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Meanwhile at Comcast...

Meanwhile at Comcast...

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"We're sorry"

"We're soo sorry.."

Would you like a free remote?

I bet you would, yeah...

Once porn becomes pay to play they'll be Cumcost.

Hydraulic press trying to crush a Nokia

Hydraulic press trying to crush a Nokia

3 things that will survive an extinction event, Rats, Cockroaches and Nokia 3310s. So over the next billion years Rats and Cockroaches will evolve being mobile phone savvy.

Actually, it did crush it.

there's no need for that bunker in the Arctic holding samples of species' DNA, just implant it all into 3310s and continue to use the phones. Easy and efficient!


Backyard hose party turns into a sinkhole.

If the other one fell in too it would be cuatro, sinko.

What the fuck is a backyard hose party

Sink hole de mayo

Playing with a bumble ball

To this day I have the goddamned bumbleball baby commercial jingle stuck in my head from the 90s , except sung like old fashioned twenties radio style.

Man I have not seen those in such a long time

Awwwww so cute

I remember those things. Lol

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