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Very interesting experience with electricity

What did he expected to happen? Free ice-cream?

If you do that... is there a chance of free ice-cream? Asking for a friend...

I recall watching a... low achiever in class do exactly this. Probably the funniest thing I'd seen in school; he teacher must have known what he'd been up to, as she wasn't in the least bit surprised by the flash and pop, and just smirked at him while he sat there in a daze.


This glass pane has a secret dimension hidden inside

This glass pane has a secret dimension hidden inside

Looks like you stumbled upon a Galactic Senate meeting

You just discovered where The Matrix hides the "batteries".

Total internal reflection. Same concept that makes fiber optics work. When light travelling through a denser medium (glass) approaches an interface with a less dense medium (air) at a shallow angle, it refracts so much it turns back into the dense medium. If it never encounters a surface at a more perpendicular angle, it just keeps bouncing around inside the glass. Through this mechanism, you're seeing the dimples on the under-side of the table reflected a crap-ton of times, and the light from those reflections finally exits the glass at the table edge.

I was thinking that or the matrix sleep pods where the bodies are harvested from

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