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Daenerys is a lucky woman. A good lover...

Daenerys is a lucky woman. A good lover...

... That escalated quickly

She threatened him in that scene after he promised her he wouldn't betray her

Gods i hate Ygritte

Jump under a table to dodge the downvotes

Jon is lucky too. At least we know Dany bathes regularly.

DAY 25 without GoT

DAY 25 without GoT

Unless there's a leaker hiding behind that rock. I'm done.


Just kill me ya cunt

I'd skin you alive for leaks

the performance of the kit improved over the seasons

the performance of the kit improved over the seasons

After the lannister family, kit is being the best, I did not like the show's Maisie performance this year. How extraordinary was the scene of the dragon, jon transparecia emotion by the look and breath. It is difficult to do this kind of scene, because the actor does not see a dragon.

How intense Jon gaze to Daenerys, presenting desire + attraction, something we have never seen in Jon.

Jon scene coming out of the lake was sensational, I could feel the cold Jon Snow was feeling.

this season for me was about jon snow, and kit did not disappoint. it's hilarious as we all thought it would be about daenerys. But in the end, the season was over Jon.

This season was both kit and Emilia's best by far

I agree, Kit is turning into a top quality actor. He is being recognised for it now as well. To be honest I think he has never been bad but now he is up there with the best on the show.

It really has. Kit has admitted he didn't like his sulky portrayal of Jon in the early seasons so he must have worked really hard to change it. He still isn't on the same level as other actors on the show but he really has improved a lot.

It's fair to point out he's GREAT in action scenes. He has been deemed to be the best in stunt work and those kind of scenes really showcase his talent. He's also excellent in comedies, his delivery is on point.

Agreed. This is Emilia's strongest season since season 1 imo. I think she's a great actress anyway, but her strongest suit is when she has to show her emotions whether outwardly or with subtle expressions. That's why the vast majority of her non-GoT roles are emotional ones.

She's so incredibly expressive, so the seasons where they have her just being "queenly", that really suppresses her. So, when you have a season where she has to portray such range from regal, to fearsome, to scared, to angry, desperate, grieving and heartbroken, falling in love, trying to not fall in love and doing it anyway. That's where she shines, and that's why this was such a strong season for her. It really helped both ways having her play opposite Kit, who is also great at portraying underlying emotions without words.

I hope they continue on this path with Dany in season 8, so Emilia can continue knocking it out of the park.



best thing that stephen tyler ever produced

Is this a crossover episode?

The first few Aerosmith albums are stone cold classics though.

Similar hair, jackets,'s pretty clear that she's his butt double for the Dany love scenes.



She's really so so pretty man

Is that what you're saving your virginity for?

Id bend both my knees for her, if you know what i mean

I wanna marry her so bad

Freefolk PR Rep on the news this morning

Freefolk PR Rep on the news this morning

5 seconds before his wildfire vest detonated


Yeah but Sansa gave him a cloak so it must be true love.

Right proper shitpost



okay lads I'm going in

I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.

Whoever is dating Emilia is a lucky bastard.


Bravest Girl in Westeros

Bravest Girl in Westeros
Bravest Girl in Westeros

Bravest? Really?

She endured a lot of shit and she grew smarter because of it, not braver. Lol

Not sure about brave, she's been through hell no doubt and is a survivor over adversity, but it was almost entirely passive because she had no choice being used by everyone. Bravery implies active agency which she never possessed in any real sense until very recently (and that was literally gifted to her by Jon).

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