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Best. Ad. Ever.

Best. Ad. Ever.

If you think breaking a mirror leads to seven years of bad luck,

just try breaking a condom.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

That's an /sub/adporn gold!

for a second i thought there is a tiny iPhone on the table next to me

for a second i thought there is a tiny iPhone on the table next to me

haha it looked so weird until i realised the phone is actually on the floor

No, clearly those are just large playing cards

How it feels to hold an iPhone 4 after using an iPhone 7 plus

You forgot the banana to compare

I Just Can't Take That Chance

I Just Can't Take That Chance

. . . of which you are the moderator and sole member.

Bugs me theres no end quote.

I laffed tho

That is correct

Thanks buy my aunt already shared this on Facebook ten times.

Perfectly placed lawn ornament in Arizona floods.

Perfectly placed lawn ornament in Arizona floods.

It looks like a stroke

Butterfly or breast stroke

So someone actually bought that.... I've seen that in sky mall for many years

Thanks for the nightmares I'll be having this evening.



Genies are bitter because nobody ever asks them what they want.

What the fuck is up with dude's smile on the last frame?

My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush

They already address that in the comic. At one point in your past you had three wishes.

Proper gas station bathroom etiquette

Proper gas station bathroom etiquette

I love the fact a line drawing was censored.

Gas station manager here. People are complete dumbass when using restrooms.

Bullshit. Like the toilet in a gas station would have a seat. Hell, I even stopped at gas station in Kingman, AZ once and there was no toilet. Just the hole with the wax ring. People were still shitting and pissing in it.

Only partially make things appear larger than they are.

Wait a minute...

Wait a minute...

I bone my dog with love

I love boning my dog

Probably the parents of the teen that's been plowing their wiener dog

Doesn't count if its your own dog.

ghouls gone wild

ghouls gone wild

Maybe those are her real boobs

Wouldn't that hurt her real boobs?

At this point I'm too afraid to ask.

How do boobs work?

"How do you like it?"

This is pretty much the extent of a pug's purpose and abilities in life.

Stop laughing at me.

Love the paw. "Human...I get"

I laughed to hard, hot coffee came out of my nose. Thanks!!

Valid point

Valid point

Should've signed it "Thank you, Management" then it would be much more clear.

In that case, the original messenger doesn't even use the fridge but sees people open it and it's gross. They probably wonder how people can stomach leaving their food in there and just wants everyone to be more responsible for things people share.

I am not sure which side is left or right in my scenario but it sure hits home.

haha man i sure showed those liberals on the internet today. i’m so smart.

I ain't cleaning shit out of a fridge that has an "Upstate New York Poison Center" magnet on it.

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