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So you can actually screw them off

A story these guys will tell forever.

Dude did we just...



Needs stabilization

You haven't lived until theres a sign because of you.

Work smarter not harder

Work smarter not harder

"Pretend to work smarter not harder"

I'm the type of person that would fall, make a hole in the wall, and make more work for myself

Where she hit was right between the studs. The electrical outlet on the wall is mounted to the stud. If she hit 6 inches to the left or right it wouldn't have made such a disastrous hole.

Source: am Dad.

casually walking around campus and i see this

Working his way up to a horse-sized duck.

This dude is the ultimate tool. The unsung hero of tools. dude's not fighting a goose, he's training it to battle with human beings. next time a goose fucks your ass up and seems to be surprisingly well-versed in your moves, blame this dude.

The way he taps it's head.

Does he have a left prosthetic leg to use to bait the goose?

Now I know who among us are the chosen ones to accomplish this task.


Why Henry is always smiling

I prefer this one

This is what I went to the comments to see.

It's gonna be a great day

Don't let henry do any of this without paying, that guys nose is like a vacuum.

my dog's reaction his first time in a natural body of water

"Oh look, water...that's cold, that's cold, THAT'S COLD, THAT'S COLD, THAT'S COLD!

That's a long leash you've got there.

Can confirm!

Source: I'm an Aussie and my tail is pretty short

Where is his tail ?

"I'm not ready to be a father!"

I had the same reaction when the doctor handed me my son. I don't know if it's because I just wasn't ready to be a father, or more of shock that I was actually able to conceive a child with my dog.

The dna test has determined that you are the father.

audience appaws

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I love it when he peeks around the pillow to check if the puppy is gone.

Smart Dad

You think a tired kid will sleep on a plane. But a flight is still exciting, so he won't sleep, but now he's extra tired. And tired means grumpy.

One word: Benadryl.

No, he's using the kid to power the escalator.


Why use potent chemicals when there's ?

The Grandpa Shuffle

Grandpa can crip walk.

The people in the background look as though they have no desire to live. I've never seen a group so devoid of emotion.

I've never actually wanted to learn a dance before...

Amazing one-armed man destroys lumberjack competition.

He lost to #3 though ...

Well yea, that guy has two arms.

Now show us the one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

What a cheater.

Cesium reacts violenty with water

The pink color probably comes from phenolphthalein. It's a pH indicator indicator solution.

Edit: Edit: * facepalm * * facepalm *

Correct correct

You you

You post so many fascinating gifs! Great content. Plus, you're always so kind and considerate to the commenters you host in your posts.

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