Revealing just ONE rare card after almost 20 days since announcement just killed my hype.

Revealing just ONE rare card after almost 20 days since announcement just killed my hype.

I mean, c'mon.

Edit 1: I'm from EU btw.

Edit 2: WOW guys, front page! Actually I'm sad of all this and reading of people who treat me like a crying baby just because I'm disappointed it's just unfair. I'm not blaming blizzard about how they want to reveal cards, I'm blaming them for not announce anything about it. I mean, they could just say "ok, our reveal steam will be at X, until then you're gonna see X cards." And it would have been fine. But for EU players like me, this lack of communication is just frustrating. I don't care if tomorrow im gonna wake up with 50 new cards revealed, I just want to know if it's gonna happen, so I can wait in peace. Sorry for bad english, it's not my first language, hope you understand:) And sorry for the way the post Is formatted, im from mobile and don't know how to do it -.-



If they're really going to reveal only one card today, what in the hell are they thinking?

They're letting our hype die so it can be revived by the Lich King.

"ARTHAS" 07.31.2017

"ARTHAS" 07.31.2017
"ARTHAS" 07.31.2017

Don't be scared ;)

Are we about to upvote an empty chair to the front page?



He said no matter what.

Trump said he'd sing "Do you want to build a zombeast" if someone wrote the lyrics. I have done so.

Trump said he'd sing "Do you want to build a zombeast" if someone wrote the lyrics. I have done so.

Do You Want to Build a Zombeast?

Lyrics: Dan Felder

Original Song: Do You Want to Build a Snowman - Frozen


Do you want to build a zombeast?

Let’s make a giant play

We don't play value anymore

We only SMORC

Call of the Wild’s gone away...

You used to be so lively

And now you're not

The lich king’s the reason why.

Do you want to build a zombeast?

Oh look, I built a zombeast.

Okay, die!

Do you want to build a Zombeast?

A vicious fledgling stonetusk boar?

Or angry chicken and a stegodon.

We can't go wrong

With all these combos to explore!

It gets a little silly

All these easy games

Just watching the ranks tick by

(Win-Streak, Win-Streak, Win-Streak, Win-Streak, Win-Streak)


Please, I know you're in there

I know you’re in my booster pack

They say "have patience," and I'm trying to

I've got a deck for you, I can’t go back

I can’t go back to rushing

It's just you and me

What are we gonna do?

Do you want to build a zombeast?

Thanks, anonymous redditor.

I didn't pay attention to the subreddit name and I thought we were talking about the President of the United States. I got confused for a second.


All gold Protect the King Warrior. He's gonna build a wall and make the Horde pay for it.

Jokes aside, i'll be super happy when i open that card. Tinkering with weird cards/decks is the most fun part of HS to me.

What type of deck would 45 play? All gold wallet warrior?

Edit: I'm getting way funnier and imaginative responses than I expected. You guys are a clever bunch.

Blizzard: Please change the 'Win 5 Tavern Brawls' quest to 'Play 5 Tavern Brawls'

Blizzard: Please change the 'Win 5 Tavern Brawls' quest to 'Play 5 Tavern Brawls'

Tavern Brawl is supposed to be a place to have fun and try a weird format or game mode. Stressing over wins to try and complete this quest is so frustrating. Really taking the fun out of this mode and making me hate it.

I think if they were to do that they could also increase the number of games to play rather than win. I usually just re-roll that quest, i am not a fan.

Now Blizzard is making me get friends too?!

Where are my pitchforks!

that's not the point why there are mostly "win" quest in HS. it is because players can simply concede games without any bad effect on them, and hey, insta-finished quests.

now that you can do quests with friends, i don't think it is necesary

You dont wanna waste 2 hours and try to get 5 wins thats completely out of your control? Jusy play with a friend and get that over with

My Brother passed and he loved Hearthstone

My Brother passed and he loved Hearthstone

I'm really really sorry for posting here as I know grieving posts can be real downers, but I had nowhere else to post.

