And thus began years of suppressed trauma for young Jonathan, little did he know that this was only just the beginning of a downward spiral leading into countless therapy sessions and the uncontrollable twitch of his left hand.

This is what you get when you can't afford Barney the dinosaur.

Motherfuckin' bootleg Godzilla.

Even if I weren’t a kid, I’m running from that shit. Those movements are not human.

Should have used protection

Should have used protection

I feel for the guy. I was hoping it actually was from the joke sto.

Babe, we old 😅 ...that poor guy

After my wife decided we didn't want any more, I got snipped. One of the best goddamn decision I've ever made.


Attempting the human wheel

Attempting the human wheel

It's called wrestling summer camp, and they are doing pretty good!

That is the first time I’ve seen someone pull off the “human catapult.”

She's just lucky it wasn't the human trebuchet

I think she low-key meant that shit

I can do it!

Can't go under it... Can't go over it!! Gotta go through it!!!

He ragdolled so hard

Thick as mince this young chap


Taking this girl to prom

Taking this girl to prom

This is some grade A trash

‘Murica, where it’s cool to threaten teenagers with guns as a grown ass man.

It'd be better if he were holding it in any proper fashion.


Huh, apparently cartoons were right about bananas...

Huh, apparently cartoons were right about bananas...

Not only is her coccyx shattered, her ass is covered in banana slop

Top 10 injuries you don't want to explain at A&E!

Number 10!

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring... BANANA PHONE!

India produces more bananas than any other country on the planet, accounting for about 28 percent of the worldwide crop. (China is number two, with ten percent.)

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A two for one special

Where's the regret? If i had ever done this to my sisters and someone filmed it, I'd show the clip off as much as i could.

You better believe it'd make an appearance at my wedding

Double kill.


If these were my kids they would NEVER live this video down.

Stopping to flip off the driver.

Stopping to flip off the driver.

I love how he comes back to shake a fist at the driver for making him walk into that pole too

Hahah that’s hilarious. He legit blamed it on the driver for walking into the Pole .

I just hope he didn’t hurt the dog in the process. :(

Judging from his behaviour, the dog must have seen worse.

Not in my school

Teacher of the year

The moment he got pushed to the ground the second time he lost all the pride he was fighting for. You can just tell by his face.

Probably Ex-teacher of the year now.

Teenagers often underestimate grown-ass-man strength.

Didn't expect him to do that.

Didn't expect him to do that.

The pen-is mightier than a sword.

This is what exactly how I would fight.

His running motion scares me more than his nakedness.

"Hey bro, nice dick! Want to get a drink?" - /u/all4reddit probably

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