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boing boing boing boing...

I LOVE it when cats get too excited and end up running away from the thing. It never fails to make me laugh.

I can't tell from the video if this is a calibration issue or if the operating system crashed. I'd recommend taking your cat to an authorized repair center at your earliest convenience.

Tee-Eye-Double "guh"-er

YEES! But why?? One of my cats gets excited, runs away and then forgets what we were doing and does something else.. so that's it, doesn't come back, end of playing. Why? Why??

How BB8 Rolls in Star Wars

How BB8 Rolls in Star Wars
fully working version

There is a that's able to be controlled remotely to act out scenes.

However, it can't move with the kind of speed seen in the GIF. So for the shots where BB-8 needs to book it, this kind of puppeteer work is the way it's done.

Am I just stoned or is The Tick pushing BB8?

Here's how it works

Edit: from /u/Nantoone, Here's a real picture of BB-8's actual inner workings for those interested

Here's a video of it in motion

Edit: from /u/Nantoone, Here's a real picture of BB-8's actual inner workings for those interested

Here's a video of it in motion

An unexpected crossover, but a welcome one.

Shrewmouse travelling with kids

The little guy on the end drew the short stick in this situation. Getting thrown around all over the place.

Yeah, ever play crack the whip as a kid? Guy in last place ends up in the next time zone.

Oddest snake I've ever seen

Cute and disgusting.


That one kid stops dead in his tracks..

"Teach me your ways."

In the world of 3 year olds, the 5 year old is king.

Or: "Are you sure you are OK?"

That 5 year old's skills make me look like a freshly laid turd.


record scratch Yeah that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

Like this?

pause it right after he misses it. lol.

You can see the moment of acceptance in his eyes. just Welp this is happening.

Vaping By A Freeway

Wait, I'm upvoting a vaping gif?

It's like the vape sees the truck coming and hops away just in time.


I don't know...are you?

Satellite Imagery of 2017 Solar Eclipse

I've always wondered if the state lines were viewable from space

Yeah they're painted on

That's what Lewis and Clarke's journey was.. to paint the American border before Canada could steal any of it.

I didn't feel like there was any darkness in DC, even with 80% eclipse. Strange animation, definitely didn't feel like that

The Eclipse from my Office

Holy crap man, how were you not blinded by the sun?!

I didn't know either, glad I was able to get it on video for scientific documentation.

Cool. Didn't know the moon could pause in the middle of totality.

"Jim! Cut it out and get me that TPS report!"

Wake up dude

You can't flip your phone when you already started filming. /sub/mildlyinfuriating

Before you go go.

Wake me up


First Video of the 2017 Eggclipse

I hope you all wore your protective eyewear, UV exposure is no yolk.

I really hope that someone walked in to the kitchen while you were filming this and gave you... that look.

You know the look...




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