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Take the mic

The friend that ushered her away is a friend worth keeping

What is this? They seem to be concerned about their friend and not laughing hysterically.

I'm so confused.

LPT - if you happen to get a superficial burn like this, take some regular mustard (yup, same stuff you put on hot dogs) and spread over the burn area. You'll feel an almost immediate relief. Leave it on overnight and (depending on the severity) you should see no ill effects from your FU.

she reminds me of this other friend here

That was my first thought as well and

Taking a selfie with his short girlfriend

At first he's just irritated. But then, you can actually see his irritation morphing to questioning his life decisions.

She's says "You're so tall. You've got to get it at an angle where it's not just my head"

Edit: ok, I really don't care what your take on their relationship is. I've gotten the impression that many of you responding about how she's bitching him out and stuff haven't even watched the video with sound. Please go do that. A lot of you are here being hateful to a teenager because she is gesturing with no context in a gif. It's not a good look.

Edit 2: well this has been a whirl wind event on reddit.

Edit 3: this is where discourse is at. Can we please as a community re-assess our views of realistic emotions?

Daily regret, by the look of it. video with audio

Feeding the beach reptile pizza

I love how he ignores the little piece he got tossed and just goes straight for the source

I think we can all agree that lots of pizza is better than a little pizza.


"Beach Reptile"


Phone thief runs right into police station.

Doesn't even stop smoking to arrest this guy

It's his smoke break dammit...

He can't deal with dumb shit like this all day long without it.

in China a smoke break is the momentary break between cigarettes

More info:

This occurred in Shenzhen, China. The culprit recently arrived in Shenzhen, a tech hub that draws many migrant workers from across the country.

He had yet to find employment or a permanent place to live in, according to the report.

โ€œWhen he ran into the station, his expression was panicked and confusion was written all over his face,โ€ a police officer, surnamed Kong, told the news portal.

โ€œNormally, suspects are quite sly. But this suspect appeared to be unfamiliar with the area, so he ran directly into our police station. This is a very rare occurrence.โ€

Guy at Coachella slides underneath a girl taking a piss

Why for one second would you think this is Coachella? I can see a can of Carling for starters, so it's somewhere in the UK. Grey skies and mud also gives or away.

Agreed, I'd argue even that guy's mannerisms give him away

This is Coachella??

Looks like Glastonbury.

Also the fact that he slid under a girl taking a piss.

That narrows it down to the UK, Australia and Ireland.

Shot with a potato gun


I want to see the bruise.

e: thanks to /u/Jabronimus and /u/AgentRev for the links. is the shot.

โ€œLook at me, I'm the vegetable now."

I'm glad it was his back and not his head. I originally though it hit his head.

He seemed fine until he got to the second wheel


They are massive soft wheels that are meant to drive over wet ground or snow, if the driver would have not stopped that person would have been in very little discomfort. That person is also fine even from having the truck stop on him.

Smearing peanut butter on my nuts wouldn't hurt but would still be WTF

"Hey reporter! If you lay with your dick against the ground when the tank rolls by it feels fucking great!"

Instant Voldermort

Instant Voldermort

It's hard to tell with the six or seven pixels that make up his face.

The unexpected sudden breaking of the slide, it hitting him square in the face, then the face of pure shock. This is beautiful.

Did he actually become Voldemort there though? It really looks like it.

source video

This is my friend's little brother,

I think Uncle JPEG got his nose.

Playing a balloon-popping game on a cruise.

Even if the balloon hadn't moved, there aren't many ways that would have turned out okay.

A stomp that wasn't necessarly felt around the world, but was at least felt by the guy with the tasteful blue Hawaiian shirt

250 psi in the balls makes for an unhappy cruise.

Did she stand on his hand first?

Looked almost purposeful

That man has far too many electronics on a small dinghy.

Is nobody going to talk about the fact that this kid "needed" his iPad while fishing with his dad for a day?

Minimum has an iPad, Phone, and GoPro.

Nobody is gunna talk about how he probably wanted to do fuckall but go fishing.

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