FWD: Ain't it the truth!

FWD: Ain't it the truth!

x-posted from /sub/the_donald... I know that's kinda cheating but good god this is grandma shitposting to the max

Most Liberal parents I know still require their kids to do chores, I'd actually say most of them prioritize self responsibility more than Conservatives do.

oh no, disliking fascism, how terrible!

cherry picking is fun and makes me the winner

is fun and makes me the winner



Or they could just be two punk-rock guys eating at McDonald's regardless of politics

There's literally no reason to think it's anything but that

"Oh, you hate capitalism? Then how come you still have to eat food to survive? Checkmate, libturds."

Tell me


do you own things ??

Turning Point USA Criticizes Turning Point USA.

Turning Point USA Criticizes Turning Point USA.

Hon hon, looks like that argument has reached a... TURNING POINT


Income in north korea?

How can you tax something that doesn't exist?

You think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and spread lies?

I'm calling shenanigans. No way can this be real.

Teach 'em!

Teach 'em!

Not pictured: The police showing up 5 minutes later and arresting the dad on charges of reckless endangerment, illegally discharging a gun, and property damage.

Oh here we go again, BIG GOVERNMENT!

Please tell me this was shopped, that no one is actually stupid enough to discharge an AR in a residential area.

Not to mention firing it directly at a rickety wooden fence that my dog could easily bust through. And she's a chihuahua mix.

Fresh from r/The_Donald

Fresh from r/The_Donald

Well, there we have it, lads. I don't like it, but this man was fairly elected as Ambassador of Black People Everywhere, and therefore speaks for all of them. I guess we'll just have to live with it now.

This isn't even a different guy. It's always the same guy. It's like how whenever a racist Republican is called out, they always mention Robert Byrd, like

we give a shit about that old motherfucker or we were ever claiming there weren't and aren't racist Democrats or this lessens the racist shitheadedness of whoever we were talking about

I'll have you know that I'm Mexican and therefore I can't be an idiot for supporting TD

Self hate is real. It's also not the first time people have actively worked against their own self interest .

Cat Dog texts

Cat Dog texts

What's with the person's chipped thumbnail and why did the artist feel the need to draw it?


That chipped nail is the only interesting thing Adam Ellis has drawn in a while.

Dafuq is up with those nails

In my day I throw a ball to the horizon

In my day I throw a ball to the horizon

This doesn't really have anything to do with this sub.

Big floof riding the bus.

This is actually funny, thanks Grandma

It's totally the sort of silly meme non-political grandma would forward.

That's my grandma

That's my grandma

Well, at least grandma agrees that this is terrible.

I'm with grandma on this one actually.

I don't even like guns, but I like your grandma.

You know, I don't support vigilante justice, but at least grandma knows this is awful

Well, this certainly is in bad taste.

Well, this certainly is in bad taste.

The man was just diagnosed with cancer, and a kind of cancer that is likely to kill him in less than 18 months. How does Ben Garrison think that it's appropriate to characterize him as a brain tumor, and to use terms and soundbites that he hasn't even said??

What an ass

Ben Garrison



Let's play a game of, "one of these is not like the other."

Ben "i prefer people who don't race mix" Garrison back at it again

Ben "I'm literally going to use the slur tranny in this comic even though I constantly claim that I love the LGBT community" Garrison

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