Thank you Minnesota for improving my weekend.

Thank you Minnesota for improving my weekend.

Best ending to a playoff game?

God I was laughing my goddamn ass off.

What a choke job. Sadly we know all about that. FTS forever.

SKOL. Hopping on that bandwagon. Tortured fanbase. Hates the saints. It's only natural.

FTS baby! Choke harder asshole!

FTS baby! Choke harder asshole!


Never in my life did I think there would be a time where I was jumping up and down yelling Case Fucking Keenum. Crazy world.

My man. Fuck the Saints!

Chokes on Diggs



I was sad last night. I’m not sad anymore. Rise up and FTS!

I just dropped by to see how you guys were reacting to the saints game, but I can get in on this. Fuck 'em







Especially FUCK PAYTON after he did the choke display to Freeman during our game. Karma at it's best.

Just had a saints fan tell me that they lasted longer in the playoffs than us... These people are beyond delusional.

FUCK THE SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FUCK THE SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sup bitches I'm here for the party


Vikings fan here... I'm still trying to get my breath back, but you fellas now have the perfect retort whenever those Bayou-bobbing motherfuckers say 28-3. Just play that beautiful bean footage.

I don't even know anymore, man

I don't even know anymore, man

Can you put a bulldogs logo on Dale instead?

Hawks? They’re undefeated rn

A meme I can get behind.

Unfortunately Georgia sports teams are the ultimate tease.

It is now obvious. Sark has to go.

It is now obvious. Sark has to go.

His play calling is atrocious. He neutered that offense all season. The defense has improved, but Sark is clueless.

Do you see flashes with Sark that he is going to explode in year two? Because I dont.

Ryan struggled with Shanahan because it was an exceedingly complex playbook. I don't think that is the situation now. .....

If I told you a team with an MVP QB, a great RB duo and the best WR in the NFL managed to hold the top 2 NFC seeds to 15 and 14 points who would you think won that game? That is the reason sark has to go. The defense did its job all season.

Honestly, the most inexperienced play calling ive ever seen, I'm convinced we have a chance to lose to the Browns with Sark.

On it

If you don't see that Sarkisian is the problem then you never will

If you don't see that Sarkisian is the problem then you never will

We only managed 10 points in this entire game, still had a chance to win, and had one of the worst 4th and goal from the 2 plays I have ever seen when our entire season is on the line. He is wasting the prime of our best team ever and is actively trying to close our Super Bowl window.

Agreed. Hope he’s gone to Seattle to fuck up their team

Why is the post game thread locked? Anyway, 1st and goal on the 8 and we don't call a single run... I am completely flabbergasted.

We're lucky we scored 10. We needed a muffed punt and a miracle 180 spin from Ryan to Freeman to put one TD on the board.

I'm not close to calling for Quinns head yet. He's done a lot here already. However, he insists on continuing with prevent defense which has literally cost the falcons games, and I don't see many people acknowledge this. He is poor at time management.

Thankfully these things are fixable and I definitely believe he's capable of going all the way so I'm not going to say look at him in hot seat. I do think falcons fans should be more cautious about him from now on though with his time management cause if he doesn't improve on that stuff, that's when it's not going to work out for falcons.

Proof watching the Falcons is not good for my heart. On the 4th down play....

Proof watching the Falcons is not good for my heart. On the 4th down play....

That just means you're alive

Same for me. It was even worse last year during the game which will not be spoken.

My Apple Watch hit me with a 130 bpm warning. lol. I hate I love this team.

Leave the sub, u don’t know what it’s like

Game Thread: Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles

Game Thread: Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia EaglesAtlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles

Lincoln Financial Field- Philadelphia PA

01/13/2018 04:35 PM

Time Clock Final 00:26 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total Falcons 3 7 0 0 10 Eagles * 0 9 3 3 15

Scoring Plays

Team Quarter Type Description ATL 1 FG M.Bryant 33 yd. Field Goal Drive: 11 plays, 59 yards in 5:32 PHI 2 TD L.Blount 1 yd. run (kick failed, hlu) Drive: 14 plays, 86 yards in 6:44 ATL 2 TD D.Freeman 6 yd. pass from M.Ryan (M.Bryant kick is good) Drive: 4 plays, 18 yards in 1:50 PHI 2 FG J.Elliott 53 yd. Field Goal Drive: 5 plays, 37 yards in 0:46 PHI 3 FG J.Elliott 37 yd. Field Goal Drive: 12 plays, 74 yards in 5:42 PHI 4 FG J.Elliott 21 yd. Field Goal Drive: 14 plays, 80 yards in 7:57 Team Penalties Penalty Yards Rushing Yards Passing Yards Time of Possession First Downs Turnovers Falcons 4 73 86 195 27:54 19 0 Eagles 4 24 96 238 32:06 22 2

This was created by a bot. Please message /u/fireislander with any issues or suggestions

Don't anyone dare blame our defense - our offense is absolute horseshit and it's a fucking disgrace that we're wasting the best years of our players with college level coordinators - pathetic from Sark, absolutely pathetic.

You. Split. A. Fullback. Wide.

Just who the fuck are you trying to fool?!

Fourth and your season and you FLEX A FUCKING FULLBACK OUT?!?!

What the fuck Sark. Unforgivable. Too cute for your own good, pack your fucking bags.

Sark better be fired in the morning.

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