Like really stupid friend got into MIT. What should I do?

Like really stupid friend got into MIT. What should I do?

I don't know what I like more. The fact that he thinks he knows better than MIT about their peers, or the fact that he thinks they would even take a claim like that into consideration.


Admissions rate 8%

With a GPA of 4.13, MIT requires you to be at the top of your class. 

The average SAT score composite at MIT is a 1520 on the 1600 SAT scale.

Even though MIT likely says they have no minimum ACT requirement, if you apply with a 33 or below, you'll have a very hard time getting in, unless you have something else very impressive in your application. There are so many applicants scoring 34 and above that a 33 will look academically weak.

That ACT is out of 36. Yep, clearly an idiot.


If he is really stupid, the problem will take care of itself.

(Im not sure If this has been posted before)

(Im not sure If this has been posted before)

This is more of a whoosh

Looks like the guy entered the joke desperate to find something to disagree with haha

Is it because Frankenstein's monster doesn't have great muscle tone?

Dozens of times.

Wow! This guy understands inflation!

Wow! This guy understands inflation!

It's a joke though

But this is correct and inflation is commonly misunderstood...

And a pretty good one. I lol'd...


"I'm am one of them. 😏"

"I'm am one of them. 😏"

"I'm am..."


Music hipsters are cringy as hell.

"The year is 2037, only people with high IQs listen to this kind music. I'm am one of them and this is my story"

Piano notes

Piano notes

She wants the key, like to your house. Because she loves you and is commited to you for the long term.

'why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side' 'HAHA only traffic marshals will understand this!! people who aren't extensively trained in driving laws must be SOOO confused'

"She wants the _____." What could the blank mean? mhmmm this is very tough.

Hopefully he didn't hit D Minor

go read a calculator bitch

go read a calculator bitch

If he were to respond to that he'd say some cringy shit like "Bitch is basically a female dog and dogs are beautiful.Thanks for the compliment"

Funny how one of the (claimed) smartest people in the scientific community seems to have no understanding of culture. Words change throughout time, if he's gonna be such a pretentious ass he should just start speaking in Old English so he won't be a hypocrite at least.

He doesn’t understand that some things he says only pushes people to be anti intellectual

if by "super lame" you mean absolutely savage and hilarious, i completely agree.

Really deep.

Really deep.

What song was that? I'd be curious to know if this is really what the lyrics are about.

Don't take this as an insult but you might find people get on better with you if you don't treat them like they're intellectually unworthy of you attention.

"Born depressed" Drill Queen. What he's saying about the lyrics is sadly accurate.

That should be the message we all copypasta back to every single one of these.

I'm super successful and rich and intelligent and you just don't get me.

I'm super successful and rich and intelligent and you just don't get me.

"Let them judge" okay, 10/10 belongs to this sub

If you have to post your CV to win an online argument, you lost the argument.

Personal info must be removed before posting. Also arguments don't count.


Smart by accident

Smart by accident

More like /sub/jokes. This is hilarious.

That's pretty funny. Get it out of here.

Clearly a joke, and also people who say ‘on accident’ do sound as if they are educationally subnormal, so it works on that level too.

TIL I learned I'm educationally subnormal.

He is way above scum like us

He is way above scum like us


He just had to slip in something about rap music didn't he?

Really is a shame he has to explain it but not for the reasons he thinks

I would have thought it was satire, except for the comment about rap music.

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