[no spoilers] Did a white walker body paint the other weekend, hope you think it's cool :)

[no spoilers] Did a white walker body paint the other weekend, hope you think it's cool :)

The Night's Queen

The Night King's wet dream. Sorta...

Uncanny resemblance of that Melisandre scene in season 6.

I mean, I'm going to take that one as a compliment 😂 sorta...

[NO SPOILERS] Jaime Lannister

[NO SPOILERS] Jaime Lannister



You should really tweet it to Coster Waldau.

He's a really down to earth person and he'd definitely appreciate this incredible drawing of him.

I think it's done with pens as well so I find it even better


[EVERYTHING] Jaime Lannister in Northern Furs

[EVERYTHING] Jaime Lannister in Northern Furs

He should get a hand made of dragonglass.

Edit: I was joking guys. I don't actually think he should turn into some kind of X-Men character lol.

Bitch slap the hell out of those white walkers

you really got that sad Jaime look down to a T

"Hello Mr. Night King, its Westerosi customs to shake hands, so let me extend to you my- KARATE CHOP!"

[EVERYTHING] Ser Arthur of House Dayne

[EVERYTHING] Ser Arthur of House Dayne

Looks more look Ser Tony of House Stark.

He would replace the sigil with an arc reactor and the motto will be "Genius, billionaire, playboy, philathropist"

Ser Guts of house berserk

...Warrior, Smith, Crone.

[EVERYTHING] Oil Painting of Viserion

[EVERYTHING] Oil Painting of Viserion

Looks so simple and yet so detailed. Well done!

You have no idea how much I want to take down my grandfather's portrait hanging above my fireplace and replace it with this.

I'd pay tens of dollars for this! Not because it's not good, but because I'm poor and tens of dollars are a lot to me. I love the simplicity!

The way you have the paint sort of pointed and clumped up where his fire hits the Wall looks fantastic. Really gives it life and dimension, it actually looks like it's hitting the wall's surface.

[EVERYTHING] Fantasy Football (x-post from r/HighQualityGifs)

John Madden commentary- "Boy I tell you, the Night King is special. Look how he sets his feet to throw (draws circle around Night King) and he just slings that out there. That's a good five hundred yards to his target (rewinds, draws circle around ball and path of ball to dragon) Now let's watch it again. Viserion is here (draws circle around Viserion) Now Viserion is going to turn inward (draws line in direction of Viserion) and the Night King, showing excellent poise, throws a dime hitting his intended receiver. Now Viserion get's hit hard here and he stumbles and finally crashes, but before he does fumbles it (Rewinds and fast fowards Viserion's descent several times and then draws a circle around where the ball comes out) But the North catches that ball for the touchdown. I tell what, you know who else does that kind of stuff? Brett Favre. I tell you, that play reminded me so much of Brett Favre and his creativity. How he get's the ball out and makes seemingly impossible throws. If this guy can play like Brett Favre, he'll have a bright future in this league."

Here's what's in the ticker:

Cersei Lannister 0/3 Offspring

Jaime Lannister 1/2 HNDS

Arya Stark ~7/11 Names

Bran Stark 3/3 Eyes 1,323 Carries

Petyr Baelish Out with Neck Injury

Viserion Late season trade to WW

The bottom line stats are a nice touch

This is almost perfect. The only thing missing is a "BOOM!" somewhere in there.

[EVERYTHING]Game of Thrones S7E07 Explained

[EVERYTHING]Game of Thrones S7E07 Explained

"While Jon´s cousin Bran explains Jon´s parents

Jon has sex with his aunt Daenerys"

How poetic...

"With Qyburn it's love at first sight"

Poor Mountain

it is official, season 7 is over!

[NO SPOILERS] So my best friend just asked me to be his best man, couldn't be more happy to accept this.

[NO SPOILERS] So my best friend just asked me to be his best man, couldn't be more happy to accept this.

Careful. People who wear those tend to die shortly after.

Also people who attend weddings tend to die.

A Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair

If the Rains of Castamere start playing, I'd start running! Seriously though, congrats!

People who wear those tend to die shortly after.

Or they just live shortly.

[EVERYTHING] Ser Davos Seaworth

[EVERYTHING] Ser Davos Seaworth

"I loved that girl, like she was my own, she was good she was kind AND YOU KILLED HER" damn it this was tense.

seriously though, shireen was so damn sweet. poor girl. one of the saddest moments in GoT.

"An admiral without ships, a hand without fingers, in service of a king without a throne. Is this a knight who comes before us...?"

Exactly .. she's still alive in the books .. and people say GRRM is cruel

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