Iamverysmart iamverysmart

...I don't understand what he meant by this.

...I don't understand what he meant by this.

I don't think there exists an actual explanation. I think it was intentionally obtuse to make him look smart and deep.

Some people are impressed by things that sound poetic. Some people are impressed by shiny objects. There's no accounting for taste...

Filthy casual not knowing what a Sepia colored Rose personality is....

So....fuckin brown?

OP clearly has the mental capacity of a black and white rainbow

"STEM major here!"

"STEM major here!"

He's right, we all know auto companies base their safety testing on hand-drawn graphs.

I'm a STEM major, and few people know that the challenger space shuttle disaster was a direct result if engineers faulty illustrations. Assuming they were STEM majors like me, they should have learned the importance of accurate illustrations. You see, an engineer working for NASA mistakenly drew the trajectory for the shuttle as 32 degrees at a point instead of 31, a mistake which a STEM major (which I am) should never make. So this guy is actually correct, incorrect pencil drawings can lead to disasters. I'm a STEM major.

EDIT: I think it's important to add that I'm a STEM major.

"I'm a STEM major and I don't know what computers are"

I thought what destroyed the shuttle was a faulty gasket that failed due to low temperatures. I clean toilets for a living.

"I ruin parties"

"I ruin parties"

"Alcohol based social settings?" Who the fuck refers to parties like this?

What's weird is that they would find themselves in that situation.

No, you're just 23 and boring AF

People that don't get invited to them


I finally found one

I finally found one

He's not wrong though

What's ironic about somebody mislabeling this image as ironic? It's not ironic at all, regardless of whether the bikes are upright or not.

Him calling them out on their misuse of irony, and then misusing the word himself, now that's irony.

improper use of a semicolon

The amount of likes is scary

Redditor doesn't get a joke

Redditor doesn't get a joke

Sigh. So immature. I'm mature, I hang out with older kids. One of them is even getting his license soon. I'm so above jokes.

"I'm only 14 but im dating a 26 year old, i'm so mature for my age."

If she hasn't been outside for months she should probably go outside for a bit.

Women like maturity. I don't know if you've heard, chap, but swag is for boys, class is for men

A girl I have a class with posted this on twitter today...

A girl I have a class with posted this on twitter today...

"There are no facts, only interpretations." -Nietzsche

"Wrong" -Donald Trump

I call him Née. That's how close I feel to him, we're like bros from another mother.

This is the only sub where I feel the urge to downvote the best content

Some verysmarts that are too cool to have friends

Some verysmarts that are too cool to have friends

/sub/thathappened material? Also who would willingly keep a guy called Chad Thundercock on their friends list?..

/sub/thathappened material?

Almost certainly. Though I can imagine a situation similar happened in real life, guy walked off only then realising he could have whipped out a witty response and decided to make this fake text instead.

Or it could just be someone making a joke... you know like how comedians always have the great story happening to them in person. It's just funnier that way.

Mr. Thundercock needs to calm down.

The picture also shows him receiving, rather than sending the texts. I'm surprised there wasn't a watermark on the picture he had posted

My friend thinks posting these will get him laid

My friend thinks posting these will get him laid

That's the clumsiest use of the word worldly I've ever seen. Just plonked in the sentence with no regard for its definition in such a way that you have to reread it multiple times to work out what it's doing there.


I forgot to take my pills and woke up remembering that. The kitchen light was really bright when I turned it on to look for my pills. How could i have been so stupid as to choke on them without water.

Still too wordy. "I choked on my antibiotics I almost forgot to take."

Pill almost kill.

Professor: "Feel free to use your phone during class since you're so smart"

Professor: "Feel free to use your phone during class since you're so smart"

Also, it surely happened.

It did. I was there. I was even so impressed with OP that I gave him a couple fifties from my wallet. He deserved it.

Then the entire class clapped, and the professor give him a $20 bill because he was so awesome.

A couple means two, so therefore you gave him $100%... good job. Also, as you can tell from the earlier math I have done, I too am very smart.

Edit: So, my top rated comment is now non-sense... thanks Reddit.

Human consciousness, man

Human consciousness, man

"I'm unique please notice me as diverting from the norm I'm really lonely and desperate look how quirky and uncommon I am"

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