Funny funny

He was waiting for this moment

Mark Ruffalo27 years later. Paul Rudd 6 years prior.

Even MCU actor interviews have a connecting story

is it just me or is mark starting to look like vincent d'onofrio?

Hulk make age faster

The acid was strong with this one

The acid was strong with this one

Why am I even browsing here

No it wasn't. He was laughing at himself and completely aware of what he was doing. This isn't even funny. Just cringey.

More like salvia.

Today on "Why I don't have kids":

Today on "Why I don't have kids":

I know it’s a joke. I want to say this anyway: If you have children go for self-optimisation. You know that children know pretty much nothing and misbehave very frequently and consistently, so you should be well aware, that your child is probably going to do something stupid. That’s why you could predict this to happen when you let a drawing lying around. Sometimes you can prevent accidents by optimising yourself.

That kid is a prodigy!!... However, you should work at drawing more than squiggles. Tsk tsk.

I guess at this point crying is the only option left :/

It was a very nice drawing tho

Thank you thank you. Next time I'll do it even better! But for now... I'll go cry in the corner, yes.

Pretty cool motivational gym shirt idea

Pretty cool motivational gym shirt idea

As someone who sweats profusely during exertion, this would be home time in 5mins or less.

Good for this guy. I grew up in a family which owned a gym, and my father very early on taught me how we should all be compared against ourselves, as we all have different circumstances. He told me about one guy before I was born, always busting his ass but still looked like shit (average height, ~250 lbs, and very obese). My dad wondered why this guy even bothered until eventually seeing the guy's twin brother, who was easily 100 lbs heavier.

Someone busting their ass in the gym is busting their ass in the gym to be the best they can be. That's respectable regardless of your own perception.

Let me just walk from my car to the gym and... were done for the day.

He told me about one guy before I was born

I mean, you have astonishing memory...

Jokes aside, minding your own business (in the literal way) helps a lot in many fields,

just don't overdo it, give attention to others when it's needed.

No noobs allowed

No noobs allowed

I laughed harder than I should have

I rage quit just watching this video.

This infuriates me.

Comment on your own comment?

A necessary Evil.

A necessary Evil.

Not all hero’s wear headphones

Then blasting the eardrums of whoever figured it out because the volume was at 1000% when they pulled it out.

there’s also some phones that have the capacity to act as universal remotes. Sometimes you have to download an app.

Unfortunately they stopped putting IR scanners in most phones a few years ago, so unless you managed to avoid planned obsolescence the odds are against you.

This butcher shop has a mounted vegan

This butcher shop has a mounted vegan

Dude fuck you man, be vegan but don't be so bloody preachy. You make the rest of us vegans look like judgemental jerks. This holier than thou attitude will get you zero friends.

A CrossFit instructor, a vegan, and an atheist all walk into a bar....

We know that because they told everyone in the first 5 minutes.

Found the vegan.

Dude you are worse than those atheists who think they are making the world a better place by insulting and belittling every single person they meet. So just shut up already, I can't even reasonably call myself a vegan because of assholes like you. You are the reason this meme exists, you are the trophy vegan on that wall.

Bless you

Bless you

What a dick. Man in grey

I thought she was his wife

The other day my buddy said his gym was open nine to nine and I was like "luftballoons nah nah nah..." I think he felt the same way.

At 2 = sneezing (achu)

For every upvote, I will gave someone their data back.

For every upvote, I will gave someone their data back.

I upvoted, give it back

I upvoted, gave it back

I didn't. Keep it.

Can I get somebody else's data? It shouldn't really be an issue, right?

Try one of these subthreads