Happy calf returns the favor, "Am I doing this right?"

Happy calf returns the favor, "Am I doing this right?"

That look on that dogs face basically says "err yeah buddy close enough for me."

If anyone knows the source of this video, please post it! I've had it on my phone for a couple of days and didn't note the source

The pup looks happy about it, yep I think he's doing it right

Oh my god baby cows are just the sweetest

Congrats, /sub/HappyCowGifs, you are the /sub/Aww Subreddit of the Week!

Congrats, /sub/HappyCowGifs, you are the /sub/Aww Subreddit of the Week!

I am so proud of this great subreddit I mod in name only

Congratulations! well deserved

I don't know exactly what that means, but it sounds positive and I'm down to celebrate.

Certainly well deserved

Playful fluffy calves Oliivi and Olki


Are we talking about punching the cows in the face for fun? If they're elbowing the sides of the cattle while moving between them you may be surprised but cowhide makes it so that barely feel anything which is exactly why a dairy Farmer will look like he's beating the shit out of them. He/she needs to keep the cattle aware that he/she is there. If not a pair of cattle could easily crush a human who may be trying to clear a block in the feed bin or any other menial chore taking care of the cow. It sounds crazy but cattle are kind of derpy and when you get amongst a group of them in a confined space you can be crushed before the cattle even realize there is something wrong. Alllllll that being said if you go around abusing cattle for fun you should be sterilized.

Olki: "Alright, knock it off, jerk!"

Sometimes I wish I was a Cow like this

Happy Cow Rescued by Santuario Gaia

I would never have guessed /sub/happycowgifs was something I needed in my life. Subscribed.

This made me smile. Thanks!

Oh my goodness! This is the freaking sweetest!♡♡♡

Well, this just got me to subscribe. Did not know this sub exists and it's a must.

"What is wrong? Do you need licks?"

Made me smile. I love this subway



Baby Cow Zooms with Dog Pals

What a floof nugget

I've been vegetarian for 14 years but sometimes I really really want a goddam hamburger. This sub reminds me not to.


Luckily there are a lot of alternatives that taste just as good. My biggest issue is cheese, there really aren't many fake versions that can satisfy me. Even when I ate meat I loved cheese pizza.

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