Facepalm facepalm

I can't even...

I can't even...

A funny advertising stunt, what an utter facepalm /s

The facepalm is that the joke was missed by OP. So this is more of a post of OP criticizing himself. This is a like a where's waldo facepalm.

Posted 1 minute later... that is the marketing campaign.


Which one is real???

Which one is real???

There aren't any real videos of the earth spinning? What constitutes as real?

The answer is: nothing to people like this.

This is why Earth can never log in to its new iPhone.

Them: Its fake because Nasa has made it all up and makes cgi images.

You: How do you know Nasa makes it all up?

Them: Because there's no real videos or pictures!

Why the fuck would they put them in that order? That's annoying.

We're connected together…

We're connected together…

This is obviously fake. A real Canadian would have ended with "I'm sorry".

Source: I am a real Canadian. I'm sorry.

can confirm, other sorry Canadian here. i'm sorry

Tbf he's probably already accounting for that moat Trump is planning to dig on the border once he's done with the wall. Thereby finalizing the plan to turn America into his personal play fortress.

Same here.

Sorry for bringing nationality into this, let's get this back on trans-Canada's track

"I'm sorry, just wanted to cum"

"I'm sorry, just wanted to cum"

/sub/cringe and /sub/creepypms in one screenshot.

I really don't understand why guys send dick pics especially very early in the "relationship" or before one has even thought about being established.

Guys, side bar, The type of girl you really want isn't going to instantly get aroused at a picture of your dick.

That's not even remotely true. This is not a successful tactic in the slightest. The two most actually logical answers are A) they'd enjoy it if the roles were reversed and they're too fucking stupid to realize women don't generally function like they do, and/or B) they're perverts with ego issues and desperately need their dicks acknowledged, even if it's in the negative.

"show boobs. "

You mean like fucking headphones...

You mean like fucking headphones...

pretty damn sure this is one of those jokes like when 4chan did the "wave charging" meme

What they need now is to have something that will then plug into the phone, like a metal clip, that will keep the earbuds and the phone connected, so you won't lose track of them. I don't know how they come up with this stuff!

It was but they are definitely a thing


that's both ridiculous and useful at the same time

SJW mode activated.... Cringe level 100%!

SJW mode activated.... Cringe level 100%!

I thought they had a flat tire and didn't understand the smiley. I need glasses.

When the title is worse than the post

That's not sjw though.

Because its a Facebook status generator...

Original status "38 minutes ago"

First comment "About an hour ago"

You can make these fake posts online.

Miley Cyrus disgust fail.

Miley Cyrus disgust fail.

lol really?

self awareness level 0 ?

So she lost her contacts in senior prom and her date helped her find them, what's the big deal?

first time i saw this, ages ago, there was also a link to the original post. it went viral :P

it was pretty funny

the meme cereal eater is added later.

Thanks professor

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