Here, your CHILD will not learn Correct CAPITALIZATION. Here YOUR child will RANDOMLY trip the CAPS lock key FOR REASONS we don't QUITE understand.

It’s actually for a tap dancing class.

Damn Arby's sure has changed.

It's a decent sentiment bit it's really corny.



Your grandma posted negatively about her own generation? Or was it her parents?

Look, I loved this meme when I first saw it.

But I really don't think this belongs in this sub.

Also the rules ask you not to post satire in the sidebar. 🙄

Yeah, I’m confused here... I’m pretty sure that was my generation complaining about the baby boomers.

Gotta be honest. I’m really tired of seeing memes like this shared. I enjoyed it at first when it first became a response to the “Millennials are ruining everything!” sentiment. But I realize both are just as simplistic and misleading.

The government and big corporations are the ones who ruined the housing market, quadrupled tuition, and melted the ice caps. Not our parents.

FWD: Conservatives are the real victims!

FWD: Conservatives are the real victims!

Jim Crow? Really?

Can Alex Jones, Jim Bakker, Glen Beck, and Pat Robertson still saying anything they want on their shows?

Yes? Well, then there isn't a segregation issue here. What you are feeling Garrison is "losing the culture war".

Dems started the KKK, you know!!1


I wonder if it's because free speech doesn't cover for harassment, death threats and calls for genocide.



Rosa Parks was sitting in the back.

More like the middle. She was sitting in the first row of the seats "reserved" for black riders. When the white section filled up, she was legally obligated to move back farther.

This was only ten years before I was born; I can't imagine living in that society.

Too many innocent people are needlessly killed with a bus seat.

Except the purpose of a bus seat is to comfortably carry a person. While the bus travels.

The purpose of a rifle is to kill, maim, or otherwise harm. A bit different I think.

Fwd: Get enough sleep, honey.

Fwd: Get enough sleep, honey.

I agree with this forward from grandma :-p.

Anxiety-related sleep disorders :-p

I can’t believe that people actually think like this

I can’t believe that people actually think like this

Gay and Muslim? Grandma, weren't you just telling me the other day that I should be glad the GOP doesn't throw us gay people off roofs, "like the Muslims do"?

Remember "thug" is just a proxy for the n-word

He even pulls off the look

I've also heard people refer to him as a fascist. Which is absolutely laughable.

Don't you dare!

Don't you dare!

Bring home a middle-eastern pierced boyfriend, got it.

Medieval artists would have only had access to white models—hence the depiction. And let’s be honest, they’d probably have never seen a Middle-Eastern man unless they were involved in the crusades.

And isn't it funny how he's always depicted as white in art?


FWD: (((GOOGLE)) Promotes white genocide

FWD: (((GOOGLE)) Promotes white genocide

Imagine being this offended.

The "white boy" on the right is an old man.


rainbow google logo

Um it doesn't mean he's gay, that is literally Google's logo.

Cause sweaty, we need to get into MORE wars with other countries

Cause sweaty, we need to get into MORE wars with other countries

But I thought hillary was a war hawk who would get into a war with Russia and have us all killed?

Unborn babies are the enemy, duh.

No, because we don't agree with the "Kill All Muslims" sentiment, we're seen as being pussyfooted.

Can confirm.

Am a Democrat serving in navy reserves. There are literally 0 Democrats who have ever served /s

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