This image on the tie-down / jack point on my car.

This image on the tie-down / jack point on my car.

(It's actually supposed to be the back end of a car being jacked up).

That’s all I saw for longer than I’d like to admit

Gawd bless you sir

Warning: you may go full scorpion if you trip over the jack.

Tricksy longboard.

Tye-dye shirt and longboard. He set himself up for this one

He crossed into a video-game reality and the physics glitched.

it's the leg spasm when his face hits the pavement that really brought it home for me.

I think John Cena gave him an uppercut. Not too sure though.

Sliding cyclist scorpion

Sliding cyclist scorpion

Godalmighty. Gonna take a few months to grow all that skin back.

Let me just bunny hop a row of people wearing no shoes gloves or helmet wcgw?

Skin might grow back but I don’t know about that chin

Well the helmet and shoes wouldn't have helped really because his chin was on the ground not the top of his head and also his feet were in the air... But yea those gloves would have helped

They say this extremely rare "Reverse Full Scorpion" occurs once in a century.

They say this extremely rare "Reverse Full Scorpion" occurs once in a century.

Yes, but it gets reposted more often than that.

Not as funny as the first 45 times I've seen this posted.

Some people need helmets full-time!

Do it properly instead of half-assing it and it's once in a lifetime.

Good thing she was wearing a helmet!

Good thing she was wearing a helmet!

Tank top was definitely the wise choice.

That's some nasty rash on her shoulder. Looks like a rasher of bacon

Rip cleavage.

My driver’s ed teacher made a point about wearing the right gear while riding. He said whatever touches the ground stays there. This illustrates that nicely, and she was going pretty slowly.

Knee slide into scorpion

Knee slide into scorpion

I could hear that


An important lesson was learned this day

Yea, you have to wet it first.

Double whoopie boob-boom: tree roots, creek.

The strength to support one's own bodyweight is severely underestimated.

Christ that was pathetic

Right, this was probably the first time she’s swung on a rope since she was a kid.

Prior to opening this post I didn’t know what a double whoopie boom boom was. TIL.

Using the stairs to get a mid-air scorpion

Wall scorpion to stair scorpion to wall scorpion X3 multiplier

Achievement Unlocked

It's a good thing his face was there to break the fall.

His shoe came off but his hat didn’t. I’m impressed.

The very rare Horse Scorpion sighting.

The very rare Horse Scorpion sighting.

That doesn't look like Christopher Reeve.

Not rare at all. Almost every time I've seen a rider fall off the front of a horse its results in a Scorpion.

I love you the most!!

Ah, the famous "Christopher Reeve" maneuver. Not many have the courage to attempt such a daring trick. Even fewer have the lifelong dedication to it that the man it was named after did.

Pole vault

That's one of the nastier scorpions I've seen on here. 100% ouch. That's gonna hurt come winter...

The front usually doesn't fall off

How do actually practice this sport without doing this all of the time?

Dam. that looked like it actually hurt. have an upvote.

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