My brother & I love Hearthstone, him and I would battle each other daily for hours, talk about what card we're saving to craft next, watch each other try to climb the ladder, and watch streamers (his favorite guy's Kripp, mine's DisguisedToast.)

Him and I were so excited for Knights of the Frozen Throne, more so him as the Lich King is his favorite Lich ever, and I'm just so saddened he's not even around to see what the cards are. Even though neither of us could afford most of the cards as we're F2P players, it was still fun to talk about the cards.

Thank you all so much for giving us immense fun for the past year, to the streamers, this subreddit, and even the people who play pirate warrior (ok maybe not them.)

Heartbreaking. So sorry to hear.

RIP. He is a member of the Scourge now!

Our Papa Brode has a big heart.

My condolences on your brother's passing. The loss of a loved one is usually a very difficult time. I'm glad that you and your brother had the shared experience of being able to play Hearthstone together, especially if it give you comfort. Are you able to find the emotional support that you need from the people around you? Do you have someone that you can talk with about your loss?

Hey Ahune, you know what Ragnaros would never do during his lame Fire Festival?

Hey Ahune, you know what Ragnaros would never do during his lame Fire Festival?

Triple Quest Rewards. That would really make you the better elemental

Nice try

Ahune's quest removed my "win 7 games" ones to make room for itself. Don't care if he triples the 40 gold one I received today, can't be worth the 200 gold :[

Hmm. Ahunes more of an Arena guy. Double gold/dust/packs from arena seems fair.

Ahune agrees with you.

Next week, we will get double quest gold + 1gold. Total dominance will be worth 201gold!

I absolutely love the "Festivals" Blizzard is doing right now and hope they become a trend

I absolutely love the "Festivals" Blizzard is doing right now and hope they become a trend

Double gold from quests? Free arena entries and packs? Slight adjustmens to the game's main menu to accommodate the new festivals?

I think all of these are really great decisions by Blizzard and spark activity from the community. Hell, I kept logging in daily to do a new quest since I got a lot more gold than usual. During the entire duration of the Ragnaros' festival I skyrocketed from ~300 gold to nearly 2000 on quests alone, allowing me to save up on the packs when the next expansion launches in August

I just hope these Festivals aren't a one-time only thing as a way of building up hype for Frozen Throne next month and that these limited time events will keep making a return even after the expansion's launch, like say once per month every month or something like that

It helps to fill in the dead air between expansion releases (especially since both festivals so far had a unique thematic Tavern Brawl) and gives the playerbase an incentive to boot up Hearthstone more often

"I disagree"

literally nobody.

these events have been great! Gives us all a reason to play during the most 'stale' period in the expansion cycle. I hadn't done an arena run in like a year, but had a great time with it today! Might play another even

Add in the free legendary hero card for every player, and a guaranteed different legendary at 10 packs (which they've already given enough gold for) - and this expansion should be a lot of fun! Every player should have 2 different legendaries to play with right off the bat, which should reduce the number of angry pirate warriors on ladder!

I agree and hope they become a regular part of hearthstone. these events are also just great at reducing the joy-rage cycle that dominated this sub before past expansions

Glad you like them. In the last year and a half or so we dedicated a team to what we call live-content that includes brawls, fireside gatherings, events like these, and a bunch of other cool stuff. I've been excited for these two events to go live for awhile now and I know they have a bunch of other things in store for the future you all will enjoy. Thanks for the feedback!

Those events totally devalue the thousands of dollars I spent on the game. Now every scrub can get a decent deck. Because of those stupid events my winrate keeps dropping. Get a job and buy those packs yourself!

Some guy, probably.

Kripp's streams in a nutshell

Kripp's streams in a nutshellI mean in one picture
Kripp's streams in a nutshell

The Pyroblast needs to be from a [[Primordial Glyph]] from a [[Cabalist's Tome]] from a [[Babbling Book]] from a [[Kabal Courier]] for maximum salt.

