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Nature is brutal

Nature is brutal

You left out the part where he gets full after two and watches the zebra watch the remaining melt

The zebra wanted a different flavor but all they had left was plains.

That's how future serial killers are born

My grandmother grew up without air conditioning in Mississippi in the 1940s and always said the only cure for the heat on a brutal summer day was a popsicle in her panties.

So, this guy wandered up to me this morning.

So, this guy wandered up to me this morning.

For bitches call Dad.

Sweet. You got his number?

Plot twist: OP is dad.

Nah. I work in different places everyday, so every now and then I see stuff like this. Just usually not this funny.

Looks like Rocko found what he was looking for.

(Just kidding OP).

Dem pigeons

Dem pigeons


I see pigeons with bread all the time.


The gay guys on the mountain

The gay guys on the mountain

Sam to Frodo: "I wish i knew how to quit you"

You guys better start praying.

You guys better start praying.

"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (Powers up suit)

"But I tell you... Love your enemies... and PRAY for those who persecute you"

Suit unleashes a flurry of gunfire

He was a really talented carpenter.

Shoots nails from palms

This man is a legend.

Nobody will ever stop listening to your songs, Freddie.

//Thanks for correcting me over the Internet, kind stranger.

Kids today and their fancy "paper."

Kids today and their fancy "paper."

Kind of like cursive today.

"What will happen to children if they never learn cursive?"

"Literally nothing. It does make reading letters from grandma a little bit more difficult, though."

Well, to be fair, my penmanship is a pile of dogshit because I only used cursive in 4th grade.

Being observed with chalk on your clothes must have been a true sign of duncery.

Funny, but not real.

That isn't written even remotely in the style of 1815.

It was made up by Gene Zirkel for the winter 1978 issue of The MATYC [Mathematics Associations of Two-Year Colleges] Journal, in a “Viewpoints” column under the headline “Probable Quotes from History.”

Smooth moves kiddo

Video ends cuz the rest is evidence.

No, it was a gif.

He didn't hear the chair rolling away ?

That kid gets hit.

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