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Magic Blood

Magic Blood

I am Rh-, and it's not a problem to the first baby that you have if it is Rh+, but if you get exposed to the Rh+ blood and you go to have another baby (and it is Rh+), it is really dangerous to the fetus. I have a medical card just to identify myself as an Rh-. After my miscarriage I had to get a shot, and was closely monitored for my second pregnancy. After baby was born, I had to get another shot to safeguard against this.

Fun fact, I have the second rarest blood type because of the Rh-.

Edit after reading the Wiki: Holy shit, I got RhoGAM shots, so this man is the source of what saved my baby. <3 Thanks, James!

Checks out. That's crazy.

His donations were estimated to have helped save over 2.4 million babies, with pregnant women, including his own daughter Tracey, being treated with his antibodies.

It's insane. The world needs more people like him!

Casually saved 2mil lives...

Edit: Christ sakes, this comment blew up, glad my top comment was about a legend, you can still casually save lives so don't shy away from donating things from blood to money to supplies to organs, you get the idea.

Dying chimpanzee lights up after seeing human who raised him before he passes.

That smile is fantastic

Argh... sad story!

Too soon man too soon 😪

Oh fuck me dead, that smile. I had to leave the room

83 yo man clings his beloved cat who was saved when a fire destroyed their home.

This made me more depressed and sad than anything ever has I think. I hope he and his cat are living in a nice new home.

Oh lord I wanna find that man and do everything I can to make him and his cat happy

He's Ali Mese.

CNN report:

I hope he sets up a go find me page.

For a second I thought he was choking it too. Cat must've started the fire for all we know.

Man helps wolf stuck in a trap

Camera is stationary, which means he set it up to create a record of being eaten by a wolf if it all went south.

Fuck fur trapping.

That’s a swell dude right there.

Passerby helps wolf stuck in a trap.

Passerby with a wolf wranglin' stick.

The wolf will help him later on a boss fight.

I like how the wolf in the end was like "Oh I see what you're doing now, thank you sir."

What a Dumbass. That's a good way to get your grandma murdered

Fighter helps opponent relocate shoulder

He does it so easily it's amusing

He’s just like “oh ya a simple fix pop alright les resume”

Crazy how throwing a punch with his right arm dislocated his left.

Doctor by day, exactly the opposite by night.

Babies hugging other babies (x-post /sub/aww)

It’s like watching beta humans learning how to human

And in tomorrow's lesson: empathy, social norms and mathematical principles of reinforcement

Sarah Silverman's Heartwarming Exchange With Guy On Twitter

Sarah Silverman's Heartwarming Exchange With Guy On Twitter
Sarah Silverman's Heartwarming Exchange With Guy On Twitter

Right?! Humans are awesome. It made me realize there's always a lot of positivity around if we look for it carefully enough, despite all the negativity that's spewed around :)

Wonderful gesture by Sarah. Made my day reading this :)

Honestly didn't expect that outcome. That was amazing. And she followed through. Wow.

That was awesome.

My dad has run a car wash for over 30 years. He found this in the mailbox the day after Christmas.

My dad has run a car wash for over 30 years. He found this in the mailbox the day after Christmas.

There's no greater compliment than that! Hope it was a great lunch, you obviously deserved it!

How can they argue without saying "XX Carwash"? This is cool and I believe the gift but I'm suspicious the argument happened.

That's what I thought as well, but the argument might have started in a way that the friends just bet initially and here's probably the story:

B: "No, the one I go to is better!". A: "Wanna bet on it?". B: "Yeah! $10 mines better. Where do you go?". A: " XX Carwash". B: "Dayum boi"

The end.

But I'm wondering why they were talking about a car wash in the first place...

The one on L street with the red door?

Rugby player displays amazing strength to save his team mate from potentially serious injury

To be honest I’m more impressed that the shirt didn’t rip

I think it’s amazing that everyone pitched in to help even the opposing team. That’s just great sportsmanship, this is how the entire world should be!

Incredible grip strength

Modern jerseys have had some serious stress testing

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