Funny funny



I you want this

Ill take it


Got one for Cankle Envy?

Decisions Decisions!

Wtf was he holding the camera with

How does that work? Is it alive?

He uses a selfie stick/crutch.

Maybe his mouth?

When hackers become jackers [repost from r/MrRobot]

When hackers become jackers [repost from r/MrRobot]

I was wondering the same f**king thing. You'd think that the internet warriors, Anonymous, would be immediately attacking the FCC, comcast and all those telecoms. I guess hot pockets and jacking off were more important.

Better be careful there mate, they're going to hack you.

There is a chance that they aren't talented enough to pull off any of the hacking shit they claim they can. Maybe not even remotely close to doing any of it.

Translated your comment into English. You're welcome.





I am puzzled by what is funny... I get the joke in the sense that yes I can see how they say madly waving reins and all that but the funny escapes me.

Also, the title... what is spacepee and what has it to do with the joke?



Poor horse

Hello 911

Hello 911

It’s just a myth; doesn’t exist.

Thats just amazing

Hoohah, cookie, reindeer nose, bojangle

Hey grandma, let me show you

A Friend In Need. ;)

A Friend In Need. ;)

Imagine how awkward the actually car ride was after that...

A repost indeed

when the only person who is always there for you is the uber driver.

Around 15min.

What a bargain!

What a bargain!


By Grabthar's hammer... what a savings.

Snow White 2014

Snow White 2014

Grab me harpoon, I'm going in.

I try to splain. I don know, I jus try.

That eye shadow is popular and resembles Snow White style makeup. The selfie pose is typical of a young woman nowadays. The fatness is her diet of Mt Dew and Cliff bars that she thinks are "healthy". Since she thinks she's eating "healthy" she has a positive body image. She thinks that she should not be shamed for being fat, because she is eating the stuff that says it's healthy (Well, besides the Mt Dew. But that shit is addicting). So back off jack off, she is a healthy person. The food she eats says so.

The comment immediately below is a condemnation of how people misrepresent themselves.

I have never asked this of a man. I know I'm not fat and I never will be. Actually, I have said it once, as a joke to mock someone (I have abs.)

This is the profile pic.

is the profile pic.

The hero we need in these trying times

The hero we need in these trying times

For the lazy.

His website is amazing, start with objects and move onto personal issues.

He even wrote a song with video.

This guy is serious.

I'm not lazy! But... Since this is here... 🤔

Man Joaquin Phoenix’s career really took a nosedive

Careful what you wish for

Careful what you wish for

Oh no, it was retarded.

Looks like a pony, but it's secretly a jack ass!

Eugenics is one of those things that's uncomfortable to talk about, and yet will never not be relevant.

If anything, as science progresses we are seeing that lots of psychopathic/dangerous character traits are heritable.

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