Be impressed at my ability to read fast

Be impressed at my ability to read fast

900 words per minute sounds a bit bullshit. But I guess he's too smart for our plebian minds to comprehend

"I read this whole novel in less than 4 hours."

Impressive! What was it about?

"Um, crimes. And punishments"

If your eyes don't have to move. The words flash in place, allowing you to just stare

You can read about 400 words per min if uhhh forgot exactly how but u can.

“THAT should say something.”

“THAT should say something.”

overthinking the meme

It says 'I'm insufferable'

That guy must be so alone and sad.

As a studied LOGICIAN I can only disagree with you on your oppinion. You see, an OR gate and a NOR gate are two very different things, yet they are only two of the components that, when combined in the right way, build the backbone of a configuration, capable of peforming complex calculations. The contraption I am talking about is of course an ELECTRONIC COMPUTATIONAL DEVICE or computer (yes I fully understand how computers work) if this is too long for you... Now if you are curious for what else my mind is capable of, be varry that I offer an online class (for a little fee off course, heheh) on not only COMPLEX COMPUTATION in corelation with SUPRAFLUIDS and BLACK HOLE THEORY. And to the ladys among you:... be aware that this intellectual is also very well endowed and always ready for a tutoring session (heheh). No fatties.



Good to know you need to be an elite Roman citizen who’s fluent in French to appreciate movies.

Drama majors

"you said you like foreign movies right?"

"I said I like foreign films."

It's a subreddit. I don't care if they want to call it a community or a society, but nobody is going to submit an application for the pleasure of joining a message board on a website famous for shitposts and memes, no matter how "erudite" they think they are.

What a bunch of cunts.

It wasn't good.

It wasn't good.

I think complimenting yourself on your pickup line as an immediate follow-up is kind of a bad idea no matter how good the line was.

Cause you are causing a political an uprising in my pants

There. It's a bit better.

It is probably one of the best pick up lines...

There. It is a lot less cringey.

Current affairs = knowing the Middle East has (a?) dictator and there’s an uprising against him?

Didn’t know Kissinger had a Tinder

Liberalism kills critical thinking (from my university’s anonymous confession page)

Liberalism kills critical thinking (from my university’s anonymous confession page)

The comment underneath the post is perfect.

Man, fuck those people going to university to learn, right?

No, you don't understand. University is for smart people who already know everything to spend their time. Learn? You are supposed to know everything. School is there for you to answer questions, not for you to learn new things.

Ehhhh... unless you mean it proves the point of the original comment then maybe.

Don't get me wrong, I think the original comment is written by a moron, but when the moron argues that his peers lack the ability to question their own beliefs and says they sound like they belong in 5th grade. Maybe the best response isn't to completely dismiss any criticism and make a fart joke.

His Theory ended with a Big Bang...such a shame.

His Theory ended with a Big Bang...such a shame.

people who think they're clever for watching the big bang theory are more amusing than the show could ever hope to be.

I think everyone who liked agrees that was sarcasm.

It boggles my mind that this guy watches Bing Bong Theorem unironically

This is the kind of shit I’d expect out of a Rick and Morty fan.

When r/iamverysmart meets r/insanepeoplefacebook

When r/iamverysmart meets r/insanepeoplefacebook

Why do all right wing lunatics have such small faces?

I feel like this question deserves a snappy punchline

Alcohol fetal syndrome

Ohh ooh. They’re easy to punch

Don't invite this smart man to your debate club

Don't invite this smart man to your debate club

He annoyed everybody to just pretending to agree with him. OP will eventually surrender.

Arguing about religion at a bible study doesn’t make you smart it makes you an asshole

So he could change the mind of a priest, but not his nan?

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Atheist the Wise? It's ironic. He could save others from being sheeple, but not his grandmother.

Black Mirror > Rick and Morty

Black Mirror > Rick and Morty

Isn’t that the whole point of Black Mirror?

What an absolutely empty statement. I'm with the guy who replied, this hyper intellectual should give some examples for us plebs....

Usually not all that many 2deep4u plot lines in the show. Usually just "hey what if this technology?". It's interesting stuff and they raise ethical questions as well as pigfuckery but the main message is usually in the forefront and hard to miss.

But I don't think we could "actually understand them", even if she revealed the "hidden messages"...

I found this wonderful person while looking at $5 headphones.

I found this wonderful person while looking at $5 headphones.

Lol. All I want out of 5 dollars from headphones is an input jack that won't go bad after a month of use. I hate having to do the thing and have to hold the wire in a funky position so that it works.

This is what happens when you spend too much time in /sub/headphones.

I really want to know what that guy was thinking when he bought the headphones. I hope it was something along the lines of “HA! Audio-Technica is too mainstream, these will be the REALLY great headphones.”

Or /sub/audiophile.

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