Iamverysmart iamverysmart

Every post by this guy is like...

Every post by this guy is like...

Man is so smart he can't understand his own sentence.

Dat feeling when you go from Neil Degrasse Tyson to Jaden Smith all in one Facebook post.

"in the context of meme culture" is simply beautiful. What a fucking weirdo.

It's called word vomit. You know, when you slap a "irrational", "in the context of", "culture", "logical limitations" in between random opinions about the topic and a cute little relatable "I'm so smart!"-esque sentence at the end.

Optical illusions are for the weak minded

Optical illusions are for the weak minded

I sincerely hope that they're being sarcastic.

My extremely high IQ can see they are absolutely not being sarcastic. I just see things how they truly are.

If that person is so smart, why weren't they able to figure out what everyone else was seeing? I thought that was part of being very intelligent; being able to see things from different perspectives.

That’s intelligence. Internet intelligence is where you can’t understand anyone else because they’re all too stupid

Having a conversation with a friend about my upcoming bar exam... 😒

Having a conversation with a friend about my upcoming bar exam... 😒

Oh honey it's much easier than that


Why are you friends with this person?

If somebody condescendingly calls me honey I'm not responding to them.

I've known of people who got a 36 and still weren't this obnoxious


She's too smart for you.

She's too smart for you.

3 bachelors degrees = 3x the intelligence. I can't believe I have to explain thi/s to you.

Why would anyone ever have three bachelor's degrees?

No, I also have no idea what your IQ is

Nice way to incorporate the /s EDIT: Why are people upvoting this



I tell people my IQ is 97. Nobody ever feels like I'm being snobby.

That's still an A! Study up and you'll get that 100!

Also, you're*.

/sub/unexpectedfactorial that seems like a lot of hard work. to close that gap!



My brain is like Google if it was totally useless and couldn't give you the information you requested.

It's not often that the iamverysmart person just comes right out and says it.

I wish reddit wouldn't use your brain as its search engine

I mean, she's sort of right. I have ADD (not ADHD) and the analogy of Chrome* with too many tabs open is sort of accurate, ish.

But "I know so much I can't remember any of it"? Fuck right off.

You probably can't keep up.

You probably can't keep up.

With an IQ that high, she should realize that she just excluded around 99% of the population.

Edit: This is based on a normal distribution with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. I'm sure that IQ varies based on a wide range of variables but this is what's generally accepted. Also to note, of the remaining 1% of the entire human population, you can assume she's also excluding people who aren't of her preferred gender, age range, location, and those who aren't on Tinder. Which leaves her with a very small pool. We wish her the best, however.

She only dates Cambridge physicists.

What is a good, clean and adventurous fun? And why did i didn't heard of it yet?

Edit : ok got it. My low iq doesnt permit me to speak good english excuse me

And why did i didn't heard of it yet?

because of your low IQ fo' sho'

Differentiating between photons and electrons over time...

Differentiating between photons and electrons over time...

I bet he can also see 60 fps

But he cant see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Electrons don't normally cause you to see anything directly. The only exception might be if you were getting absolutely fucking bombarded with them at super high energy and they were damaging your retina. If that's happening to you regularly and you're not somewhere in orbit, you need to put down the goddamn laptop and get out of there before things get fatal.

It's okay he's already retarded.

Verysmart bingo! See if you can enumerate five consecutive examples of extraordinarily high intelligence and genius level IQ.

Verysmart bingo! See if you can enumerate five consecutive examples of extraordinarily high intelligence and genius level IQ.

This is missing self-quoting.

Good eye, your IQ must be at least 160

I'm going to start using this to judge how verysmart people really are


It's funny you say this because I see this post and remember how burdensome being abnormally intelligent. Just today I solved the space time continuum by noon. By the age of 8, I was could create elaborate symphonies while antidisestablishmentarianism. My extremely high IQ was verified by an online IQ test in which I scored 190. Unfortunately, I have known I was autistic since I was two by reading encyclopedia Britannica. The nature of the human mind works in mysterious ways. For example, religious people are so brainwashed that some are doctors and still believe in divine intervention. It's only getting worse as my generation continues to raise their children with these ideals - they truly suck.

Since then, I've discovered molecular quantum mechanics as add on to Stephen Hawkings research. He didn't quite understand it so I corrected a few of his equations. A genius like myself can only discuss this with people above the 150 mark in terms of IQ. Statistically speaking, these individuals come from suburban areas with a dense population of predominantly Caucasian ethnicity.

I can tell you're intimated by my vernacular by the way you challenged the fact I couldn't accomplish this task. Your insecure behavior can be attributed to the lack of family growing up. Let me guess, you're dad was incarcerated at a young age and you've always been yearning for a father figure to lead by example? It's best if you move on and go watch your Jersey Shore and barbaric Football, I don't think you'll find the answer here.

By the way, it doesn't matter anyway. The world is flat and we (more so I) live a post world matrix designed to trick us into feeding the superior beings. I see this dimension daily so hopefully I will be saved when the apocalypse comes over the plebs like yourself.

I don't understand what's so great about this post. I want my gold.

My partner for a chemistry project is a walking embodiment of this sub

My partner for a chemistry project is a walking embodiment of this sub

Let me guess: first year chemistry student thinks they're the smartest person in the class. Give it a few semesters and hopefully the university might take them down a few pegs.

Edit: Let me use this new found fame to push a cool subreddit: /sub/satisfyinggrass

He's going to fuck it up. I know this type of person. He'll overlook the whole point of the assignment, get things wrong, be unprepared, and then complain about how useless the project was. Good luck.

Ironically, actually writing "laughing out loud" would make less sense, I think. "lol" sort of has a meaning of its own, and it's not often to indicate actual laughing, but just amusement. Writing it out fully makes it seem more literal and disingenuous, somehow..

I can't support this with research however because I always leave research to someone slightly more intelligent than I am.

It's a pretty classic stereotype of the self-proclaimed genius.

He'll try to give it a completely different execution to try and impress the teacher.

It will not work.

His grade will be pretty low.

He will hate the teacher's guts for the rest of his life.

It's pretty sad how many of these idiots there are in college.

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