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Comet surface conditions, captured by the Rosetta probe

Millions of miles away, and it still snows in April...

Looks like a 50's sci-fi scene. You expect a guy in a rubber alien suit to show up. I think it's the lighting that looks like a strong studio spotlight.

Took me a little bit to realise those were stars. So many.

It's... Full of stars!

On it



Is it the same type of wood?

Asking the right questions.

Definitely not.

If not it's a completely pointless comparison

Parking wasn't a issue for this Californian

I don't need another conspiracy to think about, but I wonder why this was never implemented

Big parking strikes again

When I watched that, I heard a narrator voice in my head with a Trans-Atlantic accent like those old Looney Tunes cartoons.

Wasn’t there one for a car that said something like, “Introducing the new glass-bottomed automobile, so the next time you run over a pedestrian, you can look down to see if he was a friend of yours.” Good times.

I’d pay good money for this exact feature just for fun. Sure, a lot of cars can parallel park themselves but this is just a cooler mechanic to do it!

What a snail shell looks like under a microscope

What a snail shell looks like under a microscope

TIL God 3D printed snails.

The Shell - from the last time this was posted. The white lipped snail (Cepaea hortensis) is often found in gardens. The shell is made of lime. The picture shows the layers of the snail shell in a fraction. On the top, which is the inner wall of the shell, formation of new crystal platelets can be seen. Scanning electron microscope, 2500:1 (at 15x13cm)

Ok but what exactly are we looking at here? What part of the shell?

Looks like tasty white chocolate.

How colorblind people see.

How colorblind people see.

I don't get it, they are all the same

I am colour blind.

All four of these are different to me. But the second one is similar ish to the first.

Its because of this that colour blind modes in games make things worse, and yet the default mode is also less than ideal.

Regular Blind

Edit: Vertical Blind

Edit: Vertical Blind

I can't get my mind to understand how you see the world. The idea of a color-blind person looking at a representation of color-blindness and how to relate that to my own vision.. Too much inception, time for bed

Seal gets inside shark net and shows off his fishing skills

That's amazing! Those people just got a show for going to the beach on a nice day... and I've quarantined myself to my cave which allows me to watch such things on Reddit. 😄

What a time to be alive!

Fast as lightning underwater, as wobbly as a jelly on the ground.

I love the guy who just starts clapping at the end

That seal definitely wasn't awkward.

These medical cloves designed for medical emergency response.

These medical cloves designed for medical emergency response.

“Everything seems good except you have no temperature which we’re gonna have to keep you overnight for to monitor.”

Simple yet brilliant.

yes... heres a reenactment with minor details changed

Can you put them in apple pies, too?

"Don't forget to smile"

"Don't forget to smile"
"Don't forget to smile"


Then you are going to love /sub/unbgbbiivchidctiicbg!

Dont up vote this. This only leads to the devolution of the sub

Relative velocities

I miss Myth Busters so much

They myth you too.

I love how they managed to get it in the exact center of the board, the person firing the cannon has some good timing

So technically you could have a super-high speed train that drops people off by shooting them out the back at the same speed that the train is going. Cool.

Just need to work out a way to get people moving fast enough to get on the train without killing them.

Edit: I realise that shooting grandma out of a cannon isn't a good idea.

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