Facepalm facepalm

Get your kids out of school before the homosexual agenda takes over.

Get your kids out of school before the homosexual agenda takes over.

I remember when the word "agenda" wasn't used in a negative light.

What a time to be alive

The term "conservative morals" is interesting

it's as if there are competing sets of morals

The last time I heard agenda being used to refer to something other than politics was when I was being yelled at for not writing my homework down in my school agenda, so I don't remember that word ever having a positive connotation.

"Complete freedom for me; police state for those that whine."

Yes they do United...Yes they do

Yes they do United...Yes they do

Nobody is speaking if you're knocked unconscious

1st step

"Sir, please volunteer to vacate the plane"

2nd step

Beat and drag customer out of the plane

3rd step

PR Announcement: "Actions speak louder than words"

Yup, sounds about right

They REALLY need some help with PR. I mean for fuck sake when you're sending an announcement to all your customers in text, and therefore just words, following an ACTION your employees took, you might want to be aware of the tragic irony of a title like this.

I'll continue to not fly United.

Heard an npr interview with this guy recently... Total reversal on his original comments and memos, and then immediate backtrack on almost every point of his apology and explanation .... And he goes on and on about how they never really overbook.... What an insincere sh**head. He thinks if he says the words 'im sorry' well all forget that his airline beats up passengers and breaks guitars. Im glad i dont have to fly for business anymore, And can just fly southwest for most stuff these days. One of the mist "unnovative" industries around.



"4 of 4 found this helpful."

Plot twist: Person literally only got the box.

I'd like to believe they opened a box only to find a box inside.

That's a bit personal don't you think?


Mowing the lawn with an unplugged lawn mower


I can just imagine her saying "neeeeyooom" as she's swinging the lawnmower up and down trying to pretend it's working.

She's probably used to push mowers that don't use gas or electricity.

Are you anti-trans?

Are you anti-trans?

I'm not anti-trans for having a preference. But whoever wrote this, I'm anti-that.

How do people like this say "gay people were born with their sexual preference" then turn around and say "if you don't take this trans woman's cock, you're a transphobe"?

I to am anti idiot.

Just saw a post from a classmate on Facebook saying that "It is not a question of the body or the mind, if you say you like women but don't have interest in trans women, you are transphobic and a part of the problem" etc. I just.. I don't know anymore

Almost done honey! Just need to finish the interior.

How else are you supposed to get rid of the blood stains?

Found it

There's a car dealership that put out a video of how they detail all their used cars, they power washed the interior and even used soapy sponges on the electronics. By the time I saw it it had already been up for a year or two, it wasn't just some fluke that got corrected. Let me see if I can find it.

Edit: (not the original, it looks like that was finally deleted).

That's what happens when you shoot Marvin in the face.

Holy shit. At 0:58 he says they wipe the car down with lacquer thinner to get rid of the excess dirt...

Also at the end he says he wipes the car down to get all of the wax off. WTF is this commercial??

Maybe keeping your kids out of school will cause them to develop the same stupid opinions as yours

Maybe keeping your kids out of school will cause them to develop the same stupid opinions as yours

Easy - if my kid can't bring peanut butter sandwiches to school, yours shouldn't be able to bring preventable communicable diseases...

Wait; do people still think vaccines cause autism??

You'd be surprised.

Is the tdap the one that covers tetanus? Because that is a terrible way to die.

Penta - 5 points

Penta - 5 points

She wanted to be called Sally Satan, but now she just goes by Sally Goldberg.

I'm sorry what ? 😱😮😳😡

It's actually a hexagram. A Star of David isn't encircled.


For That Price it Better Be.

For That Price it Better Be.

"Is it an original?" "Yes." "I'll take it for $15."

There's a video of original Banksy's being sold on the street in nyc. Obviously it wasn't advertised or anything like that, but one of the people who bought a few pieces was a mother who haggled with the seller to $15 total, she said something like "her son would like them"

She walked off with something like $30k worth of art


I own an art gallery and custom frame shop, and it isn't that odd of a question to me. There is an abundance of oil painting reproductions, or knock offs, that are easy to get, cheap, and surprisingly well done/good quality. Most people simply refer to anything hand-painted as an "original." In fact, I'd say at least 80 percent of my clients misidentify their art.

It says [VINYL] in the title, it couldn't be clearer

It says [VINYL] in the title, it couldn't be clearer

This is even worse than people who respond to questions saying they don't own the item, or they have it and don't know the answer. Well don't fucking answer the question then, you just wasted 7 seconds of my life that could have been spent googling said question elsewhere.

"Also, I didn't want Video Killed the Radio Star."

Or people that say they they love the product, but they're giving it a low rating because it arrived a day late or the box was damp or whatever bullshit reason they find that has nothing to do with the product.

I always check reviews before I buy anything on Amazon. I hate the people who give one star to something saying "Oh, I LOVED this product, it was great. Am going to purchase again." Um, no, that would be 5 stars you idiot. Or the people who do a review and say they haven't used it yet. OMG

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