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Professional Weight Lifter displays extraordinary balance and core strength (x-post r/skillful)

His name is Mikhail Koklyaev, he can move the bus using merely the power of suggestion

This is why cross-fit is so revolutionary. He must have spent hours doing squats on a medicine ball and hitting a tire with a sledge hammer /s

I couldn't even do that with just the pole

do you know his person name?

Now you can see me and now you can't

Now you can see me and now you can't

Maybe it saw something it shouldn't have seen.

she just likes doing that, sometimes she even sleeps that way :)

hahahaha no just camera shy :P Or maybe something wrong with my face? :o


he is an excellent defender :))

he is an excellent defender :))
Scott Sterling

Is that 's father?




Wow! brave dog!!

Wow! brave dog!!

They can't see me now...can they they?

What's on the TV?

Did you notice the cut? This is fake.

It's Courage the Cowardly Dog!

Football accident

Football accident

It's giraffeman! Super powers include, but are not limited to: munching on leaves high up in trees, being unconfortable in elevators and neck swinging martial arts!

His Adam's apple is an Adam's apple tree

And thus, Mike Glennon was born.

And thus, was born.

He's approaching 6' now at least.

Water Trapped Under Grass

Should've walked on it first before popping it



Having a stroke immortalized in an animoji..

At first glance it looks like a penguin climbing an iceberg.

WHAT is that in the background?

Some super gimmicky new feature of the new iPhone that tracks your facial expressions and animates emojis to match.

wonderful dogs!!

wonderful dogs!!

Portuguese or Brazilian commercial, but of what?

So smart!

Puppy training services.

"Why do we always have to fix this human's problems?"

She can be an excellent jump partner

She can be an excellent jump partner

Did it myself. Wasn't that cool :(

I thought that was pretty funny. Flies out of the water and salutes everyone, like aquaman's girlfriend or something.

She was most definitely a cheerleader in the past. That's what they are taught to do when doing flips.

Can someone reverse this? That would be awesome.

an excellent athlete

an excellent athlete

Ah, he would be so happy this was filmed.

He should switch fields and become a gymnast.

Another badge of honor on those knees...just like my kid.

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