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When the world goes from 360p to 1080p

How did they do prescriptions for babies who can't give exact feedback about what lens makes things clearer?

They have these grey cards that are split down the middle. On one side is a white outline shape of an object and the other is just gray. With each successive card, side the object appears on is random, and the weight of the line used to draw the object steadily decreases.

Kids eyes are naturally drawn to the side of the card with the shape—if they can distinguish it. As the weight of the line steadily decreases, the kid will not be able to see the object.

At the point where the kiddo can’t see an object, they start the prescription.

Edit: should include that this method is used in conjunction with a lens kit—in which the doc looks for the best lens to view the retina.

ELI5 cos I'm curious too

This is how acuity is measured but not how Rx is determined. The gold standard for pediatric prescribing is retinoscopy. Usually, with infants a subtype called Mohindra retinoscopy is used. We like to compare results in a dilated and non-dilated eye and use these findings to determine the Rx.

😂😂😂 Holding the wife's purse, holding the kid. Sometimes Dad forgets which one's which.

😂😂😂 Holding the wife's purse, holding the kid. Sometimes Dad forgets which one's which.

That kids having a great time. Wonder how long before someone accuses the dad of child abuse?

Does the use of emojis in the title bother anyone else?

Needs sound

And, 3... 2... 1...

Possible for me only in a game.

Possible for me only in a game.

They don’t, there’s not an excessive amount of Gs during this maneuver, well for a pilot expecting it at least. You can lose consciousness pretty quickly from as little as 2Gs if you’re not expecting it and it’s onset is rapid enough. But that’s a pretty well trained fighter pilot and he knows what he’s about to do.

Edit: and just to add to it, you can see he’s going pretty slow, thrust vectoring is doing all the work. I would’ve expect the pilot to be experiencing more than 2Gs at the absolute most.

You could do this type of vectoring in HAWX, that was a pretty decent game.

Does any expert know if the pilot loses conscious at that point because of the overwhelming G force?

I can do this... On rocket league

Vicious Baby Mini Horse Chases Me

I have a lot of experience with horses and let me tell you mini horses are absolute assholes. They look all cute and innocent but then they try to bite you and take you out at the knees. I truly have not found an exception to the exceptional asshole-ness.

Now I just need to see a horse-sized duck and make an important decision

Lil Sebastian Jr.

Grew up raising miniature horses and I can confirm a lot of them do like to bite. "Take you out at the knees"? Not so much.

They are super good at stepping on your foot while standing there holding them though. Bonus points if you're wearing sandals at the time.

Side note: Parents reading this, if you go to a horse show/fair/whatever and they have miniature horses, please ask the owners if your kids can pat the horse. They bite hard enough to break a kids hand.

Are You Smoking Weed?

That zoom tho

Fucking judgmental neighbors....

Pretty much how I looked at my sister when she was 16 and smoking and I was a 9 year old kid who had just begun the DARE program at my school.


Crows bathing in Danube river.

In case you wanna see more.

Taken from today's episode of my daily vlog. I make videos about nature & animals.

Today I learned water balloons are pure sorcery.

Today I learned water balloons are pure sorcery.

Mlem mlem mlem mlem!

TIL: Someone actually slowed a GIF at the right moment.

Will they also make my kids cry when I chuck them at their face?

That’s 99% of “gifs”

Dad makes device to help his paralyzed son stand

Father of the decade right there.

That kids smile... cuts right through my soul and makes me happy and sad at the same time, but for obviously good reasons. Awesome father

Look at that face and tell me that isn't the most innocent joy you've ever seen. I want this kid to experience that joy every day for the rest of his life.

What a great dad!

I'm gonna be a bit nit picky with the post, the person in the gif didn't actually invent the device. It's called an "Upsee", and it's sold by a UK based company called Firefly that makes devices for children with Cerebral Palsy. My son has the same model they're using.

Here's a link for the curious:

The actual inventor is a woman called Debbie Elnatan. Here's an article about it:

Had burritos last night...

Wtf...its upside down, why's it upside do...ooohhhh


Inter continental bowel movement.

Fuckin’ repost

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