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Congratulations, I am dumb

Congratulations, I am dumb

This is a person who woke up on the wrong side of the bed and this was the final fuck you to his day

Yup this was "Congratulations universe, I said you couldn't make my day worse and you did. Good for you"

I can already hear him saying, "There ya go Dave. Great fucking Monday. You really did it this time. Good job Dave."

I had some plumbing issues awhile back and called a plumber over. He arrives, does his work and we get to chatting as I'm writing out a check and he's putting his tools back in his shiny new work truck.

I make a comment on the truck (which was really nice for a plumber in a small town) and he started going on and on about how much he liked it.

After a minute or two he's talking about the engine and pops the hood as we're standing in front of the truck. All of a sudden, we hear this loud screech and he's all "What the fuck is that noise?" and starts moving the hood up and down a few times with the noise coming on repeat.

Welp, as it turns out, he was scraping the paint right off the shiny new hood on some pipes overhanging the cabin on the rack attached to the truck bed.

Immediately he let out the biggest "OH SHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIT! MY BOSS IS GONNA KILL ME!"

I could hardly contain myself.

Pope Francis also doesn't want hold Donald's hand

That looks too real

Edit: never even came close to this many upvotes, very kind of you reddit!

Yeah, took me a few watches. It's very convincing.

The aftermath with Trump smiling and the pope shifting away really sells it

Jimmy Kimmel

This is from if anyone's wondering. Happens around 1:35.

Trump shoves another NATO leader to be in the front of the group

Trump shoves another NATO leader to be in the front of the group

"Move it shitbiscuit. El Primo Supremo is center stage."

This looks like a comedy sketch.

The way he adjusts his suit after... god this man is a character

I keep watching it over and over and that's the only reasonable answer. There is no way the president of the USA would act like this.



Edit: Well hopefully not - seems like him getting him getting stepped on is a popular theory.


The face of a dog that was brought to a shelter. Animals don't understand why their "pack" has abandoned them. They just know they're left behind.

That's heartbreaking.

Looked up the Pet Rescue on IG.

The dog's name is Electra...

She's been adopted!!!


Edit: Sorry everyone, on mobile... Look up either: • Facebook: Lolys Menchaca • IG: lolysmenchaca

Notes she's been: ADOPTED (Electra) Also, they also have just rescued 20 dog-fight dogs. Can't imagine how anyone treat dogs like this.

Edit 2: Gold? Thank you, kindly. 💕I'm just so happy this beautiful girl has gone to her forever home.

Just so everyone knows, this dog was adopted. A lot of dogs aren't. Adoption is always a good option when looking for a pet.

edit: Article source.

If this breaks your heart, then consider volunteering at your local humane society. Many dogs need to be walked every day. Every day, several times a day. And not enough volunteers to help.

Someone decided a regular private pool wasn't cool enough

It's called a lazy river.

Bad design. You could take the perfect nap in the lazy river till you smack your head on that bridge.

Not lazy enough... where's the guy who hands me my drink? Am I expected to get up for a drink??

You know you've made it when you have your own lazy river

Bride had cancer

So is the girl that caught the wig next in line to get cancer?


Yes, just picture the women tackling each other to get away from it.

Shit did she just pass on cancer to someone? is this a ritual?

Magic Roundabout in Swindon, England.

I think of my fellow American drivers approaching this for the first time..Nope Nope Nope.

In December 2007, BBC News reported a survey identifying The Magic Roundabout as one of the "10 Scariest Junctions in the United Kingdom"; however, the roundabout provides a better throughput of traffic than other designs and has an excellent safety record, since traffic moves too slowly to do serious damage in the event of a collision.

That's actually pretty ingenious.

As a Swede I feel exactly the same way and we have loads of 'normal' round abouts but wth is that thing?!

We feel the same way when we get to one of your 4 way stop signs.

Man vs Woman Reaction

Man vs Woman Reaction

One day my wife and I were watching a movie with another couple at my house. We were all sitting on my couch and were exhausted from the day at the beach. I nodded off and slumped over onto the guys chest. Being the awesome guy he is, he just let me sleep. That is until the ladies noticed and started taking pictures.

TL;DR A true bro will let you sleep with him.
true bros \m/

pics or it didnt happen

Spin to win

I'll try spinning, that's a good trick

TKD student here:

The short answer is: Yes, Red's concern was that a kick was coming so he kept getting out of the way.

The long answer is: With Red up 4 points to 1 with only a couple seconds left, the best strategy is to run out time and avoid contact. Leaving the boundaries of the mat is only a half point deduction penalty, so with that little time left and that score margin, the best strategy is to basically run away. Blue's spinning is offensive and defensive, A. It provides momentum for a kick if you get in range and B. It makes it difficult for Red to land a successful kick and therefore getting MORE points.

The trip was just purely accidental, Red was just trying to run out the clock and not get kicked by leaving the ring. Hope that explains it.

--EDIT-- The half point isn't a deduction from Red's score, but actually half a point FOR Blue; Not a huge difference as the literal difference ends up being the same, but wanted to clarify.


How did this work so well? Was red guy's concern that a kick was coming so he kept getting out of the way? If this is a viable tactic I know some ballerinas who could (not) kick all the ass.

Underwater in crystal clear quality

Also 60fps

I was not mentally prepared for the buttery smooth gif

Does it see so clearly under water cause it's a fisheye lens?

This technology and virtual reality would be huge.

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