It was expensive, but I've wanted one for so long! My new pitcher friend.

It was expensive, but I've wanted one for so long! My new pitcher friend.


Do you keep that in the car? Didn't know that was a thing I've been wanting something for my work truck

I have a truck cactus. My wife hates it.

/sub/savagegarden for all your cp needs

Edit: you guys need Jesus

I let my artichoke go to flower.

I let my artichoke go to flower.

No! You mustn't let the common folk see this!! They might find out that artichokes are really just a glorified cultivar of thistle! Hide this immediately lest our secret will be revealed.

Those are gorgeous.

We just sprayed pesticides all over our crops for decades and eventually all the bee colonies collapsed. Easy.

So can i put thistle hearts on my pizza?

Wall Garden (spices, lettuces, carrots, etc)

Wall Garden (spices, lettuces, carrots, etc)

This photo was from last year's first crop.

We slid wood between the Handles of the milk jugs to hold them up and ran a hose across each row

I want to know about the construction. Are all the plants on shelves? How are they held up? Do they drain into each other? How do you water them?

That is quite beautiful! My partner build me a vertical garden. I adore the extra space.

Mine is also lettuce and carrots. Plus radish, spinach and strawberries. I have an herb spiral out front for the herbs.


One of our nursery cats just loves napping with the succulents & cacti!

One of our nursery cats just loves napping with the succulents & cacti!

So you work at a nursery, with cats? That sounds wonderful. Living the dream, my friend :)

Yep! We have 3 cats and 2 dogs, it is wonderful :)

Nope! the one she is hugging doesn't have spines. And when she does lay on cacti with spines, it doesn't seem bother her at all...probably because of her thick coat.

i think the cacti secretly like it too

Purple and orange daisy

Purple and orange daisy

Looks like a Zion Copper Amethyst Osteospermum.

Alright, dish it out, what's the variety name? I love it!

Yup I think that is it.


I started this garden in my early 50s. A small woman using a small shovel can accomplish quite a bit.

I started this garden in my early 50s. A small woman using a small shovel can accomplish quite a ...

The white over to the right is valerian. I originally planted it for my insomnia, but scent is so delicious I have yet to dig it up.

The rose purple stuff is a campanula and in back of it, the blue, is a veronica. In back of the veronica is an old salvia. The salvia can be cut back after blooming and will then rebloom. To the left of that is yet another veronica with lime green foliage. It's just starting to bloom, will probably look terrific by Monday.

Then there is the Japanese maple which I have had since it was a baby, the dogwood which was there when I moved in (but neglected as hell) and a spirea which hasn't bloomed yet.

The reddish flower is an Itoh peony. I learned about the Itohs here on Reddit. In back of that is another peony ready to pop.

Then, of course, the blue iris. I am partial to the blue irises.

I see foxglove and bee balm, what else did you plant? It looks lovely :D

Very nice!

I saw maybe two honeybees last year. When I was a kid, you could not walk barefoot, there were so many. On the upside, the bumbles seem to be taking over. I don't know if the bumbles are good for crops though. I stay away form chemicals as much as possible.

I have a feeder and spend a bit on wormies. I love the birds.

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

Warning: drunk post with more historical info than relevancy. Up to you how far you delve...

Sweet 100 (not super sweet 100) are amazing, my dad's (agriculturist + 40 years) favourite tomato, he's been growing them for almost 20 years now, from saved seeds. Sweet 100 are not hybrids, I grow them from my dad's seeds yearly and they are true, year after year. (At least my dad's variation is, if only because it is a seed established prior to such extensive hybridization and harvested during his background in AG research).

Super sweet 100 is the hybrid, iirc because of the popularity but non-hybridness (ie non-saleability - or seed saveability) of the sweet 100 - the super sweet 100 was created. It's just as lovely as the sweet 100 but without the hybridization (as my father explained - he's been saving these seeds, growing and harvesting every year for ~20 years). It's my favourite too, tied with the sun gold orange cherries and my aunt Tena's yellow brought from Russia ~100 years ago.

I may have a few original sweet 100 seeds saved down from the past 20 years, as well as some Aunt Tena's yellow Russian tomatoes if anyone needs some seriously heritage seeds. Aunt Tena's is the best yellow sandwich tomato you will ever experience. My family brought it from Russia while fleeing during the Russian Civil War (Mennonites) and it has survived via our family in Canada since then.

Edit: sober now. Thanks for the great response!!! If y'all want a couple of my Russian seeds, PM me. You must be in the US or Canada, sorry! They will be mailed.

What variety is this, this is amazing

Everytime it's reposted another tomato is added

possibly super sweet 100. home depot has them i believe

My night sky petunia!

My night sky petunia!

Haven't seen one of those before, outstanding.

Looks photoshopped. And not in a "lol that's fake" kind of way. It's just so vivid, it doesn't even look natural.

You can buy them at Home Depot!

It's beautiful! As it reblooms the genetic mutation of the white flower gets more and more prominent. Kind of interesting, they end up almost completely white after a month

My Stoplight Sweet 100's

My Stoplight Sweet 100's

Yes, he likes to keep an ever watchful eye on my comings and goings in the garden. 11/10 GOODBOYE

there appears to be a pupper scoping you and your tomatoes out in the distance...

You could have given that critique without the insult, you know. That was an option.


This is my 89 year old father. His father planted these 1923.

This is my 89 year old father. His father planted these 1923.

Rhubarb is a lifetime commitment. In the 1940's my grandmother planted rhubarb that came from her grandmother's garden. When I moved into my house 20+ years ago she divided the plant again and gave me a crown. We figure the original plant is easily 100 years old. I've divided mine several times and two years ago donated a crown to the local community garden. This winter was particularly long and hard but it was the first plant to poke through the soil and welcome spring. A rhubarb plant is like an old friend that never lets you down - and brings jam.

That's amazing and really inspiring.

We just bought a new house last summer and I've spent a back breaking two days planting fruit trees and tilling extremely rocky soil. It can be disheartening to know that we won't have fruit for 5+ years but this is a great reminder to be patient.

It also reminds me that I've gotta plant some rhubarb. Your father's looks amazing!

And also pie

Strawberry rhubarb pie is the most popular one where I work

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