Iamverysmart iamverysmart

Basic geometry is only for smart people like me lol

Basic geometry is only for smart people like me lol


How about you have iPhone Y=-X

We teach this in elementary school

Geometry? HA! It's actually a mix of quantum physics and philosophy, which he's been studying since elementary school, while u sheep did ure basic geometry. Get on his level, simpletons!

"I know how women type"

"I know how women type"

It's like that old "there are no girls on the internet" meme.

Nah, it's easy to fool people like this. Like people who can 'never be conned'.

Their downfall is the preconceived notions in their head - as long as you can avoid their very specific criteria of being a fake, you can probably just go on with the con.

Does that mean 90% of women on the internet are men or

The hot women of the internet, who are 9/10 or better, are all actually guys ?

there are websites that attempt to do this that i'm pretty sure this person uses

A vast wealth of knowledge.

A vast wealth of knowledge.

"probably feed 4 people at the same time"?? bullshit, nobody can cook for that many people at once

various rope and knot techniques

I made water in a coolers bucket once.

hydrated a entire foot ball team

mic drop.

(they all got food poisoning)

I have many talents. But grammar, is a talent for another day.

You know too much...

You know too much...

I don't think that's how psychology works

But they know too much psychology! They have transcended us mere mortals

Iamverysmart people who think they're psychology experts are the worst of iamverysmart

Except every psychologist knows that you can only look in front of people's heads, never inside.

We should all listen to him, he took psychology classes before.

We should all listen to him, he took psychology classes before.

"Look what you made me do!!" he cries, as he raises his hand for a second strike.

I came very close to cheating on my partner once, and she had done nothing to deserve it. In fact, we very rarely fight and I never feel distant from her—there just happened to be another person I felt strongly for and that person seemed to feel the same way about me. Now, I'm not proud of it, but I learned a lot about myself, and I'm glad at that last moment something prevented me from cheating.

I did eventually confess the situation to my partner. It was.. well, it was a very difficult conversation, but I felt it was important to be honest.

Anyway. I guess what I'm saying is this guy should get a refund for those psychology classes.

'before' what? Before he 'cheated' on a woman he was stalking, with his own hand?

Gotta love that victim blaming!

He's hit rock bottom.

He's hit rock bottom.

He truly cannot go any lower.


Sounds like he just watched the latest MinutePhysics video on YouTube

He didn't mention his IQ or say simpleton.

I imagine there was mild pity in that "blank stare."

STEM student bashes liberal arts and brags about "the algorithm to simulate photons in a raytracer"

STEM student bashes liberal arts and brags about "the algorithm to simulate photons in a raytracer"

I feel like he has a point though - for some subjects it might be challenging to just grasp the concept in class, but as long as you've recorded everything once you're home you can actually internalize it

Attention nerds:

'Liberal Arts' just refers to the broad subjects that are traditionally considered part of a basic, well-rounded Western education, i.e. anything that you normally study in secondary school and isn't part of a technical or career-track program. The 'S' and the 'M' in STEM are both considered liberal arts.

When people talk about STEM they really mean programming and engineering, which are ultimately vocational in nature. While these are fine subjects and worth getting into if you're interested in them (like literally every other human endeavor), much of the massive push for "STEM" comes from tech and oil firms looking to to drive wages down, something that will naturally occur with an increase in the supply of graduates (macroeconomics - another liberal art). Plus, they don't have to worry as much about their own employee training programs if they can offset those costs onto universities.


Yeah, but liberal arts concepts can be hard to grasp too.

It's like, sure you can not pay attention in American history 101 and get an A. You can also do that in algebra 2

I couldn't do that with algebra 2...

Am I a dummy?

His entire existence is looking smart for people.

His entire existence is looking smart for people.

Liked by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Spending your entire existence on twitter? Not a very smart thing to do.

I'm a 50 terabyte, self-evolving neural network double backflip off the high platform. I'm not a swan dive

Pity me, for I am stuck with the curse of being very smart. (Reupload)

Pity me, for I am stuck with the curse of being very smart. (Reupload)

What is it with these people? Why do they think atheism is tha pinnacle of intelligence? Wait, who told you all the secrets of the Universe?

We pretty much cannot know for sure or not if this Universe has a Creator or not. All we can do is believe. Believe that it does, believe that it doesn't. But nobody knows for sure and we probably never will.

I have a feeling that even in languages 1, 2 and 3 his spelling and grammar are still crap.

If there's anything this sub has taught me, it's that high IQ folk can not spell.

"can not spell" Not

sure if cleverly done joke, or just

bad speling.


"can not spell"

Not sure if cleverly done joke, or just bad speling.

Genetically modified man seeks answers on Yahoo!

Genetically modified man seeks answers on Yahoo!

God damn it. Now I have to reach out to Hell, LLC's Projects Division and have this one scrubbed. They can never keep quiet about themselves. I hate terminating assets, but I fucking despise talking to those eggheads in Projects even more. They act so superior to everyone else because they know about maths and science and shit. Like stfu I literally own your souls

Just get used to loneliness

All mentally superior people sprinkle their posts with multiple typos, just to keep it real.

The question he should be asking is: "How annoying does a human being have to be before his own mother starts trolling him?"

You know, it hasn't. It really hasn't. This miserable dumpsterfire of a human being is going to end up becoming an un-person because a genetics lab that is technically owned by Hell, LLC- and therefore controlled by us as a "Division" since it's easier to rename them in our hierarchy than to formally rebrand them- is going to have to expend money it doesn't have to get rid of a project that shouldn't have been approved for release and observation in the first place by a team of Hell, LLC contractors that would rather be sipping beer and smoking dope than spending days they won't get overtime for hunting down something that they'd rather not waste time on at all.

There is no plot. There is Hell, there is its management company, and there are the pitiful outcomes of experiments that I and the Board gamble our revenue away on before we even know if it's profit or not. Christ I need a drink

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