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Master Builders on break.

Okay this is great. And you roll a proper cone. Have an upvote

I like how he takes a bath in grinder first.

LOL.. just reminded me something.. A driver turned in a grinder that looked like a stack of coins.. Stunk to high heaven of pot.. Left it on the school bus. The next day, that twit actually asked for it the next day "I left my art project on the bus, some coins I glued together.".. Police were waiting in the office when they got to school, that moron actually brought and OZ to school on the day he was asking for his pot grinder back. Kids these days.

How about an uptoke?

How to get velociraptor

How to get velociraptor

That's a speediraptor.

To get a velociraptor, you need to use displacementiraptor, not distanciraptor.

I feel like a Timeraptor could fuck some shit up

The raptors still cancel though.


One of the fifth-graders I work with made this in his science class. It wasn't even for a grade.

One of the fifth-graders I work with made this in his science class. It wasn't even for a grade.

It needs to be put in as extra credit somehow.

Forgot in the differences columns

Can Smell What He is Cooking : Does Not Cook

Good thing it wasn't for a grade.

Wait. Isn't it wrong to do something that's not for a grade?

Have you ever seen the rock getting destroyed?… That's what I thought.


This just needs to be seen more

This just needs to be seen more


Lol the balls caught me by surprise

In Gordon's words "The "pork" is so raw it's still singing Hakuna Matata"

I want to know who took this picture. Who made Gordon Ramsey smile that way. Who bought the apron? So many questions.

the perfect shot

Who's a good boy now, bitch!?

Who's the bitch now, bitch?!

I love how he brought down the thunder of dog with that hammer paw.

Well its just playing. Hes not a dick. I did the same and my dog loved me over everything.

Apparently me circa 2001 had the same fashion sense as Ricky from Trailer Park Boys.

Apparently me circa 2001 had the same fashion sense as Ricky from Trailer Park Boys.

Hard to find those shirts. I guess It's just supply and command.

It ain't rocket appliances

Worst case Ontario, you can always steal Julians style.


No one gets cake

And still the worst part is the crappy emoticon taking up too much space.

I like it... "Not so fucking funny now is it?"

Man, I really understand this girl.

I was at a really nice dinner with a girl I was dating back in college and accidentally spilled a massive glass of water directly into my lap. About 90% of the water just went straight into my crotch before I was able to grab the glass.

I just looked at the cup in my hand and loudly said, "Fine! Whatever! Let's just get this whole fucking cup of water all over me!"

I then proceeded to dump the remaining water in the cup onto my lap, followed by, "That's great! Now its all out. Glad we could do that right!"

Pretty sure that is the most bizarre and potentially psychopathic thing I have done in my entire life. College is fucking stressful, man.

Obviously nobody in this thread is Mexican. This is a common tradition in Mexico and other countries to slam the birthday girl's/guy's face into the cake after blowing out the candles. Usually they only do it hard enough for them to get some on their nose, but the older you get the more likely you are going to get a face-full (at least for guys anyways). I used to hate that shit when I was smaller too, but if I did what this girl did I would've gotten my ass beat. :(

Throwback Thursday

Jeff beats him

I think

The real impressive thing about these videos is how little he reacts after making it on his 2000th try.

Damn right

The dog in the background barely flinched... must be thinking, "not this shit again"...

Seriously guys. Grow up.

Seriously guys. Grow up.

I can't afford coke. I can barely afford rent.

If you did coke, maybe you'd be able to earn that rent money.

Classic coke addict thinking

Rehashing Daniel Tosh jokes from years ago? What are we, 15?

Gotta admire the self-awareness here.

Gotta admire the self-awareness here.

Who else thought the girl next to him had no trousers on at first glance?

Should've worn a beanie the same color has his skin

I remarked, where are her knickers?! Good day sir!

What a dickhead

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