Greentext greentext

Anon’s Watermelon

Anon’s Watermelon

I didn’t know melons could get pregnant.

go on, eat it

Anon is a happy father

Roll tide?

Anon asks a girl out

Anon asks a girl out

Jesus, beta to alpha all the way back down to charlie


Fictional and homosexual

Made-up and not straight

/b/tard buys condoms

/b/tard buys condoms

tfw stacy stays alpha as fuck even working as a cashier

She gets a boyfriend and ask him “you got condoms” he says no and she pulls these then prepare for instant break up

Fake and transsexuall.

That's a weird way of saying they are too big.

Anon is a bridge

Anon is a bridge

I mean wouldn't we only see the best Roman bridges, not all the ones that collapsed

Shit u rite

logic and reasoning doesn’t belong here

Survivorship bias.

Anon goes online shopping

Anon goes online shopping

elaborate ass heist to steal credit card info


uses it to by dildos


Mommy's gonna be happy

no u

This is probably how most sex shops start up, someone fucks up an order or their kid gets a couple thousand dildos delivered to their front door. They have to get rid of them and make their money back somehow. Eventually after selling a couple hundred rubber hole poles they realize they have a knack for it and end up setting up a shop.

Anon masturbates

Anon masturbates

Fake and Gay

I can't believe I've never realized until now that FAG is an acronym for fake and gay.

She- fake


But for real, has this hands free cum hypnosis worked for any of you?

Anon messes up

Anon messes up

Don't you hate it when you heil hitler in public?

Just the other day I tripped a bit and screamed heil Hitler at the top of my lungs in the office at work. Funny how that happens

Well, that's just not reich

Why would i?

Anon is fucked

Anon is fucked

welcome to the exiting world of ulcerative colitis. I'll be your guide. Prepare yourself to shit 10 times a day for the rest of your life.

Fresh blood is a good sign and denotes hemorrhoids or other surface trauma as opposed to older blood that will appear darker and originates from deep within your digestive tract

This guy asses.


I died

Anon is a hacker

Anon is a hacker
Anon is a hacker

Real but gender fluid non binary..identifies as a ghost

This greentext gets reposted every few weeks... You should be ashamed...

Extremely real and very heterosexual

Rip Stephen King

Rip Stephen King

wrong sub

Why tf is this here

Sins: Wrong Last Name Wrong Sub not gREEEEn

Total Sins: 3

Punishment: go lurk for a while man

not a greentext... Not even close.

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