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An antelope's insane reflexes

I don't know how short my life would be if every time I needed a drink of water my life was in danger.

It is. It is in danger.


Good luck.

I think the antelope saw the gator / dingodile whatever it is coming. You can see the antelope twitch backwards a bit while drinking. So maybe it was trying to get every bit of water before avoiding the attack...

Gee, I don't know, Cyril. Maybe deep down I'm afraid of any apex predator that lived through the K-T extinction. Physically unchanged for a hundred million years, because it's the perfect killing machine!

Beach roller coaster made from lego

Lego nerd here.

The straight tracks are about $2 a pop. The curved tracks are about $.60. There's also flexi track at about $.30, but I don't see any of them. Since the price difference is so drastic, I'm going to average to $1.50 a track, paying favor to the straight tracks since there seems to be more of those than the curved ones.

It's hard to tell how long this is, but let's say 100 feet (30.48 meters). The straight track is 16 studs. One stud = 7.8mm. One track =124.8mm or 0.1248 meters. Which means you need ~245 tracks, or $367.5 worth of track.

But that's if you bought them used from Bricklink. He probably got them from his own collection where he obtained the tracks from various train sets. In that case this would cost around $100k.

EDIT: The $100k comment was a joke...

That must be like 600$ of Lego train tacks.

The full source video

Jesus Christ, how did we go from 'bout $347 to $100k?

I haven't seen numbers that scary since my last bank statement

Hydrodynamic Levitation


Veritasium's explains hydrodynamic levitation.

"Once the ball is levitating, it remains stable because if it drifts too far into the stream, that decreases the flow of water around the ball, reducing the force pushing [the ball] into the stream. And if it drifts too far out, it increases the water flow over the ball, increasing the force pushing it back into the stream. That's what makes the equilibrium position so stable; any slight perturbation creates a restoring force, that moves the ball back to equilibrium."

What a terrible upvote gif. They didn't even make the arrows orange.

That's what makes the equilibrium position so stable; any slight perturbation creates a restoring force, that moves the ball back to equilibrium.

It's things like this that make Physics my favorite branch of science.

Physics is gorgeous.


Fiona loves her soaking tub and toys so much

"Give me back my fucking toy."

That damn smile

It's crazy how these cute little guys kill more humans than any other animal.

"So help me god, Karen"

Flintstones TNG

So I'm in that car. We spent some time building that, and of course won the halloween costume contest with it. Never thought I'd see the day I showed up in a gif on reddit.

suck it

Damn, this car is rad. 4x4 traction, convertible, oak wheels that are easily replaceble, manual steering, eco friendly, runs on callories. The best part is that you actually want to pick up your friends in this one.

I would say Tesla found it's match.

/u/abigthirstyteddybear, you've got some sucking to do.

I got you bro

I got you bro

You've seen dad reflexes, but have you ever seen "bro reflexes?"

As a dad of two small children...I know this catch very well. It's the "I know you're still going to cry, but at least mom won't ever know about it" catch.


That flashy smile

The precision of a 1,700 year old painting technique.

*Incredible precision of a painter

Is the technique just using a brush and paint? I feel like I'm missing something.

I'm pretty sure if given the exact same materials my version of this would be a horrible mess.

I wouldn't call it a technique but given that I sometimes stuff food into my nose, this level of subtlety impresses me.

Human drone technology.

Green Goblin beta testing.

On the off-chance that this is a real thing; judging from the size of it and the battery life of current drones, this thing probably has a battery life of ten minutes. Would be terrified if I went over the limit and just came hurtling towards the ground.


It doesn't run on va batteries but 4 jets with kerosene in the backpack, that's why he is never far from water because of the fire hazard and possible crash.

It's freaking hot in Arizona

Try fry an egg

Frying an egg in summer here isnt a myth. Its real life.

You have a weird but very clear pee stream. The angle suggests some kind of expert squat maneuver.

Edit: from one man hole to another

How do you people even survive in Arizona? Ive seen so many pictures like this and pictures of stuff literally melting in the streets. Have people in Arizona evolved to gorons?

edit: RIP inbox. Even if this was kind of jokingly written, it was also a serious question. I live in Sweden, it can get cold AF here but I can always put on more clothes. I cant really understand how you guys deal with extreme heat. I would die.

Smooth stealthy slide

"When she asks you if you think her best friend is pretty."

Sneaky pancake

See now, the wild Roomba in its natural habitat. While domesticated Roombas will always avoid grit and dirt, a wild Roomba will often use it to its own advantage to escape from predators.

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