Japanese wood joinery

Japanese wood joinery


This def belongs in gifsthatendtoosoon


You mean you wood have never known?



This ends at a fine time

Nope, the gif didn't include all the pussy this hero would get.

Maybe it ends too soon if it were 2 seconds shorter, but this one is fine.


Tiger Shark

Any gif with a tiger ends too soon.

Tigers can't smell underwater right?..

No, but he's going to stink when he gets out!

Full video

This dog

I think this gif ended soon enough, it's not like we want to see the him finish

Over 69 and can still 69.

Speak for yourself. I only viewed the comments hoping to see the money shot.

nah, it doesn't end too soon. We all know how it ends. The Dog finished, Gets $130,000 and an NDA until a Lawyer fucks it up, and then the Dog gets a cool Tell All book about it

No! Dammit!

No! Dammit!
Crash happens at 4:06

Hahahhaa /sub/mildlyinfuriating

You are a god among men

I absolutely fucking hate this sub

How to NOT rob a store

The second guy is a hero, he stopped the robbery

Plot twist: he was planning to mug the first guy all along

I feel like I've seen this comment before

Because you have. 16k likes on the previous posting.

Furious snow removal: a train snow plough in action.

Nup, that's it, unsubscribing, bye everyone. Fuck the lot of you.

I'm back

You’re welcome

Top ten anime comebacks

Baby rollercoaster

Baby rollercoaster

Projectile vomit all over the screen is how I see that ending.

be prepared for your arms to start burning 5 seconds in

Pfft, who needs VR

wow im going to try this with my kid haha

Try one of these subthreads