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[image] Motivation life

[image] Motivation life

So did you google "kill yourself quotes" to find this or what? And if you're thinking about suicide, even a little bit, just stop and please reach out - 1-800-273-8255

"I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now" "Why?" "Oh, 'cause she's dead!"

I'm cured.

As far as I know, clinical depression is the major cause of serious suicidal thoughts. This motivational quote pretends that you can just get rid of clinical depression by changing how you think about things when the problem goes much deeper than that.

[Image] The writing on the wall

[Image] The writing on the wall

Who is Somone? Will she make me happy?

I'm currently going through a tough breakup with someone who didn't make me happy. I know its a simple, albeit poorly written, message on a wall, but this helped me start my day today. Weird how motivation works sometimes.

Perhaps it is a sign. Maybe not a sign for you, but a sign for somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me, I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed.

It's always be the one who makes someone else happy because it's hard to make someone smile when he or she is down. Taking challenge to boost them up is always pays extra to your life. Be the change itself. Not the part of it.

[Video] Relationship goals

The flowers were a lovely gesture but she went straight in for her man.

If these two old couples can do, so can you. Don't be afraid to reach out and find someone who you can share your life with.

Find someone who is beautiful on the inside, not just the outside. Someone with a big, beautiful, thoughtful heart who after many many years, will still be the love of your life.

The onions are strong tonight. So happy for this couple!

"I'm so glad you're home, I missed you so much sweeheart. I've broken everything."

[Image] Whenever I'm going through a tough time, this always helps change my perspective on things.

[Image] Whenever I'm going through a tough time, this always helps change my perspective on things.

Like when you have a cold and take for granted all the times you could breathe through both nostrils

I've never been able to breathe through both nostrils. It always alternates between them.

Nah, I have the reverse. When you have good times you think to yourself, what bad shit is about to happen?

The problem with depression is that it blinds you to the good things.

It's as if your positive emotions are radio signals and depression is jamming them.

[image] My Husband is Going Through Military Training (Marine Corps)

[image] My Husband is Going Through Military Training (Marine Corps)

Freedom is a good way to describe it. I was a modest fuck up in high school (No issues, but absolutely, positively no future) with nothing but bad habits.

My wife teases me because my answer to, what was the best decision you ever made is never her, it's the military. I didn't realize it until probably 8 years in though; it's impressive he's got it figured out as a boot.

Kudos to him, and good luck to you both!

Oh the boot before they are cowed by the Green Weenie, it really is a thing to behold. Shortly someone will send him out for a box of grid squares. We were all there once and it was great, but fleeting (pun intended). Semper Fi

Did you join right out of highschool? He's mid-twenties so maybe your timelines are actually the same! :)

I know that recruit should be writing in the 3rd person.

[Article] The Only Two Secrets to Motivating Yourself You’ll Ever Need.

[Article] The Only Two Secrets to Motivating Yourself You’ll Ever Need.
[Article] The Only Two Secrets to Motivating Yourself You’ll Ever Need.

This is bad advice imo. Telling others about what your plans are activates the same dopamine rush you'd get if you actually achieved the goal, thus making you much less likely to actually complete the goal.

Do things you enjoy. Commit publicly to your goals so there's external pressure to achieve them.

I thought that simply announcing you were going to do something resulted in the release of endorphins rewarding you almost as if you had actually done it

Yeah, definitely don’t do this. Telling someone your plans and having them respond positively makes you feel accomplished just for having thought of what you want to do. You’ve set no deadlines, created no discipline, and you’re going to procrastinate just like you always have with an added bonus of anxiety anytime you talk to the person you told because you pray they don’t ask you about it. Instead, you could create a work ethic, accomplish steps to your goal, actually make progress, and THEN possibly show a friend your progress. The positive feedback from something you’ve actually accomplished would then be great motivation to keep going. But if you’re looking for a social reward before you’ve even started, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

[Story] I just made the most important decision in my life, I'm dropping college and starting from scratch.

[Story] I just made the most important decision in my life, I'm dropping college and starting from scratch.

(Sorry if there're any mistakes in my spelling)

Lets just start by saying that my family is very wealthy, and you are probably thinking that this is a missed opportunity, but I just can't do this anymore, I can't be daddys boy at this age (22), I don't have any money of my own, and everything that I have I did not even earn, I'm tired of following the same path everyone does, to end up as a mediocre employee in this mediocre country (Bolivia), I never had good grades, But also never dissapointed my parents in any way more than this (I don't drink, nor I do drugs, very dedicated to sports) I have to pay rent now, and working as a construction worker, and I couldn't be more happier to feel like I'm making use of myself.

Probably won't update anytime soon, since they'll be taking away all my stuff tomorrow. Sorry if I'm not being too specific for now.

Well at least now you're happy. Whether they see it or not you have to live your own life and make your own decisions. I'm proud of you even if you don't know me!

I made a similar decision 5 years ago. Decided to drop out of engineering to purse Journalism. Did take time to convince my parents, but all worked out in the end. I'm currently in my dream job, and even though it pays me a little less that what I was expecting, I'm quite happy with my life right now :)

I'm proud of you ♥️ i will always gonna be there for you :) i know you are gonna make it

nice job! hope it all works out!

[Video] Never give up, Never surrender!

[Video] Never give up, Never surrender!

Wish that little dog was mine

all he's done is use energy and time and still he didn't get the blanky.

This really motivated me. Thanks for sharing

Well that makes logical sense.

Can I ask another question, though? I checked your history, and it seems like you've been copying-and-pasting other people's comments.

This comment of yours from an hour ago...

is basically a copy-and-paste from this comment 16 hours ago:

Is there a logical explanation for that, too?

[Image] This is honestly the mind set that drives me

[Image] This is honestly the mind set that drives me


Don't give up on your grammar mr inspirational text.

Fuck it. Crush that mofo, and take his candy.

I know. It has driven me before. But when I find out what actually makes me happy, and I chase that I think that focus has gotten me more success. Happiness is the best success



I'm the same way about eating.

When I'm tired I don't stop; I take a break. I stop when I'm done.

Even then I'll have 1 more piece

Not good advice for long distance lorry drivers.

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