Dan Harmon sure loves putting big single muscular arms in his shows

And here I thought that was just a reference to this

And here I thought that was just a reference

I thought Spencer the dungeon master added the arm once Dan jumped back into the swamp juice?

The Season 2 Animation Director actually brought this up in one of the discussion threads, which led me to make this comparison post!


I'm here because /u/H720 xposted to /sub/rickandmorty. Thanks man.

/sub/HarmonQuest just hit 10,000 subscribers!!!

/r/HarmonQuest just hit 10,000 subscribers!!!

I can only speak for myself, but someone posted the clip of Eddy Lizard somewhere... I then went and watched season 1 in its entirety.. now im here. Love HarmonQuest

Yep, same here. Saw the eddy lizard clip and binge watched S1 and the first 2 EPs of S2 in 3 days. This series is slowly going to get a more passionate fanbase I suspect.

Thanks to everyone that has joined our community, I love this show and hope to be able to discuss it with you all for the rest of season 2 and every season we get beyond that!

10 seasons and a board game!

If this gets Rick and Morty level big you can bet huge celebs will take notice.

Plus it's just a fun thing to do, play a gam in front of an audience and then see your character animated doing adventures.

Try one of these subthreads