Harveigh has the zoomies

Where is this. Looks like somewhere between Austin and Dallas, maybe just outside of Waco?

Hmm - Cows are faster than I thought.

I assume they're in or near Houston. He was saved from floodwaters from Harvey (hence the name).

Holy cow! A quick Google shows that the fastest cows can run at speeds of up to 40km/h (25mph). For comparison, the fastest human ever known, Usain Bolt, ran at 44.72kmh (27.8mph) during a 100m sprint in 2009.

Basically, Cows are only a little bit slower than Usain freaking Bolt.

Food or friend?

This is Tundra, a juvenile water buffalo, deciding what to do with Roo, the rooster, from barnyardsanctuary, a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue and rehab in New Jersey.

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Something something Cow and Chicken.

ThE vIdEo ChIk-FiLE dOEsnT WaNT yOu tO SeE!

I love how cautious they are with each other ❤️

Cow playing with ball


Cows are the effing coolest

You’re cute

Oooooof he cute

Playing Ball

Is that moo wearing a moo moo?

Imagine if the cow is just trying to eat, and the girl keeps bonking the cow on the head with the ball.

it looks like she's wearing a horse blanket unless there are cow blankets with the same strap set up

Just so cute :D

Cow kisses

When you've gotta meet all your Italian aunts.

My name is cow

And when I see

A pupper fren

In front of me

I say henlo

With tonguey smooch.

With all my pals

I lik the pooch

Cows spend all day in a monotonous field eating grass. They become interested in anything new that comes their way.

Is groups of cows interested in dogs like a thing? I feel like I've seen many different iterations of this

Babysitter Cow.

Looks a bit like a pony


Definitely a miniature horse

Harveigh loves playing with her ball

wtf is that name though

Give her a cuddle for me, she seems like the kind of cow who would love some scratchies 😁


In my mind, it's pronounced "harVAy" like the "CharLAY" of finger-biting fame.

She Love To Drink Milk While Running.

She Love To Drink Milk While Running.

That’s a He, cute as hell tho

I'm pretty sure that's a woman.

At first glance it's strange to see a cow drink milk. But then I realized it's the most normal thing in the world and it's rather weird that we drink it.

Roses are red, violets are stunning...

She loves playing with this orange toy

I would get her a bright orange ball for when the pumpkin goes mushy

I hate to be that guy but it's always a good time to learn something new:

In addition to gray and black, cows see muted versions of yellow and blue. Unlike human eyes, cows have only two color receptors. They won't see all the possible shades of yellow and blue, especially as they lean toward the green spectrum, but their world isn't totally made up of shades of gray.

I would get her an even bigger pumpkin

dissecting eyeballs, you can look at the cones, rods, etc

Small cows find an even smaller cow

Source is happyhensandhighlands in North Carolina. The first cow is Tiny Tim, and I think the second one might be James, but I can't be sure.

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These cows are friend shaped

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