My favorite part about Kripp streams is when the chat spams "k" whenever Kripp says k. Always makes me laugh

I'd be very scared if pyroblast kripp was hiding under my bed

For even more than maximum salt, start with a [[Lotus Agents]] into [[Hallucination]] into [[Kabal Courier]] into [[Shimmering Tempest]] into [[Cabalist's Tome]] into 2 [[Primordial Glyph]] into [[Mana Bind]] and [[Pyroblast]] into double Pyro in one turn. 20 face damage in 1 turn from a single card.

These quest rewards feel like they should be the norm.

These quest rewards feel like they should be the norm.

I don't feel bad about having to do an 80g quest. 100? Even better. 120? Jackpot! Let alone a 200, which I haven't seen yet. Once they are brought back down to regular levels I'll go back to not playing until I HAVE to clear a quest to make room for more quests to get my daily reroll trying for the high level rewards, of which I have shite luck at rolling. This just feels better, and not simply because "duh more gold" - they just feel like they're at the right level. Anymore would be too much, any less, too little. Just my 2g.

I agree, and I'm hoping this is one of two things:

A test run of something that they make permanent later, as they did with friendly feud the first of a series of events they have every month. This month its double gold for two weeks. Next month its 1 free arena ticket per week. The month after, who knows.

Either way, something which boosts gold or pack acquisition on at least a monthly basis, if not permanent.

i literally just want free shit

By the way, I touched on this in another thread:

To get all the cards in an expansion takes 300-400 packs, and i remember a recent post mentioned the new no-dupe rule will only reduce that by about 10% (since the last legendaries in a set are usually bought with dust anyway, if you're going for full completion).

If we got the current gold permanently, then over the four month period of an expansion (between its release and the release of the next one), we would get enough gold just from quests for around 120 packs.

This would give all the commons and rares (apart from a few stubborn ones that refuse to appear in packs, as always happens), 24 epics (some of which would be duplicates), so maybe 1/3rd of the epics in the set, and 6 legendaries - about 30% of the set.

This wouldnt change the buying habits of the big spenders. They want the new cards immediately, which grinding wont get. So the big spenders and whales will still buy the preorder, and many more packs in the first weeks of the expansion, just to get the cards they want quickly.

But it massively improves the experience of people who can't afford to spend a lot of money. Over the course of the expansion, they'll be able to play a wider variety of decks and just have a better experience. But they'll still only get about a third of the epics and legendaries from packs, and will have reason to spend their dust to get the cards they really need. There'll still always be an incentive for people to start spending money on the game.

And there's another thing to consider: what I've described is the ideal case. Most people dont have a complete classic collection. And that set is twice as big as a typical expansion. So most people who play this game have to divide their pack buying between the new expansion and the classic set. When they ask for advice on which packs to buy, they are often advised to get classic sets first (and it's good advice). So this means they tend to lag behind on both new expansions and the classic set, and dividing their gold between both means that they really struggle for a year or more, till their classic collection gets complete enough that they can focus just on the new expansions. And because they fall behind, they are often torn between buying classic, the current expansion, and also recent expansions too because they haven't been able to get anywhere near completion in those too.

So if you double gold awards, for most players this wouldn't all go to the newest shiniest expansion. They'll still be dividing their purchases between the newest expansion, the classic set, and maybe older expansions too. It wont automatically lead to every player in the game having every card. It'll just mean most players will still miss a lot of cards, but all players will feel that they are progressing a lot easier.

As much as anybody wants to over analyze it this is ultimately what it come down to. More free shit = good.

With its recent nerf in Arena, Flappy Bird had some extra free time...

With its recent nerf in Arena, Flappy Bird had some extra free time...
SMOrc SONG - Face Never Trade

2 years later and DJ KARL THE DOG is still the undisputed champ of this division.

"Turn 7 lethal, yep"

Nowadays that is slow, turn 4 lethal can be had.

The part where they all bop around in the car gets me every time! Amazing SMOrc voice too! Well done! <3

The offering rate got reduced by 50%

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