Nero-Sama!!!! UMU!

Nero-Sama!!!! UMU!

Can't wait for thissss, so I drew her xD


Ohh nice, very well drawn. I can't wait for her either, one of the few reasons I personally hope we move at a faster pace. Umu bride was actually one of the waifu's I was rolling for until Umu Caster was announced.

“We ain’t scared of horror movie!” by@jakoo21

“We ain’t scared of horror movie!” by@jakoo21

That must be a foreign movie.


Slow clap

So the Alters are afraid of Tentacles..... interesting

Whats your point?

Noble Phantasms; their true names should be enough to send a chill down anyone's spine

Noble Phantasms; their true names should be enough to send a chill down anyone's spine

That Tamacat is adorable holy shit

Then you might appreciate it in the full size!

is it that gae bolg is the only one thats a single target np in fgo

Cats are notoriously fickle, though. There's even a jokey short film about how awful it is to be attacked by a cat when you're just scratching its belly. And then take that, modify it by a size factor of about 30, multiply it by the strength of a divinely evil being of pure chaos and corruption so strong she made a god regret her life choices, and then add onto it Berserker class bonuses.

You see Cu's concerned face? That's because he's right next to her, and he's terrified. It truly is a cat eat dog world out there.

Valentine's 2018 announced!

Valentine's 2018 announced!

The top comment really says it all.

I didn't take the comment to be complaining about Umu Bride right after Bryn. I took it more as a joke about Bryn banner having been out for a whopping 15 hrs before they started promoting Valentine's/Bride instead.

The Tamamo + Nero Bride day is going to be the end of us all.

It really shouldn't be any surprise to anyone what is upcoming since NA is following JP almost 100%.

I'm just glad I don't really care about any of these servants coming up which makes it easier to save for Jalter.

When Your Power Blooms! Then Dies

When Your Power Blooms! Then Dies

Siegfried, you were majestic and awesome beating that savage queen countless times, but now it's time for you to return to your usual role.


And let's close off Saber Wars with one last Star Wars meme. It was fun, I did not get all the Altrium I needed and holy hell I will be feeling underpowered for weeks now.

Now we wait for the next event!

I'm actually underwhelmed by saber wars sieg and miss normal day sieg during the event

idk...., doing 200k with Np is neat but during normal days against Dragon his damage can rival Okita instead of losing badly

back to the second archive you go.


Masu Masu Manga de Wakaru FGO! Chapter 25: "Assasin's Secret Technique" by Riyo (Translated)

Masu Masu Manga de Wakaru FGO! Chapter 25: "Assasin's Secret Technique" by Riyo (Translated)

Oi. That's heaven you're walking into.

So it was Mashu that got hit by the noble Phantasm and Gudako just being normal.

Read the previous strip. That's Mashu being normal too. Shielder's an M so the curse only makes it better

I always liked the distraught look on RiyoOlga's face. It just makes me laugh everytime I see it.

[Translation Request] Adorable Abigail

[Translation Request] Adorable Abigail

Aby: Master, you know

Ritsuka: What's wrong, Aby?

Aby: There is a favor I want to ask you to

Ritsuka:A favor?

Aby: Somehow I feel really lonely now...

Aby: even just for a moment now

Aby: Please hold my hand really tightly. I don't mind if it hurts. Just like that...

Ritsuka: I will hold it gently

I will grand your wish

Implying that Abigail isn't adorable normally.

normally, she's just VERY adorable. but in this piece, she's sugar-vomitingly adorable sugar flows from opened mouth

Adorable Abigail

Bit redundant there

All hail the new King of Spooks

All hail the new King of Spooks

One day Fionn

One day you can be as awesome as your myth and name

but the day is not today

Rare prisms are useful!

>Could lift giant boulders as if they were light as a feather

>Defeated a powerful fire elemental from another world

>Strongest warrior under the heavens

So much for that.

JP player here. Gotta help a guy out.

I'm one of people who has rolled too many Fionns (NP5 within ~10 months, currently NP7 with only Liz ahead)

Since Fionn is so bad, he got his NP boost interlude relatively quickly, this makes him the easiest to roll AOE lancer with a dam strong NP if he keeps showing up (Artoria's story locked.)

This is quite important for GEAR FARMING, when America releases, it comes with the Chicago node containing 3x 60k archer bots in wave 2. Fionn with a high NP level was my go to guy to one shot it (from experience NP5 Liz cannot do this), allowing me to efficiently farm gears for a long time.

You just gotta find the right job for who you get :)

Gudako and Arjuna mini coll [TL]

Gudako and Arjuna mini coll [TL]

I’m glad Arjuna gets love.

I got him instead of Karna, and he’s super helpful

Arjuna’s growing on me. As a result I’ve been starting to use him more and more for fun.

Now all he needs are better animations.

All Servants deserve love

Not giving all your servants love is bad karma and grounds for Kirei to come punish you in the gacha. Don't complain if you don't appreciate your Sumanai's for what they are.

Complete four weekly quests for just 5AP!!!

Complete four weekly quests for just 5AP!!!

Just do the anniversary blond quest

more explanation: the new mystic code quest drops pieces for every class, enough to finish all three quests and should knock out the 3 evil servants at the same time.

You start getting those on 1/19 UTC.

completed 3 for me.

Anyone else not get the 5 sq for the 2 mil dl campaign though? i got the 5 blazes of wisdom just not the sq.

This was working under the assumption that you had none completed beforehand

Try one of these subthreads