New tattoo: a little ode to frank oceans shoot and Kevin abstracts “helmet boy”

New tattoo: a little ode to frank oceans shoot and Kevin abstracts “helmet boy”

It’s nice to see some Kevin Abstract love in this sub 😊

So clean!

Holy crap that's actually a great tattoo.

That's a dope tattoo, dude

I see both sides like Chanel

I see both sides like Chanel

"The lights dim..."

I wuz jus tehlling I gut dis gurl before

lol I know this is a meme but honestly if we make it to 2030/2040/2050 some of the songs that are popular now will obviously be classics as the years go on and the hip hop from 2010- whenever trap/fads end will have a name with the same potency as classic rock. And I can totally see schools in the future singing Frank, Donald Glover, Anderson .Paak, and even rap songs with a cleaner edge to them like Chance and Logic songs. I keep forgetting hip hop is so new to the mainstream and modern R&B changes styles constantly and is so different from what it was 50 years ago. I went to my brothers high school band concert and they were playing Carry On Wayward son. When I go to my kid or newphew/nieces band concert and they play thinkin boy you I’m gonna be tripping so much. The future is gonna be weird man. If we don’t die from nuclear warfare, climate change, pollution, San Andreas fault line, etc.

Each time I hear either the first note in Nikes or the opening strings in Thinkin Bout You I can easily imagine someone playing it for their kids, going "This is what me and your mum listened to." While not everything from this time period will stay, I'm certain Channel ORANGE and Blonde most certainly will be classics two or three decades from now.

And none of those kids will even know about Faezbuk.



Hey everyone!


The holo (and classic) tees are now available through Sunday at midnight and will ship 2-3 weeks after. Classic tees are $20 and the holo tees are $22. Sorry for the slight increase, the holo ones take a ton of time to produce.

Here is the link to the store.


I'm giving away one of my Endless CD+DVD sets. You don't have to buy anything to be eligible and buying a shirt does not help you in any way, so please don't tell me you bought a shirt lol.

To enter, just comment below telling me why you should win. I only ask that if you already have a CD+DVD, please don't enter. I really want this to go to someone who missed the sale or couldn't afford one.

I'll pick a winner at midnight tonight with an edit on this post.

Thanks for checking out my post!

Hola Franko amigo. I actually want to win this one for my cousin. Shes 8 years younger than me and I treat her like my little apprentice, I got her into following the Lakers, playing the guitar, video games, star wars etc. and shes like a sister to me. Now that shes getting older, I can tell shes not just into similar things because her older cousin is into them, but genuinely appreciates the music and videos. I was able to score her an extra ID mag, but I want to help her collection go off strong. Music brings people together, and her reaction to getting this would be priceless.

Not entering but this is such a precious concept and I’m wishing everyone good luck ✨

Hey! first off I love your design and I will buy it as soon as I finish writing this. I'd like to win this because I love Frank Ocean so much but since I was in my home country in November I didn't even know Endless was being sold (sparse internet access) and Frank's music has gotten me through a lot this past couple of years. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you :).

Edit: I'm from Sudan. Anyone else?

If you liked 2017 you’ll love 2018

If you liked 2017 you’ll love 2018

Reallyyyyyyyy hoping for a frank feature

Frank has been on every Kanye album since WTT, and they have been together a bunch recently, so it’s pretty likely

even if frank doesnt drop an album this year, we're still getting FED.

so much shit dropping this year its actually bonkers

when ye drops a featureless tracklist then we get a 2 minute frank outro on at least one song>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



mmm "should I vanish again like I did that one time" mmmmm

wow i can’t believe frank invented the 🤔 emoji

I thought that was Isiah Rashad holding the phone at first

he lowkey posing for the photo

Brought the Endless DVD in to the control room at work today...

Brought the Endless DVD in to the control room at work today...

Top notch post

So when’s the viewing party? I’ll bring the trees

I'll make some scalloped potatoes

Endless DVD in a control room. I call that Device Control

pretty sweet 🍬🍬🍬

pretty sweet 🍬🍬🍬

Love the jw anderson converse

2 Black Friday vinyls..

No WORLDNET hoodie. Smh.

just a bootleg :/ off discogs tho

Been going to this thrift for over a year now and never find anything good... except for today!! $1!!! Its brand new too

Been going to this thrift for over a year now and never find anything good... except for today!! $1!!! Its brand new too


you might be the luckiest person in the world finding this in perfect condition. congrats on this find! was it in your size?


Nostalgia Ultra tour

I chuckled

I chuckled

Lol thats actually funny if u picture it. I remeber someone saying that Frank was recording with a hand held recorder at one point. I believe this is one of those song he recorded that way.

I really like the fact that Endless has been getting attention outside of this sub.

wasn’t he talking about the prisimizer effect that francis and the lights uses? idk if that was about blonde though i’m pretty sure good guy was recorded in an iphones voice memos.

Actually was for Close To You. Good Guy was supposedly recorded through iPhone.

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