Now loading with Salter

Now loading with Salter

This is what we want DW

There needs to be a version with Mordred chasing a cat

I've said this before and will say it again. In Salter's shinjuku outfit, I wish they add a skill animation with Cavall in some way like Eresh and the deer. Other than that, cute art mate

On 4 too.

How it feels to fight Ibaraki on Assassin hand day

How it feels to fight Ibaraki on Assassin hand day

Repeat after me the holy phrase!

"Ibaraki! Get your oni ass out of here!"

I didn't expect to see a reference to the Boondocks on this subreddit. That scene was hilarious.

"Say Tanoshiwa, motherfucker. SAY IT!"

takes off belt

"Ibaraki! Get your oni ass outta of here!"

Alternative responses to "I love you" FGO husbando edition

Alternative responses to "I love you" FGO husbando edition


Aww. Herc is so sweet. Best hunbando.

That Holmes burn though.


Better check your crotch.

According to this chart, I'm a fusion of Siegfried and Salieri IRL.

Nyanne Alter Nya (5)

Nyanne Alter Nya (5)

Luminosité EterNyan!

Hoist by her own Nyantard.

Gib NA Jeanne Strengthen nao plz.

Bad Nyanne Alter! Don't steal your sister's food!

These adorable cat comics sure help me feel better after getting absolutely wrecked by Ibaraki. Killing her is easy on 2BP, but killing the hands without using a lot of my offensive options is making it a lot harder. How will I kill the hands in 3BP?

What a mean kitty, stealing food like that...

Artist: ROYALCAT (formerly Angeltype)

Scans/TL/TS by me

Current Album

RIP banana

RIP banana

this pic looks cool but im probably gonna get my ass kicked . my NA acc is neglected


even if it was, i managed it on JP with just A Very Determined Arjuna so. Anything is possible lads ))

what your banana oni game plan

hey see you guys at anime central im artist alley C39 . also fanime next week im the table right in front of the door WHADDUP!!

Hey, if I wanna cure my (NP2) Okita's Tuberculosis, then I'm gonna need to feed her lots of Potassium.



Of Potassium.

You mean Sader?

You mean ?

I am sorry Ibaraki, but this must happen, if it is any consolation, know that I take no pleasure from this bulli, but I need the rewards...

Choose your flavor

Choose your flavor

Can't beat original flavour!

That and a scene near the end of HF that always makes me tear up makes it really hard for me to accept legitimately younger sister Illya. Sorry, but she'll always be the older sister.

I pick both naturally

Heaven's feel 1st movie, Saber and Berserker fight.

This is why dubs are bad civilization

Anything for the kids feat. TheSuicideBomber97

Anything for the kids feat. TheSuicideBomber97

What a cute outfit for Jack.

What a bro. He rather commit suicide than betray the kids' expectations.

Jack's shirt says 'Ramen'. And now I'm really hungry

Good guy Arash. The goodest guy.

We Got Married [Part 43]

We Got Married [Part 43]

Ah, Da Vinci, at first curses to you were uttered

But then, with this, our hearts fluttered

A sleeping face that melts your troubles away

Mini Mashu's cuteness will brighten your day

D'aww~ Look at how adorable she is~!

If little Mashu just disappears at the end of the day's simulation then there will be consequences.

This is gonna end with Mash's mini-me being actually adopted by them, isn't it?



Jeanne Sisters exclusive body pillows

Jeanne Sisters exclusive body pillows

That Jailter pillow is so cute!

I want one!

Jeanne Sauce

Here's the artist of this lovely image: Nabenicomi

I’m throwing money at the screen but nothing’s happening??

That Jailter is so cute, though! I need these in my life...

10/10 would buy.

So cute!



OG Jeanne can't relate because she doesn't have one ~

This artist makes the best Jeannes comics <3

What are they playing though?

Looks like a switch. Maybe its Mario Kart

What noone realizes is that the ahoge is a propeller to be used to escape in case of extreme emergencies.

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