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Smart enough to roll out of the way and leave the scene. That was a Jackie Chan move.

Sea lion tries to help juggler

I'm not sure, but there is a club for people who hate them.

Eagle grooming

I don't think that guy appreciated us interrupting his special eagle time.


How to Split a Wheel of Parmesan Cheese

This skips the few minutes he spends scoring the cheese so that it will break

Crazy takedown

Great moves, that made my knee ligaments ache just watching it.

Impressive save...

Good thing that red circle was there, or else I might not have seen the 8-ton juggernaut swerving across the highway

Cannonball Pool Trick Shot

Cannonball Pool Trick Shot

What is the purpose of a dudebro on a mono-wheeled skateboard? Is it just his job to ride around looking astonished when things happen?

Wombat in its habitat..

With all the brutal and nasty things that happen in nature on a daily basis its nice to know that there are also creatures like the wombat out there just bumbling about eating grass

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