Facepalm facepalm



I'm just impressed that the guy admitted his mistake. That's pretty rare these days.

Which way is Mecca? Oh fuck it, just face the walls.

Same. Biggest shock in the post

Lmao right? I know next to nothing about Islam and even I know they pray facing Mecca.

"Swipe left if you're shorter"

"Swipe left if you're shorter"

If you aren't 6'1 then it's time to hit the gym fatty.

why don't short people just get taller?

it's not like fat people can lose weight.

Fuck that was funny. She walked right into that.

I'm a 5'7" male...thank you for this

United Airlines updating their app

United Airlines updating their app
The update text isn't real, but these reviews are.

The update text isn't real, but .

Brilliant. This is one time I'm satisfied with the internet doing a bit of digital lynching. Especially given the CEO's response.

Hopefully other airlines will be updating their procedures so this never happens again.


It's more like drop and drag.

Facepalmed on Facebook

Facepalmed on Facebook

Oh the washer and dryer? That'll be 675$ please


Current price is $675.

Uh, I want the washer & dryer. I'm not interested in any currents.

700 is a lot for a table anyways.

Wow. 675? Where are you I'll give you 700

I guess maybe don't drive on the beach?

I guess maybe don't drive on the beach?

"B.. but all those luxury car commercial aerial shots told me I could!"

That looks like an amphibious exploring vehicle to me.

"B.. but the tires are filled with air? Won't it float up when the water comes up?"

And just when I thought quicksand wasn't a problem

Can atheists walk on water?

Can atheists walk on water?

Well, during Jesus' time all fluids were non-Newtonian (because Newton didn't exist) so everyone could walk on water back then.

This is such a cool fact. It reminds me of the stories my grandma told me about growing up without any family because Einstein hadn't invented general relativity yet.

guys what is even the face palm here?

you guys walk on water too right?

The initial question shows a definite lack of understanding where atheism is concerned.

She's had one moderately successful pop song

She's had one moderately successful pop song

who is she?

I don't want to bash her, nor do I think anyone should. I do think this post was facepalm-worthy.

Absolutely! It must be incredibly difficult to get any success in the music industry, I give her kudos for getting her song produced, let alone into a film!

My employer won't let me take any more overtime than I do, and won't allow me to work for someone else. I have a stable career and am in the top 5-10% earnings wise for my trade. Moving anywhere else that would pay me more opens up a huge uncertainty when it comes to continued employment. I'm not going to become the boss where I work, so my advancement is yearly and skill/productivity based. I have an expensive mortgage and a family that relies on my continued employment.

I'm not 'unsuccessful', but I realize that doing what I do is the best thing I can do. For many people, this "Just make more money" thing is total BS.

People said I should post this here. So here you go, hope it gives you all a quality facepalm

People said I should post this here. So here you go, hope it gives you all a quality facepalm

Never thought you'd need to explain the concept of birthdays to a grown adult.

Spelled bhrandhey. pronounced: Buh - rand - HEY!

It's BIRTHday, not CONCEIVEday you nincompoop.

She's gonna go through life saying, "it's Brandy with two h's."

Some tweets just don't age well

Some tweets just don't age well

Irony is heavy here.

To be fair, wasn't he totally transparent at the very beginning of his campaign that he was going to bomb the crap out of basically that whole region?

Now that trump's poll numbers are in a tailspin - watch as he has launched a strike into syria, he is desperate.

The t_d morons are claiming false flag attacks and that it's faked. Holy shit the delusion is strong there.

The sense of entitlement is strong in this one

The sense of entitlement is strong in this one

I chose not to have children of my own, but I am more than happy to pay the school taxes that make up the bulk of my property tax.

Every kid that goes to public school for 12 years will become an adult I may have to interact with at some point in the next 40 or 50 or 60 years that we share the earth. I'd like it to be a positive one.

It's well worth the expense, imho. We none of us live in a social vacuum, regardless of how the self-seeking view it.

It's always weird seeing people with no sympathy or empathy trying to get sympathy and empathy from others.

That's just it! The tax dollars that go to social programs do come back to benefit us financially, not to mention the social improvements! Helping kids get on the right track at an early age is so much less expensive than the cost of incarceration, long-term food and unemployment benefits, subsidized housing, uninsured health care, etc that tax dollars would otherwise pay.

Whoa whoa whoa, wait a second, there. You sure about that? It sounds too simple. You mean to tell me a way to combat poverty and crime is give people the tools they need to function in society and opportunities to provide for themselves, making money legitimately? Whaaaaaaat????


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