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Car decided wet cement is a good place to drive.

Car decided wet cement is a good place to drive.

"Fucking cones are there for no reason, this is bullshit."

-This driver, probably.

wow that construction team must be PISSED!

that's gonna be a hell of a job to pull that concrete out again and replace it again.

some people are so dumb!

edit: because a lot of people are asking; a related news article states that the person was charged 10k$ in fines for what they did. also the top layer of concrete had to be jack-hammered out and replaced.

😂 I know exactly where this happened, the driver owes $10,000 in damages!

This is a sad truth. Last summer on a road job we where milling out asphalt in specific areas that had cracked. To do this we needed to close the roads down temporary to mill it certain ways and when we got to intersections we actually had 2 paid duty officers to help out. This older lady got impatient i guess and decided to blow around the milling machine, thru cones and drive on the opposite side of the road. Sadly for her she did not see the cruiser sitting on the other side of the milling machine or the 3 workers she almost hit. She got arrested for her impatience.

I was not on this job but we also had a drunk guy drive thru a closed area and smash into the back of a foreman's truck while he was in it. He wasn't to badly hurt thank god.

That's good plumbing

That's good plumbing

That guy does not lay pipe

Californias latest residential plumbing code for water conservation.

Yea. Does not know how to bend copper or solder a 90° elbow.

The original "low flow" system

Tried to do the alphabet joke to my wife... didn't go as planned ☹️

Tried to do the alphabet joke to my wife... didn't go as planned ☹️

That's because you'll get the D later 😘

I got it to work! Thanks for the inspiration, internet! she thinks I'm clever now :D


You realize that you only said 5 letters.


Buzzfeed tries to blow your mind, but really they got it all wrong

Buzzfeed tries to blow your mind, but really they got it all wrong

... how do they manage to be so far off so often?

is that a threat?

The correct statement would be:

"Right now you are the oldest you have ever been"

teleports behind you "Nothing personnel, kid."

Official NBA account doesn't know who Dave Chappelle is

Official NBA account doesn't know who Dave Chappelle is

They're clearly joking.

Who is Amy?

Edit: This wasn't an invitation for fat shaming.

somehow i doubt chappelle is a fan of amy's...

much more likely it's the other way around.

Yea but this is Reddit, easy karma.

I thought this would have its place in r/facepalm

I thought this would have its place in r/facepalm

The good ole 27 point turn.

What's weird is they have a great grasp of the size of their car.

They pull so close to the other vehicles without hitting them it's amazing but they just have zero sense about where to actually put the bloody thing

Life is hard. It's harder if you're stupid.

At first I thought the same thing, I was impressed that they didn't hit anything. Then I watched it again and realized the video is sped up. From the time the door closed in that car to it leaving the lot was 3 minutes. 3 minutes! They didn't hit anything because they were barely moving.

Yep, best in the nation

Yep, best in the nation

Earth is the best planet in the world.

Found where KenM works.

Pretty sure this is ironic.

They're not wrong.

Serious candidates only

Serious candidates only

So I took 30 minutes out of my day to type it out, here's the link typed if you want it: http://agency.governmentjobs.com/colorado/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=601448&hit_count=yes&h...

There must have been some error when they were posting the link to the paper, because after I finally pressed enter, it directed me to a site with the url: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/colorado


Obviously this is the result of some idiot copy and pasting without thinking or understanding how the URL works. Hopefully they people at the paper who saw it decided to do nothing because they are paid by the letter not because they failed to notice anything wrong.

Still a sufficiently patient person could type all this in.

Compare this with the US government who are offering their TSA pre-check program for people who want to avoid being groped at airports and can prove they are not terrorist by paying money to the the TSA agency. They once advertised this already stupid program by printing the URL on billboards. The URL was:


This url totally works, but good luck typing it into your browser. After they had gotten made fun of enough they eventually decided to change it to


Which does not look anywhere as cool, but is significantly easier to type. The old URL still redirects to the new one.

It is always amazing to see such screw ups in the wild. You have to wonder how many people were involved in the creation who were either to stupid to see the problem or decided that it was no their job to point it out to anyone.

urldecoded version of the parameter (human readable): <wddxPacket Over-sion='1.O'><header/><data><struct><var name='CATE-GORYID'><string>96,13,1,2,72,163,141,4,130,150,5,131,142,723,143,8,127,91,81,157,87,82,46,144,97,10,11,154,59,15,106,118,146,16,123,173,17,18,70,101,44,19,66,412C20,42,134,164,22,64,43,112,148,53,162,24,47,136,84,78,161,121,62,137,109,138,33,158,122,35,86,36,77,110,89</string></var><var name='PROMOTIONAL.JOBS'><string>O</string></var><var name='TRANSFER'><string>O</string></var><var name='FIND_KEY-WORD'><string></string></var></struct></data></wddxPacket>

what type of pc is this

what type of pc is this

Back in the desktop heyday we used to have about a dozen or so cases out on display, prices from $39.95-$129.95.. well the lady grabs a $59.95 case and brings it to the counter. I'm like great, I'll grab you a boxed one, as this is just the display. Then I'm like, would you happen to need any other parts or maybe a light kit? (this was a window case back when modding was hot) and she's like nope, well actually yes, does this have Microsoft Office on it?

Then my heart sank... um, no m'am you see this is a case, not a whole computer. Well I want your $59.95 computer. No you see this is just the case... and it was a huge like 20 minute argument about we weren't going to sell her a computer for $59.95.

"False advertising! The customer is ALWAYS right!"

I hate retail. "the customer is always right" refers to the fact they buy your product and ultimately pay your bills so you should be accommodating, not that they always get their way.

I love that he/she tried to plug it in. This was after lifting it out of the box and noticing it is very light, seeing through the clear side panel there was nothing in the box and finally still plugging one end of a power cable into the wall and looking for a socket on the other end. Outrageous!

It's almost as if it never happened and this was a joke/troll

Plaintiff seeking 17 dollars and a bag of popcorn

Plaintiff seeking 17 dollars and a bag of popcorn

17 dollars and a bag of popcorn

So 37 dollars in total?

$20 for popcorn?

So, you're saying they went for a small then.

I would feel very disrespected if my date ignores the movie we decide to watch together and probably would never see her again. But this dude took it to the next level.

If your phone is out in a theater, you're bothering people regardless of how "low" you have it.

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