What an hip guy

What an hip guy

This is only a couple of edits away from being on /sub/deepfriedmemes tbh

Hello 🅱eter.

Is that a picture of a Peter Griffin enamel pin?

This is so bad it's good though because who the heck follows a dealership like that? Nobody. You get enough ads on whatever timeline in whatever app you use.

It's enough that you could probably pass it off as ironic if you tweaked it just a touch more. Maybe some compression artifacts.

Titanic Exhibition offers relatable souvenirs for today's youth😂

Titanic Exhibition offers relatable souvenirs for today's youth😂

In some coming decade, fidget spinners are gonna make a come back for being "retro", and at that point someone will make a 9/11 fidget spinner and sell it near the ground zero site.

Why let it be someone, patent it now while it's still unethical!/s

If they were shaped like the titanic's propellors and brass coloured, they'd be pretty sweet tbh.

Video games aren't a great example to use here, as no one really sees them declining anytime soon.

New Zealand political party throwing shade on another political party

New Zealand political party throwing shade on another political party

This is pretty good. NZ politics are hilarious to watch.

But... that's actually a good meme...

Yeah at least the meme was used correctly and it's not a particularly bad format either imo

What's with the trump tweet formula??? Is it a thing now for political parties to use it? Sad!!

My SAT practice questions are lit.

My SAT practice questions are lit.

When I took my accounting qualifications, one book used names from a certain YA fantasy property in every example question. It gets fucking weird when you're in a test trying to work out the optimum ways to split the corporation's shares between Harry and Ron after Dumbledore leaves the business.

34 x 1.05 = 35.7

750 / 35.7 = 21.008 dabcoins can be purchased

Idk I just woke up gimme coffee

I do adult education for a living, and there's a huge split in the industry between doing stuff like this(using pop culture references) and not doing so.

Some argue that Harry/Ron/Dumbledore relaxes a student, gives them a connection the material, makes them feel good, et cetera.

Others argue that it's distracting, childish, and has the possibility of bringing up negative feelings.

I tend towards the latter, personally.

yeah, i mean he certainly left the business that one time.

still hurts man

Asking my dad how his day is going 😐

Asking my dad how his day is going 😐

Maybe your dad is just secretly cool and ironic.

Correction: all of us dads are secretly cool and ironic! Just ask my daughters!

I like when old memes get a visual upgrade.




I too love to market lighters to younger kids

Figurative cancer on something you use to give yourself literal cancer. Weird, that.

Well the cigarette companies did it, so those kids are gonna need lighters

I kind of want one ironically though.

Houston... We have a meme

Houston... We have a meme

3-6 Playaz

Ayyyy lmao

(kill me)

I almost downvoted until I saw what sub this is. Top shelf Fellow Kids content.

A Picture is Worth 1000 MEMES

Goddammit, Baby Blues.

Goddammit, Baby Blues.

I feel like I've read this comic before, but with something other than "fidget spinner." Is this official BB?

The original line was "It's like having a playground in my mouth"

It's real. http://babyblues.com

I miss having loose teeth. They were fun to mess with and satisfying to finally get removed

Hold My Avocado

Hold My Avocado

but why

So I actually have seen this used by millennials, mostly in memes. It came about after that stupid article about how millennials would solve their economic woes if they just stopped eating avocado toast. So it's used mockingly in conjunction with things millennials routinely get blamed for, i.e. "hold my avocado while I destroy the bottled water industry"

Edit: This seems to be the tweet that started the recent media attention, which is mostly people mocking Time for the OP article

TIME writer 1: "I don't think it's possible for our content to get any worse." TIME writer 2: "Hold my avocado."

EDIT: didn't think my unfunny joke would get gold, thank you stranger

It is, old people just get mad every time an industry suffers due to cultural shifts or technological innovation and blame the people who cause those shifts or innovations.

More goddamn almonds

More goddamn almonds

It's only a matter of time until they start talking about activated almonds.

>YFW you forgot to activate your almonds

you know the people creating these memes are probably the same age as you, or near to it. It's not like the CEO went in front of the board and said "yeah, let's create a bunch of MEMES, that's the ticket!". Rather they probably hired some social media intern.

You know if the memes didn't suck we wouldn't care who made them.

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