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Should have watched where he was running

He thought it was a better alternative than getting beheaded by a half wraith

Death isn't so bad. It kind of makes the game more interesting: "Okay, so how am I going to take out a dude with a posse, insta-kill multishot, immunity to like everything, AND is hunting me down? Got it, clear the friends, get him alone, and spam the crap outta wraith grip."

Taking nemeses out is so satisfying.

Fun game, a bit repetitive but very fun. Do. Not. Die

no it's a different Mordor, this one has cookies and weed.

Once in a lifetime

I miss the days where that would kill absolutely everyone

I miss the days where that would kill absolutely

The "mines" shoot a few grenades through the floor and he managed to kill the entire enemy team with them.

This is not your beautiful house.

Can anyone explain what is happening? I see two mines planted but i dont understand what exactly is going on. Is it going through the floor?

Shiiiire... Baaaaggins....

Shiiiire... Baaaaggins....

"Ain't no baggins round ere"

"They're up in hobbiton! That way ------------->"

[Autistic Nâzgul screeching]



Shotgun Range

Shotgun Range

Then you whip out the slugs and huzzah, cross map headshots for days.

BF:BC2 is where i discovered this. My K/D ratio skyrocketed after that.

It's obviously done for balance reasons. It is a game after all.

And then there's weird shit in the borderlands games where they can literally shoot a smily face made of bullets.

True Friendship,

True Friendship,

Join that shit anyway. With your mic turned up to 11.



It literally shows what game everyone is playing when you join the party.

I once had a friend of a friend join a party uninvited who then tried to take "requests" for songs on rockband... we're all playing COD or whatever and all we can hear is clicky click clicky

You can disable this though.

From the dashboard. Go to settings - notifications - and check off "When friends join a party".

This doesn't bother me at all. Since I don't have friends to begin with. Poor me, scaring away all my victims, eh I mean friends, with my crazy experiments.

My go at a little fighting animation

The fuck you mean "little"

Luigis reach advantage OP

I think this is really solid. One thing that stands out to me is how flat the feet are always placed. I feel like on a couple of key stances the heel should be raised to help convey a sense of weight.

Baby don't hurt me

Baby don't hurt me

Do we get Conquest? I loved that feature in the OG Battlefront II.

Anyone else annoyed that the first list is labeled in a way that should warrant check marks instead of X's? It's things the first game DID have.

So far no word, and they poo-pooed the idea pretty hard before the first one came out, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

But honestly I'm not sure I ever played anything but conquest back in the day, so I really hope so.


I built an Ancient Arrow from Breath of the Wild

I built an Ancient Arrow from Breath of the Wild

Did you buy the ancient screws from Lowe's, or Home Depot? I can't find the damn things anywhere.

Never use it! You might need it later!

RPG 101: keep things until you need them. And then keep keeping them.

You should have built 5, it's slightly cheaper.

A Deep Discomfort

A Deep Discomfort

Everything is clear to me now. I am enlightened.

10 toes and no fingers

I am frustrated and disgusted.

Maybe they're gloves

Zelda BotW: You can beat an endgame boss naked with only 3 hearts and a bookshelf

The Mastershelf.

Endgame miniboss*

Edit: Wow. I didn't expect this to get 700 upvotes.

Not even a miniboss. Just a high level regular monster

I bet that fucking shelf doesn't break after like two minutes either and then needs five minutes to "recharge".

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