That look you give your friends when they fill you in on what happened last night.

That look you give your friends when they fill you in on what happened last night.

"Why the fuck would you let me break into a petting zoo???"

For fucks sake Tyrion, you’re the only one that fit under the gate. No one told you to ride the goat!

I’m such an embarrassing human when I’m drunk. I hate hearing about it the next day.

Yeah "ride" the goat.

there's something about Margery

there's something about Margery

That's not Margaery. That's the High Sparrow.

high sparrow? More like Hot Sparrow amirite

Actually I think she was the most beautiful woman on the continent, but three children and years of heavy drinking have had a strong effect on her.

to be fair they are not at the same place and storywise cersei is considered the be the most beautiful woman of the continent

ABC - Just realised there's so many we could add to this.

ABC - Just realised there's so many we could add to this.


Sorry, A must be for ass-eating. It is known.


I’ll go first. A is for Aerys the mad King ‘Burn Them All”.

Oh yeah!!!!

Oh yeah!!!!


So you think putting a flair changes the fact that you used one of the most upvoted /sub/freefolk posts for that sweet, sweet karma?

Fucking shameless repost.


You are not supposed to repost.

Incredible Oberyn

Incredible Oberyn

Gods, I love the Incredibles

I can't wait for incredibles 2!! better not be shit, but have hope!

I always think of this when watching Oberyn monologue and now someone has made a meme of my thoughts.

In this scene Oberyn mouth looked like he was chewing Tobacco.

Another Season 8 set "leak" leaves more questions than answers [GIF]

I want to see the reaction of this sub after season 8 if there is no ass eating.

The resolution is so bad that if you reverse image search it on Google all it gives you is pictures of shadows. My dumbass was trying to magnify yesterday, to no real benefit

You shut your whore mouth! We will always know ass-eating happened on that boat, even if we didn’t see it.

This high quality GIF better fucking make this to the front page. It has the criteria:

High Quality Pointing a shitty cliche in literally all crime shows Mention of Jon's ass eating

If only they said Trebuchet and not catapult.

I couldn't think of a title.

Boatbaby catapult is worst OC Grey Worm has ever seen.

The long catapult is coming, and the baby comes with it.

I love how boatbaby has already made a legend of him/herself even before he/she is born. 😆

Grey worm only make joke

She’s a slow learner...

She’s a slow learner...


She never calls him Littlefinger to his face, but she also never grants him the privilege of reciprocal intimacy. He is her uncle-by-law after he marries Lysa, but she never ever encourages him.

He kisses her twice (Vale, crypts) and tries a third (godswood), and she is always stock still, not clawing him off her but also not responding the way you would respond to a lover's kiss.

Sansa managing LF for the better part of five seasons is something only she could have done. He wanted to be Petyr to her, and she was all, "Hey old guy, sure give it your best shot, but naw."

"No need to seize the last word, Lord Baelish. I'll assume it was something clever."

Friendzone’d harder than Jorah.

Actually the most brutal murder in the show.

Bet she now knows which one he chose

Bet she now knows which one he chose

Much needed comic relief after a morning of Jonsa. Thank you.

Dany: That's great. Let's go. Our boat is waiting.

That last smirk is perfect.

Jon already has a baby:

Jon already has a baby:

I read the budget was upped to 15 million per episode. They better find some Ghost money in there somewhere.

He's Jon's Emotional Support Animal.

OSHA may mandate his presence.

Ramsay stabbed Osha in the neck in season 6, you goofball.


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