.

The back one wouldn’t be very comfortable with the edges poking you in your back and back of your legs

Wine Bottles After Forest Fire

Wine Bottles After Forest Fire

"I swear this never happens to me." -Wine Bottle

And that is how you make a plumbus.

Username checks out

Based on the bottle caps I would guess that wasn't wine.

Before and After War

Before and After War

It's a bit more complicated than that. People who wage wars do it because they believe they have a cause. If a group of rebels would do a "coup d'état" in ypur country and they seized all banks (think of cuba), they you would probably try to fight agaisnt it. Some people would say you started it, others would say the rebels did. No one is right or wrong. There would be a difference in opinion in your country and it would be about freedom, health and security. You would fight. Even if it is wrong. Because no one knows who's wrong.

War is a terrible thing, not just for people but for everything we worked so hard to make.

Ummm i don't know how i am supposed to do that but i will try just for you my friend.

If you look at wars, it usually has something to do with religion or politics. This one was religion, isis had their beliefs and went ahead and rolled with it. But soon they'll be all gone.

Octopus? What octopus?

I know it's a terrible idea, but god do I want one as a pet.

Edit: after reading through the comments, I will. As a goal, and only when I have more then enough time and money to raise that fucker perfectly in a state of the art aquarium.

If not I’ll just put a rock in a bowl and say it’s camouflaged.

Can you imagine the handjobs?


Back in the 70s my parents had a pet octopus (before the aquarium industry was regulated as it is now). He was really adorable and friendly. He'd try to climb onto your hand if you put it near the tank. He was terrified of his food though because he was born in captivity. If there was any other fish in his tank he'd squish as far away from it at possible and sometimes he'd ink the tank out of fear. My mom had to hand feed him defrosted tiny shrimp.

Maybe he wasn't one of the puzzle solving brilliant ones.

That's a pretty cool octogone.

The Base of an Oil Platform before Being Towed Out to Sea

The Base of an Oil Platform before Being Towed Out to Sea

Here's how it looks in video :

...and just think, that's a shallow water continental shelf rig base. Deep water rigs are even more complex.

Underwater Eiffel tower?

Wow that's mindblowingly huge

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