Farah Fawcett Fanclub - Hairway to Steven

Farah Fawcett Fanclub - Hairway to Steven

Album name is 👌

Butthole Surfers did it first with this bad trip nightmare.

hair way to steven is the best thing i’ve ever read

He started off as a shining whit on a highway to hell but now he's clearly on a hairway to Steven

Uncle - CherrySizzle

Uncle - CherrySizzle

A bit of a nitpick, but I think Uncle should be the band name. Other than that, the font is 100% perfect and I really like the layout. It's my favorite one so far!

I like it! here's my sad attempt

Uncle is the band name. A Debut Album by Cherry Sizzle was their very experimental concept album, introducing their alter ego band Cherry Sizzle, heavily inspired by Sgt. Pepper's.

That was my original idea aswell, but I couldn't get the type to fit how I wanted so I gave up and did this version

Tenth Whiskey - All Kinds of Ways (from /sub/oldschoolcool)

Tenth Whiskey - All Kinds of Ways (from /r/oldschoolcool)

I made up the band name but couldn't think of an album title, so I did the "random quote" method in the sidebar. I kind of liked this one.

Original post here.

If I remember correctly, the big hit on the album was When the Devil Calls Your Name but my favorite was Storms Brewin’.

This is a swamp rock band if I've ever seen one.

My life is ruined :(

The Dogs - Dusk Till Dawn

The Dogs - Dusk Till Dawn

From this post


This is perfection dude.

Naw dude, you’d definitely have to go way out of your way to read it like that.

The Clips - Surface Tension

The Clips - Surface Tension

Original post

Credit to u/schmotz for the band/title

The band name was just Clips!

Thx muchly :)

I was hoping no one noticed my ninja article add hehe.

It flows better with "the" in front don't you think? Like The Beatles. You can't have a plural band name with no the. Can you?

Edit: have never regretted a comment so much in my life rofl

Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Rockets

Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Rockets

Someone should reach out to Roger Waters

nice use of the rocket as the i. clever!

He was not in any way involved in Delicate Sound of Thunder tho. Plus he's an asshole.

Edit: Storm Thorgerson's people would probably get a kick out of it.

This is, literally, the best fake album cover I've ever seen. And so in touch with the PF style. Good work!

JEB. - Please Clap

JEB. - Please Clap

That upturned jaw looks hardcore. Like he's stashing a razor blade behind his upper lip.

I think the album is self titled but the first single off it is Please Clap

I think the period actually fits this art better.

Jeb. is an album of serious music, personal, introspective, confessional.

Jeb! was a party album, all dance pop and bubblegum.

I would have named the album, "Clap Back" but I still love everything about this



Dog bless 🙏🏻

Haha this is hilarious. Well done

That's how it is on the original cover


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