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Mom kickflips while pushing stroller

I wanna see her jump a six stair with the baby next

i wanna see her breast feeding in a wing suit

I wanna see her give birth to her next child into a large bowl of homemade chili.

Disappointed. Was interested to see how someone kickflips a stroller

Heavy raining turns a bridge into a waterfall.

Surely there's a drainage fix here. Driving on an elevated stream seems a bad idea on the surface.

No, it's a bad idea all the way down.

I would NOT be driving on that old bridge with all that extra loading. Water is really freakin heavy.

Especially wet water

Ninja Cop channeling his inner Randy Orton

Exhibition BS. "OK... Hold me up while I wrap my legs around your head. Now, jump forward."

Is this the start of a gay porn or just a staged fight?

He's a Bullshitsu master!

Yup, because if there's one move that Randy Orton is known for, it's a Hurricanrana.


Bush Obliterator

That was my nickname in college.

Do you know the pain someone goes through to move every single frame around just for your pleasure?

I thought you were the Black and Decker Vagina Wrecker

Can someone put this gif in reverse so it spits out the bush?

Praise Be to Dog

So we're just reposting everything from that "Favorite "SAVED" thing' thread?

And the top comments are the replies. Cool, people suck

That dog is majestic as hell.

Credit to u/ffffunk

Watch the dude in the background...

Honestly expected him to start pleasuring himself or something. The internet has corrupted me.

Don't worry I picked up the slack.

Why would I watch the dude in the background?

Which guy, the one doing the backflip or the one creepily watching the chicks?

The fidget spinner is gone too far

I thought for sure the suspenders would help.

Ended just like how I hoped it would.

Power rangers did it better

but awesome when you're making your opening/closing statements in court.


Very Accurate title, was not disappointed.


¯\ _(ツ)_ /¯

"Trust me, I'm trying hard. Will you accept me?"

whole routine

His is hilarious.

Some say she's still flying to this day

Perfect form. Flawless execution. 10/10

Fixed it with a wink.

Fixed it with a wink.

Exactly, and that look the dog gives the camera during that jump says it all.

That sly look at the end... oh yeah I got it ! What's next?

Trumping Trump

Trumping Trump

Maybe all he ever wanted was a hug

You joke, but I think you may be more right than you know.

The man seeks constant approval and had a notoriously distant father. I don't support the the guy, but I'm pretty sure he could benefit from a genuine hug.

One up the Trumpshake by going for the awkwardly long hug. Don't let him go, he will try to pull away but don't let him. This hug is over when you say it's over.

Modi has insane grip, though. Maybe he thought he would get jerked forward in the process and have no leverage.

Still should've crushed his hand, though.

Maybe he thought he would get jerked forward in the process and have no leverage.

Still should've crushed his hand, though.

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