Interestingasfuck interestingasfuck

Sketch comes to life

do you really want a girl with a sketchy past ?

Aha, you beat me to it.

Take on me

Emma Stone? Teach me how to draw her to life... for... reasons

This smooth chainsaw mill attachment

This smooth chainsaw mill attachment

To insert wedges to keep the blade from being pinched.

Why the hammer? What’s its purpose

This is how I cut carrots with a potato peeler! But... Bigger... And with more chainsaw...

How do you make the first cut?

The Tortoise and the Rabbit

I can't believe I was actually anxious to see who wins.

Let's see it again in slow-mo.

Where was his standing ovation??

“Your dead bunny bumpkin!”

This RC Bulldozer has some great power

Shoveling snow as a kid would not have been a chore if I had this.

Front End Loader

That's not a bulldozer

Came here to say this. I work with heavy equipment and calling a loader a dozer is like nails on a chalkboard.

Lens flare that looks like Eric from South Park

Lens flare that looks like Eric from South Park

This has been posted here before. It's a teaser promo for the new SP live action episode being filmed this year, the lens flare was how people found out JJ Abrams was directing it, which he confirmed via myspace.

You had me until myspace.

Where are you from? Most people call him "Cartman" in English speaking cultures

His name is Eric Cartman

Tesla vs Superbike.

Kinda misleading.

The Ducati 899 Panigale that the Tesla is compared to here is the lower end of 'superbikes.'

I'd like to see it put against the higher end of super bikes. Like the Ducati 1299, BMW S1000RR, or the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R. Most of which have at least 50 more HP and ~15 more pounds of torque than the 899.

If this race was that close with a 899, the race would be pretty decisive with one of those faster bikes. Plus I think the rider was also to blame.

Comparing one of the fastest production cars to not one of the fastest production bikes is rather unfair.

Holy shite.

Something to do with LEDs and camera frame rates I believe [insert actual physics here].

Tornado turns concrete building into rubble in seconds

Whoever mounted that camera did a damn fine job.

Camera 02 has since been promoted

That last guy cut it really close!

Don't worry, everyone. The guys in this video are okay. The time stamp shows that the tornado part of the October 23rd event, and looking at the descriptions of damage leads me to believe that this was one of the tornadoes in Spartanburg, SC. There was only one injury serious enough to be hospital treated, and it was for burst eardrums.

Source: Reference 153 takes you to the map with the data at for October 23rd. The direct link isn't copyable.

Pole dancer looks likes she's floating.

Pope dancers are strong af.


Her core must be strong as fuck

Is the pole rotating?

The pole rotates.

Unlucky hyena

Do animals like the antelope(?) go into shock when caught? I thought it was dead already. Nope, fresh as a daisy!

It probably faked it's own death.

It's a well known fact that 2 out of 3 antelope commit insurance fraud at least once during their life time, so it's a fairly safe bet.

The Cheetah "Are you laughing now?"

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