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How to ignite a flame using a gum wrapper and battery

Man, I love it when I find unused batteries and gum wrappers in the forest! But seriously, neat post.

Frozen fish comes back to life

I was 95% sure this would end with me watching a dead fish in water for 1 minute+

Device shows where patient's veins are located

There was one of these devices free to use at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, blew my freaking mind


Some slick longboard tricks

But can you do it twice in a row with someone tipping their hat behind you?

Nokia is back

Is it made from the same material as my ex's heart?

Two bodies of water meeting, but not mixing

I'm a little disappointed that the boat isn't going straight along the dividing line.

Zoom To The Moon

About $560 for the camera. Has 83x Optical Zoom.

Unique Business Card

That has to be like a $20 business card.

And is it realistic to get that defined of a graph from thumb pulses?

Homo sapiens

Homo sapiens
Homo sapiens

You forgot the picture of me browsing reddit in my underwear :(

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