Oh man, she woofed at you, you know what you need to do now.

Always WUPHF back

Shhh...dont make this harder than it has to be

But what if the haters woof back?



Put 2 anti-social people into a DM chat and what do you get?

Nothing at all, nobody is used to talking at all!

Joined the discord server long ago but still too shy to say anything. .-.

I said hi once and didn't get a response so for whatever reason I was too shy to post again :( feelsbadman

It's a curse I tell you!



Hyper scat is just part of the homely feel. I don't see what's wrong.

Ok we all know the site's UI is a disaster, but there's no need to use profanity. Especially in my good Christian subreddit

I still don't understand why they can't at least sort the homepage by most popular for that day, and not just by new. It wouldn't eliminate the chance of seeing weird fetish art, but at least it'd raise the quality bar above rock bottom.

Shitty MS Paint drawings are bad enough when they depict a fetish I like, I really don't need to see crudely drawn babyfur scat art when I open up FA.

(•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)



When normies don’t know how knots work...

Wow, they actually are just hollow with 2 or more entrances.

How does something like that even happen

Zoom in on the picture though




Looks like someone found a fursuit and is now having some prime blackmail material.

Time to change the continent.

Now he's hard as a rock!

Noo!! He petrified my boyfriend!



🔴w🔴 what's this?


Are you a student? If so, how tf can you afford University AND a Corvette??

Depending on the model and mileage, Corvettes aren't actually very unaffordable. $12K can find some decent non-convertible hardtops

furry irl

furry irl

Beam me up Scotty

Fun fact: that particular line was never actually said by anyone during the show. Cast members said variations of that phrase, like "Scotty, beams me up" or just "Beam us up" but kirk, or anyone, never actually said "Beam me up, Scotty"

POP TEAM EPIC has some of the best comic strips, and their animu is better

Snotty beamed me twice last night. It was wonderful.



He looks so happy!


OwO sees cock waffle

I too enjoy the act of "yiffing"

Has anyone else OwO'd today? I certainly have.

How are you fellow anthropomorphic beings doing today?



Hello! Your was removed for the following reasons:

Rule 8: The mods are literally targeting you -- yes, YOU! -- because we hate you and are exclusively removing your posts in order to lower your sense of self worth. We, the mods, take personal issue with every aspect of your content, and want you to know that we hate you and hope you feel insulted and offended and that our removing your post arbitrarily just for the sake of our unfair power trip has completely ruined your day. We absolutely do not care about the subreddit at all as a whole and simply want to flex our mod powers to make us feel better and you feel worse, that's why the 15 other people who posted the EXACT same thing had their posts approved!

If you feel this is incorrect and would like to dispute it, please feel free to reply to this message so we can ignore you and keep ruining this subreddit and the whole fandom!

Getting this message is on my bucket list

I wanted to call this furry_irl_irl but then this would've been removed xD

Nothing against the mods, but you know. A meme's a meme

I would say that shitposting enough to have a post be removed by the mods is badge of honor.



Actually, if you look at the text going along with those images (on twitter), it makes much more sense if he posted it in reverse, as in:

And here you are, Glowing sun 3/3 even when you think you have nothing, you will aways have me 2/3 it was all for you 1/3

Enjoy the knowledge.

Boy, you tryna tell me you didnt cry like a baby at that scene of the iron giant? Cause I know you lying if you saying that.

Tacklebox be tuggin' heart strings as of late.

But no worries. All is well at the end.

What uhh... What is this?

Try one of these subthreads