Facepalm facepalm

Miley Cyrus disgust fail.

Miley Cyrus disgust fail.

lol really?

self awareness level 0 ?

So she lost her contacts in senior prom and her date helped her find them, what's the big deal?

first time i saw this, ages ago, there was also a link to the original post. it went viral :P

it was pretty funny

the meme cereal eater is added later.

Thanks professor

Go home Uber. You're drunk.

Go home Uber. You're drunk.

I'd read that they contacted several women for the job, but none of them wanted it.

Or they could just hire the most qualified, man or woman

Thats pretty standard. How many top level CEOs that have experience running multi billion dollar companies are just sitting around waiting for a job?

I read that the women they did contact were also running their own businesses, so i guess that makes sense.

Don't repeat stereotypes!

Don't repeat stereotypes!

I am not racist, but Americans eat a lot of bread.

"Why do you export rice to Asia" "Asians eat a lot of rice"

Fucking golden

I am not racist, but Americans eat a lot

I don't understand how a fact is "insensitive and insulting." Rice came from Asia.

Genetic evidence has shown that rice originates from a single domestication 8,200–13,500 years ago in the Pearl River valley region of Ancient China. Previously, archaeological evidence had suggested that rice was domesticated in the Yangtze River valley region in China.

The secret keeper

The secret keeper

What the fuck are those emojis at the end

If you don't know someone that texts that way, I'm insanely jealous of you.

You mean you don't accept friend requests from yourself? I do. And so do I.

Hand up to god? Wow, I've been interpreting that wrong as "paper football touchdown."

I found this helpful review on a recipe for fried chicken

I found this helpful review on a recipe for fried chicken

so basically if you don't understand how to cook things without catching stuff on fire, don't try this?

I know right. It's not as if the recipe called for any crazy culinary antics, so I wonder if he/she burns sets the kitchen on fire every time they try to cook dinner.

Whats with the questionmarks?

I'm Ron Burgundy????????????

Yup, looks like a legit psychological fact to me.

Yup, looks like a legit psychological fact to me.

Redditors with capitalistmyanmar in their username are said to be more likely to steal your girl

"said to be" is a phrase that makes any "fact" true. All you need is one person to say it


I mean it's a fitting name

And females with a "D" in their "A" are far more likely to get called the next day...

Boardom is dangerous.

Boardom is dangerous.

Me too Jeff, me too.

yeah i also hope she doesn't breed, sadly the dumb ones are most likely to breed the most.

especially when bored.

*TO! Learn to spellcheck.

Doesnt he mean BREAD?



Sure, get sick? Shoot yourself....... but wat happens if you shoot yourself?

TIL guns are surgeons

Does her shirt say Gun Owner or Victim ??? As in if you don't own a gun you are a victim? Is she going to shoot me or is someone else?

liberals want everything for free but I protect myself.

I can't for the life of me figure out how those two things are logically related.

Something I would do...

Something I would do...


I lost my phone a few months ago and my mom called me at work to tell me a lady found it, when I got it back, and turned it on I had 2 messages from my mom: 1)A lady called me to tell me she found your phone!! 2)haha you won't read that

Don't text the first person. Text the last person they texted. Or Mom. Mom always knows how to get in contact with her kid.

whatdya mean, "tell your friend a stranger who will neither identify themselves nor say where/how they found the phone, has their phone" is perfectly normal and seems totally legit.

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