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Commonly Mistaken

Commonly Mistaken

I'm still convinced that the whole flat-earthers thing started as a joke and about 95% are in on it.

I still want to know what they think the government gains by making us think the earth is a sphere.

You'd be horribly disappointed to learn that they're not joking.

That's the funniest thing about it. Aside from the entire world having to be in on the conspiracy together, there is no conceivable motive for it. These people are afraid of their own shadow.



That's the kind of person fat people are afraid to run into in a gym. I've seen lots of people, irl and on the internet, who are anxious about going to the gym because of this shit. 99% of people at gyms fall into two categories: supportive and helpful, and too distracted with their own workout to give a fuck. But it just takes one.

My mom got made fun of at the gym because of how much she was sweating. Sweating! At the gym!! The fuck is wrong with some people?

Unfortunately, 99%positive is almost always outweighed by that 1% negative.

My first time going to the gym when I was fat as shit I ran into an old high school buddy that I hadn't seen in years, he was fucking jacked. He asked how long I had been going to the gym, I said it was my first time and he became incredibly helpful. I don't think he did any of his own workouts, he just helped show me how to use certain equipment, what exercises I should be focusing on and helped me make a plan to become healthier.

Yes, there are assholes in the gym but there are assholes everywhere. Most people will either keep to themselves or try and help. Certainly don't let the assholes prevent you from bettering yourself.

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New Orleans

New Orleans

National League for Louisiana Acronyms?

Nothing gets by you

Couldn't be. The American Association Against Awful Acronym Abuse (the AAAAAA) would be all over them for that one.

Isn't it shaped like an L?

Nvm I miss understood the post

May the stutter of Christ compel you

May the stutter of Christ compel you

Honk, Jesus, honk! Honk like you've never honked before!

Honk Jesus Honk if u saves Honk Jesus Jesus Honk if u love (love)

Jesus Jesus x2



Side note, you know damn well they're transporting drugs in that car.

It's like if Britney Spears had been a Christian artist.

Fox News: Move along folks, nothing to see here.

Fox News: Move along folks, nothing to see here.

The real scandal for their viewers: boobs showing. Remember Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction"? Repressed deviants. But Melania nudes are fine because abortion.


I'm more concerned about that app "narwhal"

What secrets is it hiding...?


It's magic!

It's magic!

How can people be this stupid? You really need to look into an article about a hose that teleports water?

teleports? no no, it simply houses the water in a tiny reservoir - so you get standard hose pressure for up to 1.8 seconds!!!! (then you have to take 15-20 seconds to refill it. So, sure it's incredibly inconvenient and time-consuming - but c'mon Blueettoooottth!!!!)

I will say though that it is kinda annoying when The Onion just has picture headlines with no article.

I think a good 80% of Onion headlines/concepts are genuinely funny, but I can almost never finish an article. Most of their articles seem like wordier versions of the already-complete jokes in the headlines.

Sorry that historical accuracy doesn't comply with your need not to offend people

Sorry that historical accuracy doesn't comply with your need not to offend people

I think that was blown out of proportion.

The entire review spent an entire half sentence on the fact that there were no major women or poc roles in the movie and it didn't do so a criticism but just as an aside:

The trio of timelines can be jarring as you figure out how they all fit, and the fact that there are only a couple of women and no lead actors of color may rub some the wrong way.

To me that sound less like a complaint and more like a warning for some people so they know what to expect.

It is like writing a review about a superhero movie and mentioning as an aside that comic book adaptations aren't everyone's cup of tea.

The review itself calls the movie "excellent".

I would also like to add that there actually were people of colour involved in the Battle of France around the time the movie takes place. Troops from French-Morroco did participate in the Battle of France and while the German invaders did accept the surrender of French troops (and the British ones who did not make it to Dunkirk) in large numbers the African troops fighting for France often weren't given that option especially if they were captured by the SS.


This post has generated a lot of responses and demonstrated to me once again to stay out of the way when true believers in some ideology are feuding. It was never my intention to take any sort of side in this Nazis vs SJW thing that appears to be going on here. I don't particularly like either extreme end of the political spectrum and feel equally motivated when I see someone stating a politically motivated untruth to correct them. Usually I try to resist that impulse to not get dragged into this nonsense.

This time I failed an I am sorry for that.

I will try to see to it that it won't happen again.

All I wanted to point out was that the article this post was working so hard to get upset about was quite a lot less offensive and worthy of upset in its original.

Apparently quite a lot of people have misunderstood this correction of fact to be some sort of attempt to take sides in a battle that is mostly going on in their small little minds.

For the record. I think that it should be obvious that a historical accurate movie about an era would reflect demographic makeup of the people in that event. I also think that unless someone has some incredible hangups they should not be prevented from enjoying a movie and identify with character even though they do not share their race/gender/religion/nationality. I also think that trigger warnings that there won't be many black people or women in a movie about a battle where neither of those were involved much is a very silly idea.

Non of that changes anything about the fact that people appear to be desperate about making what was almost a non-issue in some sort of giant attack on their values just for the purpose of getting angry about this largely imaginary attack.

This is silly and I really don't want to be involved in that sort of discussion.

So you're saying the title is essentially "click bait?"

It's not that - it's these anti-SJW snowflakes needing to feel offended about something so they can blame the world for hurting their poor little feelings.

Awwww :(

Everyone's a sensitive snowflake. Maybe people should stop trying to politicize fucking everything for once.

My mom shared this thinking it was amazing. I had to explain to her that is works every year as long as your birthday has passed.

My mom shared this thinking it was amazing. I had to explain to her that is works every year as long as your birthday has passed.

Doesn't it happen just once rather than every 1000th year? Next year, the sum will be 2018. Either way, it seems pretty mundane.

Fools this only happens every 500rd year

It only happens once because in 1000 years it'll be 3017

My Grandma Shared the Obi-Wan Jesus Photo.

Via mobile

Via mobile

Obviously self posted, everyone knows if you get access to someone else facebook, the only thing that should ever be posted is a nice, simple....


I always see, "I'm gay"

Screw the "im gay" "love cock"... try what I've deemed the Deep Like.

Just go deep into random/not random girls albums and like a couple of (ideally risque) photos. FB user's account has no idea that it's been done, but chaos might ensue later


Map of "Asia"

Map of "Asia"

I'd totally still wear that...

No, no, it's commemorating the band Asia for their hit song "Africa." That song was written by America and later covered by Europe.

The dumber the shirt, the better it is

Makes it a lot more fun to wear it

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