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Flying a drone through ice caves under a glacier in Alaska

There's something so satisfying about the stability of drone footage, especially after watching so much shaky handheld video. They're like little hovering Steadicams.

Chickens (and some other predators) hunt by detecting motion in their field of vision, so it's important for their world to look like a static background upon which an insect might move without warning.

Motions of the head and neck are intended to maintain a motionless visual field (the steadicam-like ability) but also to obtain a new visual field very rapidly, with minimal time wasted in transit.

Chickens don't actually keep their head in one position while walking -- they seem to bob back-and-forth, but this actually maximizes the amount of time spent at one point while moving. Each jerk of the neck is accompanied by a blink of the nictitating membrane to eliminate the image of a moving background.

Most birds cannot move their eyes, including chickens.

So instead of a vestibulo-ocular reflex, which targets the muscles around the eyes, chickens have a reflex that triggers the muscles of the neck. They don't have compensating eye movement, they have compensating head movement.

Chickens are probably much more weirded out by our ability to hold our eyes still than we are by their fixed head position, but there's really no way to ask.

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You can get a handheld gimbal these days for a few hundred bucks and get some ridiculously beautiful footage if you know how to use it. Pretty crazy how fast that stuff has advanced from camera crew members on sets wearing full body stabilizers to something you can get on Amazon

You can also buy/lendborrow a chicken and tape a camera to its head for a really cheap steadycam.

Policeman absolutely loves prank

His partner is good at being a sport for his amused superior. I can't act that well.

"When we bought the snowman suit you said it was for stakeouts".

The look of joy on his face is wonderful.

You know he's been watching all day and just can't get enough.

Steve Bannon experiencing his worst nightmare

Steve Bannon experiencing his worst nightmare

God its like something you would see in a satire about this administration.

Why the fuck would they bring him with them? Fear of him changing all the locks on the White House while they're gone?

As funny as this looks, I would like to see a longer version to see how he is really handling the situation.

"I... I... I didn't sign up for this. TRAVEL BANNNNN."


Lovin life

The tables have turned  


Thanks for the gold! Heres the video


Thanks for the gold! Heres the video

Must be awesome being a dog.

Must be nice being any creature that doesn't realize they end up in a puddle of dust eventually.



Every time I do this to my parent's cat, it bites at my throat and squirms away.

I will snuggle with you one day Mr. Pickles.

My cat does this to my arm when I am trying to fall asleep at night. We have this whole routine. He stands on my nightstand and meows ever so quietly until I reach out pet him or a few seconds. He then makes his way above my head, walking on my pillow to go to my other side and he sneaks under the covers. Once under, he turns around a few times, grabs my arm like this and plops himself down. He always has to hold my hand or arm. If I try to hold his paw, he will only allow it for a about a minute before moving my hand where he wants it. I love him so much.



Gotta be the craziest thing I've seen on Live TV

Gotta be the craziest thing I've seen on Live TV

One of the riders crashed on the previous lap, then got back onto the circuit and accidentally dropped oil on the track.

This happened in today's Moto3 race at Le Mans. The race was red flagged and started over with 16 laps remaining.

Why did this happen?

Last one did it just to fit in.

Kitten can't stop kissing cyclist who saved her

That cat is scared as fuck

OP is a complete idiot. This cat is not "kissing'' anyone, he's scared as fuck. Kittens are not smart enough to realize it when they are saved by someone anyway. They just see the saver as a dangerous giant.

I think this is more of case of a kitten trying to bite the kidnapper that took him on a scary ride.


Newspaper Retriever

My golden started doing this as a puppy. 10 years later, he was still doing it everyday. Unfortunately he passed away in December due to cancer, but he was the best boy ever.

Just make sure she doesn't eat any of that plastic!

I'm sorry for your loss he sounds like an amazing dog. My pup was also the best dog ever even if she would just run off with the paper. I lost her to leukemia.

It's not so golden at retrieving it though.

You gotta check out this view

flat as fuck.


It's just distorted because of the shape of the porthole. Obviously.

Imagine how awesome the world would be if countries focused more on competing in scientific advancement and space exploration, instead of arms races and war.

Glad someone else was smart enough to figure that out. I just put a 10-ft. level on the ground - that bubble's dead center buddy.

Teacher in a pink tutu schools a student

That's why he's called a teacher, he supposed to school them

Game... Blouses

Can't spell ballerina without baller

You can almost hear the collective "OHHHHHH" coming from the crowd. Kid should probably find a new school in a new state

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