Gifs gifs

Step aside bro, I got this

Healthcare is really improving.

That's the face of pure relief.

Love it that the older bro was not upset!

I actually miss the feeling of having loose teeth and empty spots.

Really odd thing to be nostalgic about.

I never thought I was fat until my cat started doing this...

I love it when my cats knead me

I need to train my cats to knead my back. I'm after those sweet kitty back rubs.

He's just making biscuits from your batter.

Your cat did it until it realized you enjoyed it. That will not be tolerated.

This cat SUCKS at drinking milk

Omg kitty what you doing

Maybe the intention is simply to irritate the human who gave milk to an animal that, as adults, are mostly lactose intolerant.

Cats shouldn't be drinking milk in the first place.


Dude's grandma just beat Chuck Norris

Dude's grandma just beat Chuck Norris

Immediately after letting her win, Chuck flipped the pool behind them

You say "Walker?"

Chuck Norris: "Yeah?"

Grandma: "I think I left it over there."

How is Chuck Norris 77 years old? He looks like a better than average 40 year old man.

He just wants a hug

Don't kangaroos choke each other to death?

Run you fool! He's trying to choke you out so he can slash at your insides with those giant claws and convert them to outsides.

I've seen enough internet videos to know that kangaroos don't "hug" they choke you out and drag you into a puddle to drown before you wake up.

We need a new driver for the cat.

You try running a calibration on the cat first?


Tray empty. Load tuna and press ok.

Or a hard reset?

Leap of faith

Impressive! But look at #14 wanting to celebrate too and being sort of left behind.

Holy fuck that is golden. That dude that came in at the end deserves a medal

Don't forget the umpire's little jump and splits when he makes the call. Nice little cherry on top.

why you summon me hoooman ?

You can tell by the way I use my walk, am a chicken man, I love the cock.

My senegal parrot does this to my dog when she is messing around by the parrot cage. He will walk in circles with his wings puffed up and hiss at her.

Yep, very aggressive. I'm shocked the finger didn't get a massive bite.


Might be what he is talking about

Boy helps elderly man during hailstorm

What a gentleman. Hail can be no joke.

hail can come quite suddenly. It could be a normal, quite mild overcast day and the hail comes as if dropped out of a bucket.

The world needs more kids like this.

The past few days/weeks/months, we've been inundated with news of shitty people behaving in shitty ways. It sometimes makes me cynical. Then I see something like this. Very uplifting.

My bubble

My bubble

Suck it, kid!

That's one way to put on lipstick.


Username checks out.

I say that every morning.

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