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Muscle memory is a bitch

Muscle memory is a bitch

"Oh shit, you're a person!"

"That's the last time I'm volunteering in your ' How to pick up chicks' classes, Martha."

Edit : Martha's actually my bestfriend's name, but now, I know what I'll be yelling whenever someone calls her Haha

There's this total bro at my gym that uses his girlfriend as a weight for squats and shit. I've never seen him drop her to the floor, but sometimes he'll forget he's not actually using weights and he'll put her in the dumbbell rack. There's nothing worse than going for the five pound dumbbells to squeeze off a few sets of bicep curls just to pick up this asshole's girlfriend by the snatch. It's like, bro, summer's coming up soon and I'm trying to get swole as fuck. I need those five pound dumbbells, breh.

Fun fact: the woman in the gif is Madeline Curley, known for her role as Mina in Stick it (2006). She's a former collegiate gymnast at UNC turned actress/professional crossfit athlete.

Ego reducing by the second

Every time I see something like this I brace myself for the inevitable broken arm carnage

This reminds me of that episode of SpongeBob where he buys inflatable buff arms but can't lift a cup.

In high school we had a class arm wrestling tournament. Every guy in the class participated, whether jock or nerd or anything in between. The winner was one of the scrawniest-looking dudes in our class. His favorite hobby was rock climbing. Alex, if you happen to be reading this, you are a crazy motherfucker and I love you for it.

Edit: my most upvoted comment is just me rambling about some shit from a while ago like an old guy. What is life.

Edit 2: no I didn't go to school with Alex honnold...BUT apparently /u/link81112 did go to the same school as me, and we're talking about a class of around 30 people, so that's crazy!

Things my teacher(s) can do better.

Things my teacher(s) can do better.

Better sharpen my pencil for this bit.

yeah, sure this kid knows about the Genva convention, but what about the Treaty of Versillys, which capped the German army's recess time to 30 minutes/schoolday?

I got a C for the course in 9th grade history because my teacher gave out busy work that she graded whenever any kid broke a rule - which was often. I told her I refused to accept any punishment for something I did not do and she calmly told me that was fine but I would get a zero for that work. We took an exam every 6 weeks and our grade was the average of all our course work and the exams (50/50). I aced every test and ended up with a low C. No regrets.

Thank you, that gave me a chuckle. Wouldnt have noticed on my own.


A Google employee quits his job to work for Bing, and his coworkers get him a cake.

A Google employee quits his job to work for Bing, and his coworkers get him a cake.

First time this was posted it was about a guy who got hired by Bing, and his friend had this cake made for him. The guy wasn't an ex-employee.

Either way, it's really funny.

I mean, I see the cake. But I don't believe the premise.

Who the fuck would willingly go from Google to Bing?

Are you saying that this is a... repost?


COME ON DOWN TO /sub/pitchforkemporium


Traditional Left Handed Fancy ---E Ǝ--- ---{


33% off! 66% off! Manufacturer's Defect! ---F ---L ---e


The Euro The Pound The Lira ---€ ---£ ---₤ HAPPY LYNCHING!

* some assembly required

Bee 1 me 0

Bee 1 me 0

Get swole with this one simple trick!



Like this?

Extremely Rare Sneakers

Extremely Rare Sneakers

The new Kobe's?

This pun meats my expectations

I'm going to pimp your post, because it's well done.

"Chuck" Taylors????

I see your point

I see your point

I thought the baby on board sticker was to point out who to aim for.

Well yeah, babies aren't good drivers.

The irony that it's usually the cars with "baby on board" sticker who are terrible drivers.

Nah, it's so you know there's good eatin' inside

The Original

The Original

Oh man I once saw one of my classmates nail himself in the eye with one of these going full blast, absolutely hillarious.

Grad School is fun.

Doing a field study in physics, I see.

Stop spinning that ruler and go empty the pencil sharpener.



What have you been feeding your dog for it to turn green?

Dog : "Talk Dirty To Me"

I be Rollin in da grass, they be hatin

Geez I thought this was a frog or something.

Walked in my house and was greeted by this dog. This isn't my dog.

Walked in my house and was greeted by this dog. This isn't my dog.

My spidey senses tell me that we are looking at a picture of OP's dog

I mean, it does happen. My roommate came in one time and asked "is the dog cool?". And I said "huh?" because we didn't have a dog. He told me there's a dog in the back yard, been there for hours, wanted to know if it was friendly so he could go pet it. And he was right, there was a dog there for hours. Turned out he was "cool". I cooked him dinner (didn't have any dog food) and hung out for a bit, walked inside to get him more water, walked back out and he had vanished. We were left wondering for weeks. Finally a couple weeks later I'm out front of the house and I see the dog. He walks up to a neighbors yard, stands next to the fence, and does some crazy video game-like jump where he just hops 6 feet in the air, translates 3 feet sideways, and lands flat back on the other side of the fence. Roams the yard for a minute, comes back out the same way, goes on to the next house. I have never before or after seen a dog jump like that, and have never seen him again. He was a good boy.

Holy shit. Last month I heard a dog barking in my basement. I don't have a dog. I went downstairs and there was a dog that looked exactly the same as the one in the picture. That's a weird coincidence.

How much luggage does one dog need????

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