Interestingasfuck interestingasfuck

Rainbow crystal geode

This looks like an agate that's been sprayed with a fine layer of titanium to get the crazy color reflections.

Rocks don't really form like this over millions of years. It just takes a few hours in a vacuum chamber and some finely ground metal.

Making an arch

I love the gentle loving pats the excavator was giving the tunnel at the end. Like a kid with a sand castle.


"anyone can use them"

Except people with actual legs


Heat Activated Hair Color

I'm not arguing against it, but I would like to know why she had to be topless to show her hair?

Inside the Pok├Ęball

Inside the Pok├Ęball

Now I want to see a remake of The Fountain with Hugh Jackman replaced with a Bulbasoar, because this reminds me of that space ball he travels around in.

"Together, we will live forever." "Bullll-baaaaaa!!!"

Perfect paper airplane setup

Now all you gotta do is science it up a bit and you got an infinite supply of energy. Please direct my royalties for this stroke of genius straight to my weed dealer.

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