The Book that was promised

The Book that was promised

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First time posting here am i doing it right ?

First time posting here am i doing it right ?

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Northmen are fun company

Northmen are fun company

Dracarys 🔥

🔮 Glovers’ head rolls season 8 for sass-mouthing the dragon queen. 🔮

That speech from Glover in the KOTN was brillant tho

Lord Glover? Doesn’t ring any bells?

The Sapphire Wedding

The Sapphire Wedding

This is a marriage foreshadowed in dreams.

She went to sleep dreaming of the fight they’d had, and of Ser Jaime fastening a rainbow cloak about her shoulders. –AFFC, Brienne IV

In Brienne’s dream, Jaime has not only taken the place of Renly but is also preforming the act of putting a cloak about her shoulders. In westerosi culture, a man putting a cloak upon a woman’s shoulders is analogous to a man putting a ring on a women’s finger in western culture. It's their version of the exchange of rings.

Finally the doors opened, and her betrothed strode into her father’s hall. She tried to greet him as she had been instructed, only to have blood come pouring from her mouth. She had bitten her tongue off as she waited. She spat it at the young knight’s feet, and saw the disgust on his face. “Brienne the Beauty,” he said in a mocking tone. “I have seen sows more beautiful than you.” He tossed the rose in her face. As he walked away, the griffins on his cloak rippled and blurred and changed to lions. Jaime! she wanted to cry. Jaime, come back for me! –AFFC, Brienne VIII

Brienne remembered her dream, waiting in her father’s hall for the boy she was to marry. –AFFC, Brienne VIII

Again, Jaime is taking the place of another in Brienne’s dream. Her betrothed. And again a cloak is present in the dream. Not just any cloak, but the cloak of the boy Brienne was to marry, the Lannister sigil upon it.

It’s also interesting that unbeknownst to Brienne, she has already been avenged by Jaime himself. After a five-minute conversation with Brienne’s ex-betrothed, the Red Ronnet, Jaime smashes the guy’s face in with his golden hand for having thrown a rose at Brienne and having disrespected her.

Jaime’s golden hand cracked him across the mouth so hard the other knight went stumbling down the steps. His lantern fell and smashed, and the oil spread out, burning. -AFFC, Jaime III

Ronnet is knocked to the floor and is forced to spit out a mouth full of blood similar to how Brienne experiences blood pouring from her mouth in her dream. Jaime then demands that Ronnet address Brienne with respect when speaking of her.

“You are speaking of a highborn lady, ser. Call her by her name. Call her Brienne.

"Connington edged away from the spreading flames on his hands and knees. "Brienne. If it please my lord.” He spat a glob of blood at Jaime’s foot. “Brienne the Beauty.” -AFFC, Jaime III

The next day Jaime sends Ronnet away so that he will never have to look at the man again.

But that’s not all. This is a marriage foreshadowed at another wedding as well (on the show at least).

GRRM wrote the scene of Loras telling Jaime he will never marry Cersei while Brienne walks by as The Bear and the Maiden Fair plays in the background. He also wrote the scene of Cersei calling out Brienne for being in love with Jaime.

The Lion and the Rose (Episode 4x02) is not only credited to GRRM, but he specifically confirmed that he wrote these Jaime and Brienne scenes in the episode commentary.

“In the books of course, Brienne and Jaime are still on the road during the wedding and they are not present at the wedding. They are still trying to reach King’s Landing and they only come in afterwards. So, having them come in at the end of last season changed a whole dynamic here a little. When writing this scene, I couldn’t just straight adapt the scene as in the books… I had to consider… well… we have extra players here who were not there previously. What will they be doing?” -GRRM

Another point of interest is that The Bear and the Maiden Fair is a song about a Beauty falling in love with a Beast. The parallel is made ever more obvious in the books when the Red Ronnet refers to the bearpit as the place “where the bear danced with the maiden not-so-fair”. And as we know GRRM modeled Jaime and Brienne after Beauty and the Beast.

"George R.R. Martin said what he wanted to do was to take the traditional format of Beauty and the Beast and change the roles — and also the genders." - Gwendoline Christie (Actor, Brienne of Tarth)


"[GRRM] also said that when he wrote the story of Jamie and Brienne, he was taking the formula of Beauty and the Beast and turning it on its head. He wanted to see what it was like for the man to be the beauty and the woman to be the beast and how that would play out." - Gwendoline Christie (Actor, Brienne of Tarth)


"I spoke to George R.R. Martin about this, and he said that it was always his intention with Jaime and Brienne to take the classic Beauty and the Beast story, and turn it on its head. Brienne is not ‘unconventionally attractive’, she’s ugly, and she’s ugly to society. She is the beast." - Gwendoline Christie (Actor, Brienne of Tarth)


But the Old Gods ship it!

They've foretold of these two naked and touching. I wouldn't be surprised if the Old Gods have more to do with Jaime and Brienne. If you haven't noticed weirwoods pop up repeatedly in both Jaime and Brienne's ASOS/AFFC chapters. ;P

I wish I could give you gold!!!!! all the little details! Its amazing :)

As he walked away, the griffins on his cloak rippled and blurred and changed to lions. Jaime! she wanted to cry. Jaime, come back for me! –AFFC, Brienne VIII

I just died and came back, lol

This is beautiful

This is magical

This is happening

This is magical

This is happening

The cutest King and Queen

The cutest King and Queen

I am a man and this shit is adorable.

Goddamnit if they don’t both survive at the end, I’m writing my congressman.

Dany and Jon's wedding photo. Someone photoshop Winterfell in flames in the background.

Emilia´s picture should be in every dictionary next to the word adorable.

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