Instant_regret instant_regret

Don't Jump on the Counter

Lmfao something about the way the leg shakes as he's sprinting for his life is so fucking funny.

He didn't figure out he wasn't ALLOWED on the counters.

He learned that he prefers the floor, thank you very much.

I had to resort to this. Easily the fastest way to train like any animal. He figured out he wasn't allowed on the fucking counters in less than a day.

A serious answer: autofeeder. The cat learns that food doesn't come from the people, it comes from the box. And the box gives no shits what the cat had to say about it. It worked wonders for my sisters cat.

And for my next trick...

That didn't go great, but it could have been worse.

He could easily have broken his beck

All things considered his recovery was pretty flawless

Back and deck?

Opening a champagne bottle with a knife

Alton Brown showing how it's done properly.

If you're can't do it in one smooth motion then you can't do it at all.

Holy shit that guy's great, he's like a posh Bill Nye in that video!

Alton Brown is a fucking G in the kitchen. Good Eats is my favorite cooking show of all time.


Let me clean my bike in this shallow pond.

I wonder if it was so light he honestly thought it would float. I just can't seem to believe a bicyclist would simply dunk their bike in a pond to "wash" it.

Who the fuck would dunk a nice frame like that into a pond? Guy still has is cycling computer and all on it

Even if he had a rope to secure it what exactly was he trying to do? The bike didn't really look dirty, why try to wash it with nasty pond water?

Training to be a cheerleader

now she gets to train carpentry

"What was that noise upstairs?"


Nailed it.

Well crafted comment.

Serves her right

Great anticipation by the driver.

What type of person leans on a strangers car, especially when they are in the drivers seat?

A person who wasn't raised well.

I don't like the thought of people touching my car

Touching an electric eel

now do they really shock bad enough to send you flying off your feet, or did he just jump from being startled?

I really doubt it's enough to send you flying. Wikipedia says they can create a shock as high as 860 watts but only for a couple of milliseconds. That dude was just jumping back cause it probably did hurt like hell!

I said oo girl...

860 watts is more than enough to make you jump. Flexing muscles takes milliseconds as well.

Baby's first pile of leaves

Ahhhhh, my dad did this to me once.

He never pulled me out tho...

You can see the moment she panicked thinking he would disappear for good

Pull out game: weak

Nice fresh offering to the tree god

Dancing in the street

He just had to get fabulous.

If she hadn't Charleston-ed right into his dancing zone then this could have been avoided

I will never get sick of watching that idiot get knocked out.

He was trying to hit the bucket of drinks next to his mom

Happy mothers day

The slap on the head was so hard that the universe flipped on its axis. Drinks went from her right to her left.

How is this instant regret?

Her regret of having him is at least 16 or so years in the making.

she won't remember this one

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