Stolen: A Day9 Story (xpost /sub/Destiny)

Stolen: A Day9 Story (xpost /r/Destiny)

A fun and classic Day9 story that I saw and thought the good people of Hearthstone could get a smile out of as well.

Never change day9

The fact that he was potentially letting the thief know of all this while it was all still in progress is really funny...

Should've played around it.

Can someone remind me again why Spiteful Summoner is a fair card?

Can someone remind me again why Spiteful Summoner is a fair card?

Title. Something about having a "disadvantage" of not being able to play spells and thus little AoE, but then Duskbreaker being a thing?

Also, you have to run high cost spells like mind control and free from amber which both can be dead draws. It can still be bs but in the case of priest then they have no single target removal, very little aoe, they are missing s lot of good cards.

Haha. Okay sir.

Now close your eyes and imagine an empty board. No weapons equipped for both players.

As a priest, turn 6. Spiteful summoner pulls 12/12. 16/16 worth of stats.

As a Druid. Turn 6 similar interaction. Except Deathwing dragon lord’s death would not be as profitable.

As a warlock. Lackey into dark pact. 6 mana 8health heal, 5/7 charge (with burst potential the following turn) or 3/9 taunt which if not silenced is a 6/18 stat essentially.

Aluneth at 6 is infinite card draws whilst hiding behind a few ice blocks and just throwing burst at your face like fireworks.

Other classes just don’t have such combos because either small spells are just too essential or they generally (or what the public thinks) excel in aggressive archetypes.

So as to how is it fair for priest to drop this at turn 6 to pull a potential 12/12 worth of stats. It must first survive the early stages of matches without the board clears it has in its Arsenal. However 12/12 stats isn’t a big problem in the current meta because of singular clears/control like: Siphon Soul (6), Vilespine Slayers (5), Twilight acrolyte (4), Spreading Plague (6), Hex/Polymorph (4), Meteor (6), any kind of freezes which includes the 1 cost minion.

This meta, or traditionally, the meta has always been “If you have an answer to the threat I present, you’re good” the originality of the game is to outwit your opponent with what you expect them to do and do something unexpected therefore newly invented decks always thrives in the initial stages till people copy and counter. The reason why I like this game so much is because the general public sometimes surprise me with their newly invented deck to beat the meta decks and worked their way through the legend ranks. Of course then there will be those stale decks that just cheese their way through but in every game there will be such play styles: “sticking with what works”

Losing the Secret Asian in April

That's a bit racist.

Everything playable is a little unfair. No spells makes it weak to aggressive boards as well as board clears. Sure, vs a pally you can aggressively look for duskbreaker but that makes it harder to get spiteful on 6.

Hearthstone Update 10.2 - February 6 - Ranked Play Update

Hearthstone Update 10.2 - February 6 - Ranked Play Update

Switching from Valeera the Hollow to Deathstalker Rexxar will now correctly allow Rexxar’s Battlecry to destroy minions buffed to 2 health by Stormwind Champion or similar effects.

Can we talk about how this is a bug that someone witnessed, acknowledged, AND reported? How is this even a situation?

"Ice Breaker now correctly destroys Rotface without activating his effect if he is Frozen."

What we've all been waiting for!!!!!

The turn timer for the first two turns of a match are now shorter, though they should still be significantly longer than most players take on those turns.

This is wonderful!

Illidan got a cool new animation!

Announcement: Patch 10.2 is Live!

Announcement: Patch 10.2 is Live!

Remember: dust everything, cube lock is not invincible, and priest is still good

Still not available on iOS

So Emo Anduin and Creepers are finally nerfed??

Anything that doesn't kill me sooner, makes my Totems stronger.

Shaman will get better, and hopefully, the best tribe in hearthstone (Totems) will play better.



Wildfest Is Coming!

Wildfest Is Coming!

The wild brawliseum sounds fun. Like heroic tavern brawl, but without a ridiculous entry fee.

The Wild Brawliseum is a Wild Tavern Brawl aimed at the competitive Hearthstone player that wants to put their skills and collection to the test. The Wild Brawliseum uses player-built decks that are locked in for the duration of the run, and has an entry fee that uses Gold or real money. Players battle each other until they hit 12 wins or 3 losses, just like Arena. The rewards offered are also the same as what is offered in the Arena, so get in there and give The Wild Brawliseum a try – the first run is free!

That's interesting. So it's arena, only instead of drafting your deck, you make it yourself. I can't say I like it replacing the Tavern Brawl, but the first run is free, so at least it's not like those all-star Tavern Brawl's of old.

The first run being free is pretty huge. I think a lot of people wouldn't even give it a try otherwise. Hoping it is a big success so more people try out the Wild format!

Huge difference between not wanting WILD arena all years long, and messing with it for a weeks or two.

Patch 10.2 is out!

Patch 10.2 is out!

Opening with a really cool animation to start out! Nerfs incoming everyone, get in here!

EDIT: As per the comments, patch notes here: https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/blog/21507224/hearthstone-update-10-2-february-6-ranked-play-up...

Can confirm.

Shortened turn timer for the first two turns. A welcome change.

This new meta is bullshit, I just played against 17 Cubelocks in a row.

Ice Breaker now correctly destroys Rotface without activating his effect if he is Frozen.

I'm surprised this interaction was discovered at all

Trolden has now joined Blizzard as a Russian Hearthstone Community Manager, congrats!

Trolden has now joined Blizzard as a Russian Hearthstone Community Manager, congrats!

TIL Trolden is Russian.

I am very happy for him! He is a great guy.

Thank you so much, Mike <3

That might explain why there are so many Russian clips on Funny Moments.

Drawing of my Swamp King Dred!

Drawing of my Swamp King Dred!

I was half expecting him to have large anime eyes

Sick drawing man! I’d give it a 9/9.

i will try drawing one with huge kawaii eyes

dred chan <3

"Here, look at this synergy guys ..."

"Here, look at this synergy guys ..."
"Here, look at this synergy guys ..."

Everyone’s talking about how Kripp is the unlucky salt king, but I feel like Thijs gets trolled by this game more than anyone else. Devolve double void lords into double Tirions? Wandering monster apothecary into snake trap? Give the kid a break haha.

Unleash the hounds synergy at the end was the icing on the cake

well technically that is synergy

When you play the game as much as these people, just about everything happens at least once.

Zalae with the next level BM

Zalae with the next level BM
Zalae with the next level BM

Call to Arms and Divine Favor.

I've seen Paladins empty their deck by turn 10 in the right circumstances.

I was waiting for something to go terribly wrong.

I forgot it was spelt wrong on the card ;)

I'm just here for the karma. Does this work?

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