Instant_regret instant_regret

Couch Gymnastics

LOL at hiding under the blanket

Yea but if I wale them for an hour or so I'll get my workout in for the day and get to spend quality time with the family.

That quick glace at the camera is too good.

These kids know an impending beat down when they see one

Pranksters use an air horn to prank a McDonald's worker, proper justice follows

Seen this thousands of times but still annoyed that the "prankster" throws it back. He knows what he is doing is cuntish but still does it.


Drive-through pranks only work if they're harmless and make people laugh. If you're making an over-worked, under-paid worker do something stupid or relying on their reaction, you're doing it wrong.

Exactly. Being an asshole is not a "prank"

Tough guy gets humbled.

He lift that guy off the ground? I thought that was just reserved for movies and TV shows lol

I was wondering that, I am going to say the guy was forced to go up onto tiptoes to try and stop his neck getting pulled up, rather than player number 3 actually lifting him with one hand off the floor.

I think I remember this actually being the other way around on the Liveleak video. The topless guy is bullying the other guy, hence it being filmed and topless guy finding it so funny, and the security guard/officer comes at the wrong time.

I could be wrong though.

My justice boner is ruined.


Slip N Slide

That look on her face before she gets stuffed into Grand ass-Canyon is priceless.

Almost a deadly Nip Slip N Slide

I just hear Dave Chapelle "c'mon titty, c'mon titty!"

Heckin Bamboozled Again (x-post /sub/doggos)

The dog is a genius!...the guy said "pick ONE"

I wonder if the dog realizes that his decision affected the number of treats he gets to eat. Are dogs that smart?

Slow zoom

"Hello darkness my old friend..."

Then he's like.. Hello darkness my old friend...

Smoking the wrong end of a cigarette

Lighting the wrong end is even worse.

This is way worse. Lighting the wrong end of your cigarette gets you one bad puff and a wasted cigarette.

This burns your mouth and gives you a blister that looks like a cold sore for a week.

Have fun explaining to everyone how you don't have herpes


Let Kramer show you how it's done.

Pfft what a noob.

Trying to pick up a girl at a concert

What was he trying to do anyway? Pick her up and then what...

Kow! Right in the pisser.

Take her home?

My girlfriend was once dropped on her head and knocked out by one of these "DURRR I CAN LIFFFT UUUUUUUU" idiots. Fair play to the girl in the OP.

When you over commit...

My brother did that once. Landed on his head and had to get stitches. He never left his feet after that.

Edit: LOL! I come back to this 7 hours later and these comments are awesome. My brother wants everyone to know he can still walk, it just made him a better defender on the break.

I've been on crutches after leaving my feet to block a shot.

To be clear, I blocked the shot, but then I was beaten with a pipe after the game. Totally applicable.

So he's a paraplegic now?

The ball landing on him at the end

Husband up to no good in the background

Husband up to no good in the background

What was he trying to accomplish?

Nearly mocked himself out!

Probably a mockery.

This is the original version of Counter Strike

Bieber piggy back riding

What do you expect? It's Gallowboob.

Have that man I ride to work killed.

That guy probably did it on purpose.

That's not piggy back.

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